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As soon as you decide to be happy, all thoughts, feelings, and your actions will focus on the happy.

So the firm to decide that:
The best time to be happy is now. The best place to be happy is here. And the best way to be happy is to make others happy.
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    Happy people are some of the best decision makers I know

    We decide to be happy or unhappy. It's always up to the individual.

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    Happiness is a choice, but sometimes you have to give in for a time to grieve, hurt, and deal with the pains in live. But after that it’s time to shift focus to the here, the now, the good and happiness of life.
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    you are correct
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      Even when you go through difficult moments you can choose to be "happy" in the sense that you remain positive and optimistic. That mental attitude can really affect your altitude. Negativity is a sure path to failure, but being positive, even when facing setbacks, difficulties or other problems, is a sure way to a happy outcome in the end. Its just the way the world works for some reason.
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    I had a number of deaths in my family over the past few years and I found that you need those moments to grieve and happy thoughts are as far away as the Sun. But after you have time to grieve, the miss the person you can begin to become happy again by remembering the GOOD times you had with the person that is now gone.

    After the grieving you must focus on the happy times or you will never get over it. Yes choosing happiness is a choice in the end.
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      Thank you everyone.I value your opinion highly.

      Yes...happiness is all about how we think.It is all in our mind and doesn't depend on the external issues.If we think we are happy,we are happy.
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    It's your outlook, your perspective, it’s your lens. The way in which we view the world is from our personal lens. Happiness is simply a choice; a choice to choose your vantage point...Making daily decisions to be happy will give you a better vantage point...And those daily decisions determine the heights at which we climb in life.

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    I love being around optimistic and happy people.. Attitude is big!
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    Very well put,thanks for the inspiration
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    Emotions are highly infectious. They can spread like a contagion. That is why there is noticeable difference in the atmospheres of the places that we go to–our home, the office, the park, our children’s preschool, the hospital and so on. It is not only our experiences in these places that dictate the air, it is also the emotional state of the people we come into contact with whenever we visit them. That is why we should decide to be happy. Happiness is a decision.
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    yes you are right,
    happiness is the key to health which is actual wealth.
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