Gratitude List - what is yours?

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I am on Jeff Walker's list and got a email from him titled: "this is a little weird...."

I thought it is worth sharing with you warriors. In the message he states how beneficial to write down the things that we are grateful about - A sort of Gratitude List, if you will.

This is something we know that writing down will help us immensely, but always put off. So I thought It might be a good idea to start Gratitude List, so we can do it right now without putting off this time.

Here is mine:

I am grateful for having perfect health.

What is yours?

Here is the full text of Jeff's message:

I just had a birthday. It was a great day filled
with family and close friends, good food, games
and friendly (but fierce) competition, lots of
time spent outdoors... all the ingredients for my
perfect day.

It really left me feeling grateful... something
I've been feeling a lot lately.

After all, my life has changed radically since I
started my online business... when I started out,
my wildest dream was a few thousand dollars a
month from my business.

Well, I've done a bit better than that. :-) In
fact, it's gotten to the point that million-dollar
launches are almost routine.

When I look at the magnitude of it all, I just
have to laugh at what's happened - it's almost
hard for me to believe... but it all happened, and
the truth is that it really wasn't all that hard
to pull off.

Yes, I'm grateful. Very grateful.

And that's important - because I've learned that
being grateful is one of the most important life
skills you can have.

I call it the "Discipline of Gratitude"...

Now I know that's a lousy name, because it sounds
like a lot of work. But stick with me, because
it's actually really simple...

It's just a matter of consciously taking time on a
regular basis to acknowledge everything you have
to be grateful for.

And trust me, we all have LOTS to be grateful for.

Take five minutes right now, and just reflect on
everything that you're grateful for... this is
even more powerful if you actually speak those
things out loud. And it's even better if you write
them down.

Go ahead... take a few minutes and do it right
now. I'll still be here when you get back.




So how did that feel? Do you feel happier?
Lighter? More alive?

This really is a wonderful exercise to do each
morning when you wake, or at night when you go to

But here's the magic part - when you exercise the
Discipline of Gratitude you will not only be
happier... but you're going to start to achieve
more in your life.

Now I know this is starting to sound really "out
there" and "woo woo" - in fact, I almost deleted
this entire email because I know a lot of people
won't think this has anything to do with business
and marketing.

But trust me, this is powerful stuff. I have
experienced it over and over in my life.

It comes down to this: you can go through your
life with a chip on your shoulder, wondering why
things aren't coming easier to you... or you can
go through your life feeling grateful for all you

It's your choice.

But I've been around a LOT of super-successful
people, and they pretty much all fall on that
gratitude side of things.

Bottom line - if you want to achieve great things
in your life (and great success), then the
Discipline of Gratitude is one of the key
life-skills you need to master.

The good news is that it's also one of the easiest.
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    My hubby is at the top of my gratitude list. He is such an awesome, caring person--to me and to others. What a blessing!


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  • Profile picture of the author Writing Warrior
    - My children
    - Being able to work from home (freedom)
    - My other family
    - My health
    - Oprah / charity
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    Thanks for the reminder to write things down. I've done it before, but have forgotten of late. Somehow, stopping to think about things to be grateful for, allows for all sorts of creative thoughts to pop up as you step away from the workspace for a moment -- it's an exercise that is well worth the short time it takes.

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      I also love this thread!

      I'm grateful for my family, especially my son, my good friends, the roof over my head, the food in my belly, my computer that allows me to earn an income from home, this forum for all the great people I meet here and the wisdom gained from learning in here. Wow, when I think about it, I have a lot to be grateful for!

      Thank you for posting this thread, it made me feel really good
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    In addition to my post above, I want to add that I find when I am grateful that it opens up my heart to receive so much more.
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    I'm grateful for my family, friends, health, and for having found internet marketing!
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    My father taught me a long time ago that everyday above ground is a good day!
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    I have been taking this attitude for a couple of years now. In fact I created software to make it easier. Used to have it in my sig. You can find it by typing daily gratitude journal software at google.

