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Fellow Warriors,

My name is Max and I Procrastinate.

Just realized it today, I'm always postponing important things with several activities of less importance. Procrastinate kills productivity and lowers your success rate.

As I said, just realized it today and I'm determined to change that.
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    Procrasination is such a killer and it seems the more you do it the more you adapt. For instance when doing my undergrad I would wait till the last day for almost all term papers and tests. I still graduated w a 2.6 gpa. I feel if i had not waited till the last minute on most thing procrasinating I could only imagine how much better my grades would be.

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    It's good that you admit it
    A first step forward.
    Do you procrastinate even if you make a detailed plan?
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      Originally Posted by Alex Frei View Post

      It's good that you admit it
      A first step forward.
      Do you procrastinate even if you make a detailed plan?
      Yeah Alex, that's my problem.

      Make a plan then put it off.

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        Originally Posted by mrbawb View Post

        Yeah Alex, that's my problem.

        Make a plan then put it off.

        I have found that making a plan (or to-do list) is pointless unless you put some time and emotion into it. Just slapping together a quick plan/list does nothing. Concentrating intently on what you intend to accomplish, visualizing each step and the seeing the end result in your mind and feeling already a since of pride for what you've done even before you've started, and all this while and after you've made your plan will get you in the frame of mind you need to be in to stay focused and see it to closure.
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    I have some great advice for you and will post it later.

    Every Day Is Fun! :)

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      Originally Posted by Happy_Balance View Post

      I have some great advice for you and will post it later.
      Looking forward to it.
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    I think people procrastinate cause in the end they're afraid. They feel that by postponing things they might get away from them for a while. But eventually, deadlines always come.
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      Originally Posted by Max Stryker View Post

      I think people procrastinate cause in the end they're afraid....
      'Afraid' is one option Max, for me it's often choosing something more fun and/or tackling an exciting *new* challenge but not finishing the boring parts at the end.

      Every Day Is Fun! :)

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      Originally Posted by Max Stryker View Post

      I think people procrastinate cause in the end they're afraid. They feel that by postponing things they might get away from them for a while. But eventually, deadlines always come.
      That's only one reason. Others include:
      • being lazy
      • not wanting to face the task cz it's boring, too tiring, takes too much time
      • not focused enough to tackle the job at that time
      • there are always more fun things to do
      • it's not seen as urgent... yet
      • some people need stress to motivate themselves
      • feeling overwhelmed (too much work to do, too many decisions to make)
      For me, it's pretty much all of the above. I can be very lazy, yet other times I'm highly motivated by stress. But stress can also cause laziness. Seeing a deadline looming, or a situation changing to one of urgency, quickly gets me motivated.

      When things seem too tough, they'll be left for later. Of course, fun things will get done first even though something else is more urgent.

      I've been this way since I was a child - my mother always referred to me as a procrastinator, so I learned that huge word very early in life.

      Schedules don't help much, but they do a bit. Because I'll procrastinate over the darned schedule. "Hmmm. Well, I could do THAT first, but I'd rather do #5, but then, that will take a long time, and I'll have to break for lunch soon. So maybe I'll play solitaire instead."

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      Originally Posted by Max Stryker View Post

      I think people procrastinate cause in the end they're afraid. They feel that by postponing things they might get away from them for a while. But eventually, deadlines always come.
      That's true. Whenever I get bunch of tasks to do i can't help but postpone it and do other less important things or more pleasurable things to do thinking that I should not pressure myself doing my job/ task but this usually ends up in cramming which really stress me.
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    But procrastination is not always a bad thing. In some instances, it allows us to give ourselves some breathing room and enough time to recover from all the stress. Or it could be our mind's way of telling us to take it easy and slow down, give us space to relax and not fill our day with work we don't really need to cram in a day.
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    Yes, Procrastination will hurt you, A lot of people have deal with it but it good that you admit to it now the best way to stop doing it is by taking action and just doing whatever you are sort out to do :0)
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    Procrastination is simply a delay of what we perceive to be painful. We put off what we think will hurt. Then, when the pain of NOT doing that thing outweighs the pain of doing it, we take action. The funny thing is, it's usually not as bad as we expected.

