Professional Coaches - Did you 'train' to become a coach?

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Hello mindful warriors,

I really enjoy public speaking, have read a lot of motivational and coaching material, and have starting thinking about the possibility of earning some coin by helping others get what they want - through coaching.

I wanted to hear from the professional coaches here on if they ever received any formal qualifications or undertook any training to become a coach?

I have seen a lot of very expensive courses being sold (some up to $50,000!) that are designed to take someone from 0 to a coach. I am not sold on these and smell a little snake oil.

It seems to me that people fall into coaching after becoming (if only slightly) famous or recognised for something. For example, if you get a book published on public speaking it is not a long stretch that you would naturally become a public speaking coach or mentor as people discover your book and want to learn more. Thoughts?

Also, has anyone here kick started their coaching career by first writing a book?

Any life coaches here I could find more information from on the profession?

Sorry for so many questions - they all sort of just hit me and I am searching for answers!


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  • Profile picture of the author Shaun OReilly
    I trained as a coach back in June 2000 and had a private
    practice for many years.

    I also became a trainer of coaches via a coaching organization
    in the UK.

    I began to transition out of coaching and into Internet Marketing
    because coaching can be a time-for-money trap.

    Internet Marketing allows me to leverage my skills and time a
    lot more than one-on-one coaching ever did.

    There are other coaching models such as group coaching etc,
    that can allow you to leverage your time a bit more if you want

    I sometimes offer e-mail coaching because I can respond to
    the client at a time convenient to me rather than being tied
    to time with one-on-one coaching calls.

    Find your passion, set-up your business around that and then
    decide if you want to offer coaching as part of your mix.

    If you choose a coaching course, then make sure that it is
    accredited by a recognized body such as the International
    Coaching Federation (ICF).

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Great questions! I'm Ryan Critchett. I'm a human potential strategist, and don't consider myself a coach! I study brain science, and patterns in effective people, apply and create strategies, and help people to condition their minds. Coaches are great, and being qualified for coaching is a great thing, especially in a degree/certificate conscious society. But the truth is, the bottom line is results. Whether or not you have a certificate doesn't matter if you're getting results and to think that a piece of paper is the determining factor on whether or not you're passionate about helping your species, is an absurdity to me! I know some coaches, who have gone to a 6 month course, who can't get themselves to stop overeating, or are depressed. I know hypnotherapists that have panic attacks, but can help others get over theirs. So I'm eluding to the bottom line and that is, I believe that an effective coach has to embody their principles. They should have a pretty firm understanding of the psychology of human experience, and should be more adept in the area of influencing people to engage their resources, and teaching them how, rather than getting people to just set goals. I'm writing a book, but I'm waiting until more of the world knows who I am. This isn't just a hobby or a business for me, I'm often called the next Tony Robbins! I can tell you that having reached out to many people from different countries, built a following on the net, trained (and am actively training) people 1on1, that passion is a crucial role in making it great! Hope that helped! Great questions!

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  • Profile picture of the author Baakari Smith
    I have recently started my own coaching center and I will do my best to make my teaching center best knowledgeable place. And Offering professional coaching services is one of the most lucrative ways to make money these days. There are now thousands of people from across the globe who are making thousands of dollars every month by simply sharing their knowledge while working at the comforts of their own home.
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  • Profile picture of the author scortillion
    Does anyone know some good coaching programs? I'm currently taking hypnosis classes.
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    I really liked Ryan Critchett's response. I have never ever been convinced or swayed by someone who had some kind of "certificate". The best coaches in my life were not even remotely certified with anything.... they were just DAMN good at life and business and I wanted to model them.

    A fair percentage of my business revenue comes from coaching and I also have no formal certification. I have taken coaching and, like Ryan, spend a good amount of time studying human behavior and applying to my own life. I am very open about my experience and my coaching clients ultimately hire me because they see results in my life and business that they would like to model.

    I think of a coach more as a leader who can help other people with similar aspirations.
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  • Profile picture of the author KeshaSparks
    Played many nationals and finally got a major injury and now presently working as a gym instructor and giving coaching in football not as a professional, but hoping for the best.
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  • Profile picture of the author Larkrise
    Hey there

    Yes it is a good question

    I use the word coach simply because of its popularlity but I used use the term Life Strategist

    Goal setting can be done in a boring fashion or intelligently

    I agree, you dont need to have any qualifications to be a good coach. Its all about enabling people to follow their dreams and use influential language to support that.

    I've written a post recently so its fresh in my mind about conscious competence and so on

    The true master is unconsciously competetent in whatever they are coaching - they know what and how they are doing it but they now do it unconsciously

    it takes time to become a master but you only really ever learn by doing

    what do you like doing - what do you want to be - how do you want people to talk about you

    and all that jazz

    In response to a couple of other queries on here

    there are some atrocious hypnotherapy schools out there and some brilliant ones. Hypnotherapy training encompasses 'therapy' so can be very serious and emotionally challenging. It should also however be FUN!