    Anyhow, it is amazing to me how well it works and how much it helps run your life smoothly and happily.

    This fall when my ice cream truck broke down, instead of getting upset, I pulled out my journal and started writing down all the positive things I felt, and saw because of the situation. (This was of course after calling my grown up son and his girlfriend to bring me the gas can) the first thing I added to my list.

    I came up with two full pages of wonderful things I could appreciate about being out of gas in the middle of the day while selling ice cream. It was actually an uplifting and positive and memorable experience rather than a stressful frustrating one.

    I did the same thing a few weeks later when my ice cream truck broke down. That time, by being positive and sharing my story with one of my customers, I ended up saving $350 dollars on the cost of geting it repaired. That story could fill an ebook. LOL>

    And just a few days ago, I was starting to feel stressed about the holiday season and not having what was needed to provide a decent holiday for my youngest children.

    But I remembered these two ice cream episodes and decided to create a list of the im knowledge I have and am grateful for, the experiences of success I have had in the past and what they have taught me.

    I already see things falling into place better than I could have planned.

    I do so think that attitude, and a grateful and positive one makes all the difference in the world.

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    I am grateful for:

    1. Mum for showering unconditional love
    2. Dad for allowing me to make decision when I'm young.
    3. Wife for her all the support in my life
    4. Mentors for guiding me in my career and business
    5. For the money I have now
    6. The business that I own
    7. Friends who ask more of me
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    • Profile picture of the author oboi2121
      Hello Omari Taylor here,

      Great Post.

      I Thank God For:

      My Life

      My Family and Friends

      My Health

      My Car

      My Wealthy Life

      My Desire, Determination and Drive

      Omari Taylor

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        I keep a gratitude journal. However, I will list a couple of things that I am grateful for. 1)Health 2)Being Financially Independent 3)Family, friends and strangers who have contributed to my self-development. 4)Living in the United States of America. 5)Being able to serve and contribute to my favorite charities.

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            I'm grateful for my health and my family as well.

            Trinivet, I admire you. You have a beautiful baby boy and I'm sure one day he will be very grateful to have a great daddy like you.

            Keep that attitude buddy!

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    • Profile picture of the author bradles
      I believe Gratitude is the key to our success. If we are not grateful for what we already have (eg: being alive!) then we can't attract more things to be grateful for!

      Here is a powerful process to start the attraction of gratitude and appreciation:

      Gratitude Book

      Purchase a nice book with blank pages and write 'Gratitude Book' on the front. The left side of the page is for Gratitude Now and the right side of the page is for Gratitude in the Future.

      Gratitude Now
      Every morning write down 5 things that you are currently Grateful for. Start each line with 'I am truly grateful for .......'. When you really start focusing on gratitude you will be amazed by how many things you can come up with!

      Gratitude in the Future
      On the right side of the page write down 5 things that you are Grateful for in the future. Start each line with 'I am so happy and grateful now that .....' . Choose goals that you want to achieve in the future and be grateful for them in the present moment. Feel the emotion as if you have already achieved your goal and visualise yourself in the picture.

      As you start to focus on the things that you are grateful for and lock into the frequency of Gratitude you will start to attract more things to be grateful for. Instead of focusing on lack and limitation you will now be focusing on health, wealth and abundance. By feeling Gratitude for future goals we are raising our vibration to the level required to manifest those goals in our physical reality.

      This daily process has completely changed my life and it only takes 5 minutes every morning and 5 minutes every night!


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      • Profile picture of the author bradles
        I am truly Grateful for:

        - My loving, supportive, caring partner
        - My generous, kind and adoring parents
        - My 3 beautiful sisters
        - My amazing Internet Business that provides me with Freedom and Choice!
        - The beautiful, abundant country that I live in (Australia)
        - The ability to travel all over the world and experience different cultures
        - The ability to meet like minded people all over the world through the power of the internet
        - My health, energy and positive attitude
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    Okay, so this is going to be my first post here. I think it is a good one to start with. Lately, gratitude has been a big thing for me. Acknowledging things that I am grateful for has positively changed my point of view and attitude. I also find that living successfully seems to just come to me.