    Procrastination can easily become a habit. One thing that helps me, is to do just one step of the task. ("I don't have to do ______, I only have to do this little part of it.") Then when that's finished, I've gained some courage & confidence, and I can talk myself into doing the next step. Often the entire task is finished this way.
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    If you say I will do it tomorrow and don't write it down. Most of the time tomorrow never comes, that is why the saying don't put off tomorrow what you can do today.


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    Procrastination is really just a result of poor time management.

    Time management requires a significant amount of self-discipline. This article contains some great good tips for increasing your productivity and effectively managing your time:
    Time Management Tips
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    I have always had the problem, which has been like a thorn in my flesh, since it has caused me pain and distress when i do not meet deadlines, but i am making baby steps to get out of the problem,

    I am now learning the discipline of writing schedules and following them, and gi ving an account of how i have spent my time, which is money, each day.

    Join me in this battle! it requires discipline and not giving up.
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    If there is truly a global disease, then procrastination is it. I would like to know whether there is truly anyone out there who has never ever procrastinated.
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    "Procrastination is opportunity's assassin." - Victor Kiam

    "Once I realized how valuable a day was, I never wasted another one."
    - Jim Rohn

    I write that quote by Victor Kiam at the top of my planner for each new week. Procrastination will rob you of chunks of your life (years) if you don't gain control over it.

    Les Brown tells a story of going back to his old neighborhood & seeing one of the guys he grew up with sitting on a stoop & drinking liquor. He asked him how did he waste the past 20 years. His friend said, "I didn't waste 20 years, I wasted a minute, then an hour, then a day.. a day became a week, a week became a month, months became years and here I am."

    - Map out your day & force yourself to get started on the first item on your to-do list before going on forums, facebook, twitter, etc,.

    - Get an accountability partner.

    - If you get distracted at home, go to the library & work

    Also, I really like the "Overcoming Procrastination" CD from Effective Learning Systems. ( EffLearn.com )

    I find that once I get momentum going for the day it's pretty easy to stay on task.
    "Why should the way I feel depend on the thoughts in someone else's head?" ~ Emerson
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    Originally Posted by Sebastien Omeragic View Post

    >Procrastinate kills productivity and lowers your success rate.

    My experience with procrastination has been very sobering and difficult to overcome, but I've made substantial progress in the past week.

    For me it's like a mental disease. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    Be forewarned, you have to be very determined to want to rid yourself of procrastination to take my advice seriously.

    This will sound crazy, but to keep myself focused on getting things done, I write down exactly what I need to accomplish.

    I am as specific as possible.

    I then allocate the amount of time I have to get it done.

    I give myself a "fair" amount of time, but not so much time that I can easily drift off and start thinking about other things or get distracted.

    I then put a dollar amount next to each task (ranging from $1 to $20).

    Now... if a task if not completed, guess what happens to the money?

    It's cut up into small pieces with scissors and flushed down the toilet...

    ...at least that was the plan I came up with about 10 days ago.

    For me personally, it's almost sinful to do this to money because I know that there are so many people in the world who could desperately use the money for good things.

    The very first time I messed up using this system and was faced with cutting up a $5 bill, my mind was looking for excuses and reasons to not go through with cutting the money up and flushing it down the toilet.

    It was a very real "wake up" moment for me.

    As difficult as it was, I went through with it and cut up the $5 bill.

    But I didn't flush it down the toilet.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

    This would be something I'd have near my desk, so I'd be reminded of it every day.

    I went online to look for some quotes about procrastination, and found one attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

    Since he's on the $5 bill that I cut, I thought it was perfect.

    I've attached a picture the final result to this message.

    So is this working?

    For me, yes, it is.

    I'm radically more focused when I need to be.
    This was an interesting read. Though cutting of dollar bill might seem extreme but really it shows the extent of your determination. I procrastinate a lot too and seems the effect has caught up with me now.