    NLP is a favorite if you want to begin to learn how we function but you soon realise that NLP isnt whats great but understanding people and how we function - thats whats great

    NLP will provide you with an excellent foundation for any type of coaching and the knowledge about powerful language patterns is helpful to all affiliates too!
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    • Profile picture of the author Gabriel Morgan
      Originally Posted by Larkrise View Post

      there are some atrocious hypnotherapy schools out there and some brilliant ones.

      NLP will provide you with an excellent foundation for any type of coaching and the knowledge about powerful language patterns is helpful to all affiliates too!
      Do you happen to remember the good hypnotherapy ones, or have any recommendation for NLP courses?
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  • Profile picture of the author Terri LC
    Hi everyone;

    I just recently was certified as a Coach Practitioner. I don't disagree about the certificate, but sometimes, credentials do help. What I like is that they want you to coach in a field that you have the most passion and experience in, much like IM sometimes.

    There are alot of great tools they teach you that just make sense that involve NLP which is really gaining in popularity. And they really honed in on just how your goals affect you financially, spiritually, in relationships, etc. and that we relate primarily on three different levels - kinesthetic (feel) visually or audibly and they all require different approaches when really working on things that block you from moving forward.

    It was an intense weekend and I feel I have enough tools to move forward although I will continue training for the next 12 months. You can incorporate different business models, audio or video courses, webinars, workshops, ebooks, other products - so I certainly see a future for business, life, and other types of coaches.

    Scortillion asked about coaching classes....this is who I went through - they conduct courses in both the United States and in Canada.

    Life Coach Training | Life Coach Courses | Certified Life Coach Training (schedule)

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  • Profile picture of the author sethczerepak
    Originally Posted by spudnick View Post

    I have seen a lot of very expensive courses being sold (some up to $50,000!) that are designed to take someone from 0 to a coach. I am not sold on these and smell a little snake oil.

    I coached for GMS for over five years before I had any exposure to training...and boy am I glad for that. Most of the training schools are just businesses out to make a buck, many of them teaching stuff that's idealistic and doesn't work in real life one on one settings.

    I guess it's easy to do that when you never have to speak to the client who's son just died two weeks ago and she's trying to keep her business from going under, or the man whose wife just walked out saying she wants a divorce 5 minutes before your session starts.

    Coaching isn't for everyone, and too many people don't realize that because they like the idea of giving advice or getting into someone's business. Many aspiring coaches that I've met are people who have failed at everything else. It's disturbing.

    The best coaches are those who were coaches long before they decided to become one. The people who built organizations or had successful careers as leaders and who decided to teach other based out of raw experience. Coaches aren't made in the classroom, they're made on the playing field.

    BTW: I suppose people reading this might wonder what business I have making such here goes....
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    • Profile picture of the author Nereah
      Thanks to you all for the information on coaching, you have clarified so much for me, sometimes I am torn between counselling and coaching, and wonder just how you can separate the two completely

      Planning an event

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      • Profile picture of the author RECHARGELIFE
        Nereah Here is a quick 10 point summary to help you to have some better understanding :-

        Professional Counseling
        1. Examination of the ‘past’
        2. Developmental issues
        3. Importance of emotions
        4. Understanding/Insight
        5. Emphasis on relationships
        6. Internal
        7. Patient – Client interactions
        8. Diagnosis
        9. Flexibility of practice
        10. A Profession

        Life Coaching
        1. Present focused
        2. Goals and objectives
        3. Practical/common sense
        4. Motivation/solutions & strategies
        5. Focus on individual
        6. External
        7. Collegial – Client interactions
        8. Life/career path & Strengths
        9. Limits of practice
        10. An Emerging Profession
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    My training was from life and experience in coaching although I have formal education and training in other areas.

    I became a coach by the insistance of my friends and some business associates who wanted to hire me to help them. I did it for years rather informally when another friend of mine insisted that I actually make it easier for people to hire me.

    I was immediately overwhelmed with clients and had to limit them.

    Once someone asked me about certification and I told them basically what I've stated here.

    However, for me, since it mattered not whether I got any clients or not, it was never an issue.

    Interesting is the that fact that I've coached some of the top "certified" coaches on both coasts. ;-)
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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  • Profile picture of the author TamilYoung
    Will Coaching through Video Programs work almost like the Live Ones? I used to take up most of the courses through either video or audio based rather than live events as I don't have the option in my Geo.
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  • Profile picture of the author italad
    yes and whats the difference between coaching and mentoring? i mean are they the same thing or is mentoring more in depth coaching? just wondering cause i am a bit of a newbie, thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author devongranger
    Yeah, been through a lots and lots of training to train others.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ender Ayanethos
    Don't waste your time on coaching programs if you want to coach. Coach first! You can learn the rest as you go. Here's the kicker, do it for free. Attract clients, gather testimonials, hone your skill, and then start charging when you feel confident people will pay your fee. Do what is essential first, and let all the rest fall by the wayside while you attend to the most important matter. Good luck!
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    thanks for the share
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