    The first thing I am grateful for is rather obvious. My beautiful baby girl.

    I am grateful that my full time job as a preschool teacher allows me to be with her everyday helping her grow and be guided by me and a wonderful group of single mothers that I met there.

    I am grateful that my significant other introduced me to this whole writing thing. He constantly opens my world up with new writing ideas. Plus, just new ideas in general that have helped me bring my life back around to a being happy and successful.

    I am grateful that I wake up each morning with inner strength.

    I am grateful for the sun and the moon and the stars.

    I am grateful, that I have a strong sense of will.

    Thanks for this post, good way to start off here.

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    Great post by bradles. Now i am grateful for such a nice post and such an appropriate gratitude list. Its similar with me. Thanks.
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    For all that is in my life. I wake up every day with a short prayer list of all that I am greatfull for .

    Just makes the day go better.

    Thanks for the article Ricky

    " As we we are"

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    I try to say Thank You at least 100 times a day!
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      I try to say thank you every single morning when first stepping out of bed. I also try to realize every day that living in the U.S. automatically makes me wealthier and more privileged than most of the rest of the world. I think the biggest thing I'm grateful for though is my health and my loving Wife, not to mention all my friends, family, and even pets!
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    I am grateful for my hearing (that of which I have left) and my ability to lipread.

    I am grateful for loving friends.

    My Health and sanity.

    I am grateful for the WWW the opportunity is gives us to have the potential for a career and financial independence.


    Oh and the Warrior forum just for being there.... to enable us to achieve our dreams. [Wonderful]

    Have a great day

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    • Profile picture of the author Mark McClure
      I blogged about something similar - a daily happiness list - last year.

      Update On The October Happiness List Exercise | Mark McClure Today

      Looking at the entries for October '08 still triggers a rich vein of emotions and memories.

      Isn't it strange how easy it is to NOT do this on a regular basis and just take things for granted...
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      • I am thankful and grateful for

        The gift of skills. My concept of who I am today is dependent on the things that I can do. But these so called skills do not simply land on the I-can-sing-and dance list, though it takes real determination and willingness to belt out a tune. But my ability to appreciate what I have and learn what I need are two of the "natural" skills that I am truly thankful for.

        Love, and other natural "uppers". I believe that love brings the simple things to life - our natural rose-colored glasses that truly make the space we occupy a more livable place to live in.

        The memories that teach and encourage us to keep on learning. Think of our mind as Mother Nature's fastest CPU - it stores and processes million of things we see, learn, and love. Our mind is so wonderful that it gives us the power to recognize a face that we hold dear in our hearts and a time that makes us cry and teaches us the value of smile.

        The value of relationships. I maybe lonely but I am never alone. Our Creator gives us friends, family, and partners so we can have the hand that will lift us where we are destined to be. The hand that will wipe away our tears, lift our chin so our lips can be kissed, and hold our own when times did not move in our favor.

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    I will always be grateful for having a wonderful, loving family who's ready to back me up. I don't think I'd survive without them.
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    • Profile picture of the author Detangled
      Great thread! I'm grateful for being born in North America! Did you know there are over 2.5 Billion people living on less than $2 a day? Wow.
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  • Profile picture of the author Menny
    First of all. Thanks for this thread! Great idea!
    Lets go:

    I am happy having found my real soulmate and spend an awesome life with her
    I am happy that my heart, my brain and all my inner organs work perfectly fine
    I am happy and grateful for my income that enables a decent life
    I am happy and grateful for every day I have.
    I am grateful for having very wonderful friends.
    I am grateful that I can live in thailand and know the right people.

    Charter Catamaran in Phuket and you know what sailing really means!
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    I am grateful for being healthy, for having a loving family, a wonderful partner... I'm grateful I've got a job as it helps me finance IM till I can profit from it, I'm grateful I've got a roof over my head and food on the table, I'm grateful I have the best friends ever... I'm grateful for everything I've got
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