    I really like the quote you shared. I am going to print it and paste it somewhere in my room. All the best on our road to recovery from procrastination. Cheers.
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    I also have been a victim of Procrastination, saying I will do something but somehow never committing to do it. I never write down the projects I say I will do. I try doing all the things at once and end up not doing anything to the end. Just realized while reading through this and I think I have a solution already. Thanks guys for the sharing.

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      I'm definitely in the same boat with procrastination. I'll come back later and finish my thoughts on the matter...
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        I used to have a poster on my bedroom wall that said"Procrastinate NOW!"
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    Max, it all is a learning process, You learn something every day and you learned some thing today and you are moving on, That is a great beginning


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      Hi Max,

      An easy way to deal with procrastination, go to you-tube and find a video about EFT - emotional freedom technique, look for Brad Yates.
      Find a session about goals or motivation, and just do it.

      I have tried it and still use it, and it works.

      It takes about 10 minutes - just do it, and see the results.

      I wish you great success :-)
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        Procrastinating simply means that the energy is not aligned in this moment.
        The question is: What does it take to get the energy into alignment?

        Ask yourself: What will happen if I DON'T do it?
        Then ask yourself: What will happen if I DO it?
        Often times it helps to actually think about your path because every decision you make every moment shapes who you become in the future. Think about it: Everyone on this forum believes that they can make money with Internet Marketing or else they wouldn't be spending time here. Some people think Marketing is evil so they're broke and don't spend time here. Other people can manifest gold out of nothing and don't need this forum.
        There is nothing you need to do because there are a million paths for you to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. It's only the limited human perspective that says: OMG, if I don't do this I will have to live under the bridge! Hmm...will you really CEASE to exist this very moment if you don't do it? No, but if you could do it right now you would be more fulfilled because you have an excuse for life.

        Another question: Are you a leader or a follower? Leaders have no time to procrastinate while followers have all the time in the world. Leaders get things done while followers simply watch for the leaders to get it done. Decide for yourself. A leader can also simply be a very good follower.

        I can paint a picture for you that will allow your level of desire to raise:
        If you can manage to never ever again procrastinate in your life you are ready to claim the greatness that you were born to manifest. If you knew what has been lined up for you outside your door you would wake up every day feeling greatful for being alive and having another shot for making today even greater. The faster you act upon an idea the faster your motion-forward, the more exhilerating your ride, the more things happen in shorter periods of time, the more fulfilled and on-purpose you feel and the more you come closer to being the perfect version of yourself. Do you really wanna give all of that up? Is there anything you want more than that? Everything is ready for your taking so CEASE THE MOMENT!

        Or don't. All is well anyway lol
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          I think everyone procrastinates to some extent - maybe about different things. For example, years ago, I would procrastinate sending a check in the mail to pay a bill - when I discovered online checking - problem solved. I just had an issue with getting a stamp or whatever!

          Some tasks are just better if you outsource them, find someone else that can do it well. It will save a lot of time and probably money - because it will open more time to work on something productive.

          I recently read a book - the author talked about procrastination. When most people think of procrastination, they think of a lazy person, or someone who watches TV instead of working.

          However, he talks about the other kind of procrastinators - which I think is probably the category that most IMers fall into...You work on your computer all day long - 8, 10, 12 hours. Then at the end of the day, you have no idea what you have accomplished!

          We spend a lot of time "networking", Skype, Facebook, twitter, email. We need to do most of them for our business; however, we know when it's too much.

          He suggested, you start your day and think of the ONE thing that has to get done and just do it. If it takes all day then just do that, if it takes 2 hours, then work on the other things that SHOULD get done.

