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    Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

    Here my questions:
    Would a sales letter telling you how you can get inspired and motivated by reading a luxury lifestyle magazine draw you in and ultimately make you subscribe to it?

    Do you use magazines at all to get inspired?
    Hi! To be honest, my answers would be "No" and "No"

    I would get inspired unless I could read content that relaisatically showed me "HOW" to attain that lifestyle. If this content was not available I would only assume that my $9.95 subscription was enabling someone else to attain the dream.

    In relation to "using magazines" - I honestly can't remember the last time I read one - With all the information available online and by doing simple searches, I would not see it as a necessity to find the information I wanted. Secondly I am not a person who likes to hear whats going on in someone elses life. I hate Big Brother, Survivor, and all those other "magazine" shows that allow the world to start thinking it is any of thier business, whats going on in someone elses world.

    As for me, I would never publish my lifestyle no matter what is was. It is my business, and if people want it bad enough, they will know in their heart and their head how to get it....

    Sorry to sound pessimistic - this is just my opinion, and I am sure, based on what I see around me every day, I am definately in the minority!
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        Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

        Well, that's your opinion.

        I am looking for more optimistic replies.
        Sorry :confused: I was under the impression that my opinion would be as justified as any other. You didnt say you were looking for optimism, you asked for answers to 2 questions, you called on Warriors, and I assume the truth is more important to any marketer than a pumped up BS response.

        Sure I could tell you "Yep great idea, love it and of course I would subscribe", but the simple truth is, "I wouldnt"

        Which response would you prefer? Use whichever you choose! No skin off my nose.

        If in the future you elect to post a question, may I suggest you be more specific about the "proper" approach for an answer to be given. This way I don't need to waste my time.
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          In a way, I do use magazines for inspiration, but more importantly I use them for new ideas. I'm in the fashion industry, and I'm constantly looking for new looks and clothing combinations. I subscribe to Men's Vogue, Details, GQ just to name a few......but when I read them (or more like glance through), I am looking for styles and cuts that make me question my beliefs of what is classic clothing.

          For motivation, I try to use ideals and a higher purpose. My company's mission statement:
          To help men create the clothing that best enhances their individual style

          I like this because it keeps my employees focused on our competitive advantage, superior service through an understanding of the customers needs. So for me, motivation, inspiration, and company mission are intertwined.

          Good luck!
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    Yes, I can see some value in your idea, for me the content and how the sales letter resonates with me, and of course the quality of the magazine, would be the deciding factors for me. I have been inspired and motivated by magazine content.
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      Have you seen the Robb Report?

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        Robb Report is lots of fun to read.

        I think motivation is a really person thing, but that's just my opinion. If someone showed me what it is that motivates them, it may not do a thing for me.

        Tearing things out of magazines as I stumble onto them, or finding something online and printing it out are the ways I usually find something that motivates me.

        When I think of turning to a magazine for motivation, I think more along the lines of success stories. Something like Millionaire Blueprints magazine, which is a lot of fun to read because each issue has several people featured and tells a little about their journey toward success.

        But I'm always open to taking a look at something new and different.
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        • I have used magazines and images to motivate me. Its a common thing with fitness visualization to get images of the body you want and keep them where you can see them.

          Now the question is could you write a sales letter that would motivate someone to subscribe to a magazine about lifestyle in order to be inspired by the image.

          I don't know how I would write that copy.

          Does you magazine profile successful people? If so THAT could be sold as a motivator.
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            Motivation is the:-

            * centralized accompaniment or activity that activates behaviour and gives it direction;

            * admiration or appetite that energizes and directs aggressive behaviour;

            * access of needs and desires on the acuteness and administration of behaviour.

            To accomplish success is to be able to abide until success is achieved.

            Different people have different attitude towards luxaries. It's true for some one who already have every thing is not a matter of motivation. But off course seeing the luxary goods will motivate a segment of people who will be aspired and try to get these too... Hence matter of motivation.
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              It is a reply after 4 years from when you posted this post but i cant stop myself from reply.My case like your second group......I read Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for Motivation...I think it motivate me like a keystone.
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    I belong to the minority of not buying, not reading, and not thinking about the existence of those magazines, but I am sure that the other two categories you mentioned would buy your magazine no matter what.
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