Networking Attitude-It Starts With You!

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In her book, "Born to Win", psychologist Muriel James states "Although people are born to win, they are also born helpless and totally dependent on their environment. Winners successfully make the transition from helplessness to independence to interdependence. Losers do not. Somewhere along the way they begin to avoid being responsible for their own lives."

In Network Marketing, winners take full responsibility for whatever happens. With every "No", they learn a lesson and they are constantly working to improve their marketing behaviors, attitudes, and techniques. Losers explain poor results with complaints and If Only's

1) If the company would advertise more
2) If only I had better leads
3) If the prices were lower

Winners do not play helpless nor do they pass blame. Winners assume responsibility for their own lives; they are their own bosses and they know it. That doesn't mean winners won't submit to or respect authority; it means they will always look in the mirror when trying to solve their marketing problems.

For example, a loser will complain, "I hate it when prospects tell me they have to think about it or think over it, why can't they just make up there minds?" A winner understands that he has control and if he chooses, he can set the conditions from the start the will help a prospect make a Yes or No decision. If a winner gets a think it over response, he loks inside and says, "I need to do a better job of creating a real value in what I'm offering. I can and will do better next time."

Attitude is important in Network Marketing-but attitude is more than just being upbeat and excited. When you're recruiting new team members in your organization, make sure you're recruiting WINNERS who are willing to take full responsibility for their results.

That attitude will take you and them to the bank.
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    I agree positive attitude is very important and is something you must learn and develop. It can be learned and refined. I have done it since I didn’t have it as a child.
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    I can't agree more. Positive attitude makes a lot of difference in the improvement of my business career as an internet marketer.
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      Positive attitude and thinking are critically important, but also must include plenty of ACTION steps. The "law of attraction" or whatever you'd call it will only carry you but so far.

      Peace, love, happiness, and prosperity,
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    A positive attitude is more important than ANYthing.

    The acts you take are dependent on the attitude you have. This is why so many spin their wheels. They don't move into inspired action because they have a defeatist attitude, and a negative attitude creates negative actions which bring negative results.

    Get the attitude down first guys, and everything else falls into place. The actions will occur with ease, you will inspired and frankly you won't have to even think about acting. You will just do it.

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    I found that if I have someone or something to succeed for that I could maintain a positive attitude easier
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      Originally Posted by scortillion View Post

      I found that if I have someone or something to succeed for that I could maintain a positive attitude easier
      Martin Luther King once was quoted saying "If a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live."
      Once someone discovers or finds there purpose, it definitley helps them maintain a positive attitude!

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      and get free, hot leads here

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    to find positive attitude you have to believe you are doing things good four your life
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      Originally Posted by Big__Lebowski View Post

      to find positive attitude you have to believe you are doing things good four your life
      I agree that is a very important part too.
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    Thanks for the share!

    You are absolutely right about the networking attitude you have because it does all start with you. You can't have a negative attitude & hire positive minded people, because they aren't going to want to work for you.

    You & your team have to be on the same level & the same mindset.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley
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    That is so ture.

    It is really hard to work with people with rotten attitude, and it is contagious too.
    However everyone could have their bad moments and roadblocks, being a leader, we must understand their emotion, listen to what our team memebers really want and help them to success.

    The more negative mindset you can turn around, the richer you will be.
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