          It's a constant battle. But we need to figure out our own methods to get as close to the 80/20 rule as possible - 80% work that is productive - that will make us money and 20% learning something new.
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    The first step of procrastination is consciously realizing that you are doing it! Great job! Beyond that....one of the biggest causes of procrastination is the lack of what I call "Design for Action (DfA)" because instead of taking control of your actions and having a method for prioritizing them.....your actions control you throughout your day which causes you to gravitate to those action that you LIKE to do and avoid the important ones.
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    I like that be yourself everyone else is already taken


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    I think that people try to avoid anything that looks like work to them because there lazy with absolutely no desire to win!And they are afraid of change and doing better for themselves!
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    We are on the same boat. Procrastination is a real killer of dreams and better life. Btw, you look so handsome...
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      I used to procrastinate too, but then I hired a mindset/business coach who put together a clear plan for my business and holds me accountable for everything I am supposed to be doing. If you are struggling to maintain the motivation, etc. get someone to work out a plan with you and then make sure you stick to it.
      Also, hand writing a daily journal is a great way to keep yourself on track. You will begin to see patterns developing and it's incredibly hard to deny stuff written by your own hand. It's like looking in the mirror and trying to lie to yourself.
      Also, if you have power hours, where you turn off all distractions and hammer out the work for exactly one hour, you can then take a break and allow yourself an hour of procrastination before you get back into it.
      Being organised and working to a definite plan stops you from being a busy fool and allows you to identify the things you must get done in a day. If you only do the number one priority from your task list, you have at least achieved the most important thing you needed to get done.
      Good luck and have fun with it
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    Hey Max I am probably the biggest procrastinator out there. The problem is that I am always looking to start new things, and I neglect the previous ones. So I don't do it in purpose, but because my mind is always busy on something else. I have started to focus on one thing at a time from now on though. We will see how that works.
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      Procrastination is not always resolved by having a schedule or a plan. That's just something else to procrastinate about.

      Now stress... that can cause a lot of procrastination.

      For example, I have things to do, but if I'm already stressed out about other things in my life, I can't concentration on what needs doing. The thought of adding the stress of that task to my existing stress will cause me to procrastinate. I don't feel "up to it".

      It's not that I don't want to work. I do, which is why I'll turn to things that "seem" like work and that use the mental faculties involved in work. Well, Solitaire involves focus, planning and accomplishment, so it fits the bill nicely.

      Something else to consider about procrastinators.

      We lack discipline. And there's no one cracking the whip. We won't get fired if we don't get our work done, although, our income will suffer.

      So while people are making all these suggestions to stop procrastinating, what we really need is to develop self-discipline. The job needs doing. Get it done. No excuses.

      Someone needs to invent a computer program that tracks our accomplishments and lambastes us if we don't get our work done. I'd buy it.

      Here's another theory.

      When I lived at home, there was little opportunity to think for myself. My mother was always there instructing me what to do and when. After awhile, I just stopped thinking things out for myself. In some areas, I'm still that way... waiting for someone to fill in the blanks. This is a new revelation to me. Came to me a few days ago while I was going through some stuff on the Law of Attraction.

      That's not to say I don't make plans and accomplish them, but I'm sure it still influences me to some degree. I notice it when I hit a brick wall and can't put 2+2 together. Or maybe senility is setting in.

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    The more we procrastinate, the more energy we lose as the thoughts about things on the to-do lists just exhausts us to the backbone keeping popping to our heads.

    So, it's a good thing to prioritize but postpones for long will burn us out, I guess.

    There is so huge relief, once some tough and unwanted task is completed.
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    Oh gosh procrastination is my middle name LOL. But what is helping me procrastinate less and less is taking baby steps! Don't do everything at once, as long as you are determined to do a little each day and once you are used to not procrastinating, increase it more and more. Like for instance, if your house is cluttered and you keep putting off cleaning it, don't clean it at once as it will be overwhelming to do! But commit yourself into blocking off 15 minutes a day to unclutter your house and keep doing this until it is not a painful task anymore. And I do agree, stress and fear is what causes procrastination. And if this is the only thing you are used to, procrastination that is but at the same time know you need to change it and stop in order to get somewhere in life... that is a great thing to acknowledge as that is half the battle, but I just know for myself if I leap into something too fast (like cleaning the whole house), I will be overwhelmed and will retreat back into my old ways... baby steps is what will help you win the race.
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    You are procrasinating while reading this thread
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      Ive actually found a way to overcome it:

      1) You have to accept that it is a problem and promise yourself that your going
      to work against it immediatley because its the only way.

