How to become a Personal Coach?

by Bashty
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Hey guys,

I'm really interested in personal development and I'm thinking about whether it might be a good idea to get into personal coaching. With building affiliate sites, I somehow don't feel so great, because I don't feel like I'm bringing loads of value to the people, although I do my research and only provide content that I know is good and will help them solve their problems.

But with personal coaching I'd get direct feedback and also I'd know exactly what this persons problems are and whether or not I was able to solve them.

I think something that I'd benefit from is that I'm rather empathic. I find it rather easy to understand the decisions people make when they tell me about them. I don't mean that I could foresee the reasons or anything, I just understand it and can feel that it was right to make those decisions from their point of view. (Not a native speaker, so I'm struggling with the language a little bit )

A thing that would hinder me a bit, is that I'm a rather calm and maybe a bit of a shy person. I'm not someone who just bombards people with senseless flufftalk, I just can't do that. But I can listen well, which is probably quite a good thing, as I think that many people just need someone to talk to and hold them accountable.

So my question is: What qualities do I need to have to become a personal coach and how do I become one?

Sebastian, 19, wanting to make something more of his life than going for a 9 to 5 job.
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