      2) read 1 again, then ask yourself '' What do leaders to differently to followers?''

      3) go downstairs and make a coffee even if your about to go to bed. Just do it, make a coffee.

      4) Whilst drinking the coffee, write down a list which reveals the benefits of carrying out what ever important plan that your procrastinating. write them all down.

      5) then just think but don't write about what life would be like if you don't carry out this plan.

      6) Just do it! Start working on it, forget the time, forget how hard your day has been. Successful people believe or not, are different from the majority. Why is this? Because they are Do'ers.

      7) if you get to the doing stage of this and you implement these steps. I can assure you that your on your way to succeeding as this is very difficult to do.

      Please telll me your not still reading........................
      Make that coffee and get ahead, stop reading and looking for the perfect answers because there is nothing like a perfect answer. only YOU can perfect it to the best of your abilities provided you do one thing.
      Take Action, don't let your Mind control you.
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    Originally Posted by Max Stryker View Post

    Fellow Warriors,

    My name is Max and I Procrastinate.

    Just realized it today, I'm always postponing important things with several activities of less importance. Procrastinate kills productivity and lowers your success rate.

    As I said, just realized it today and I'm determined to change that.

    Hi Max,

    I'm so glad that you started this thread cos I'm in the same company

    I purchased an IM product about 9 months ago and have yet to even open it up till today ! If that is not ultimate procrastination, I don't know what is....

    And like you, I'm determined to change that...... thanks for all the encouraging postings here.

    Cheers !
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    Being busy is the ultimate form of procrastination, it allows us to fill in our time with trivial activity, thus avoiding what needs to be done. Worse yet it keeps us from reaching our potential. So make a resolve today to stop procrastinating.
    A simple exercise to end procrastination is as follows:
    Enlist the services of a friend for a day (8 hours) and make a list of all the things you allow yourself to accomplish on that day. Now call your friend at the top of the first hour and tell him what you will do in the next 60 mins, then get to work at the top of the next hour call your friend and tell him what you did and what you are doing next do that for 8 hrs. and you will be amazed at how easily those projects will be completed.

    Customized Success Coaching
    Don't go it alone, get the results you desire.
    PM me for your free evaluation.

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    Glad to hear you want to change that attitude

    You will definitely go a long way if you do..

    Anything that can be done today must be done today
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    Identifying your values, prioritizing, scheduling tasks, and then doing what you say you'll do all help you to overcome procrastination and manage the demands of life better.
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      • Profile picture of the author Steve Lim
        Luckily enough you know your weakness early, not after 5 or 10 years. Good for you bro, go and make a change, and your life will have ibg breakthrough!
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        • Profile picture of the author Ricky Allen
          Hi Max

          Looking forward to you ending your procrastination.

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            Hello, my (nick)name is Ingenius, and I love procrastinating.

            I don't know if someone has pointed this out before, but there's a wild bunch of procrastination lovers out there, who also have become quite successful thanks to this love for the "unimportant".

            Before time-management talibans reduce me to the ground and try to put an end to my life of sin, let me make my point here: procrastinating might be also doing what you love to do but others label as unimportant, unprofessional or any other "bad" conception upon it.

            Many gamers have suffered from this, being labeled as procrastinators as something bad, when indeed they could make their way into a professional field out of what they love to do.

            In short, articles like this one might change some people's perspective about the whole thing:

            Ooops... this is my first post in these forums and links are not yet a super-power that I own. So... the article was one by Steve Pavlina and it is entitled: "Falling in love with procrastination". Just in case you want to check that one out...

            (Note: I don't imply that you should forget about "important" stuff, I just happen to be a firm believer in seeking after what you really love, and hopefully turning that into your professional career).



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    I would definitely say that I Procrastinate from time to time and do realize that it is very unproductive.....sometimes you just have to program into your mind to do and don't make excuses
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