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I dream a passionate dream.

One of a life absent from migraine headaches that hold me back, and absent from the things deep within me I've tried to understand, and kill with black words- yet cannot hold, and cannot improve.

I dream.. just once.. to finally enjoy the results of my helpless sleepless nights, and fighting to keep my eyes open as I struggle to reach the day's final goal once again. Of becoming that one thing so many others have achieved before me, with such ease.

A dream that spawns some tangible meaning from just one small reward from my many years of digging, frustration and toil. A dream with those understanding of my limitations, and a life void of accusations from ignorant minds. Minds subdued from the reality of what it's really like to struggle so long and hard.. and so often without any shiny indication of progress.

My dream lives deep. Stirring within my soul. Never growing tired. Boiling to the point of a million tears that fall without form to the floor, hopefully releasing some indication of north. Some indication of south.

One day, that dream will emerge from it's dark garden from which the journey is brighter, yet it burns so sadly. Yet wanting this dream to emerge in splendor and white radiant grace- to finally see.

I dream. So one day, I may live another that's much brighter than the last.

Today, this is my one dream
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    This is very achievable. If you have a dream, you can make it.
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    Very poetic, I'm sure you'll achieve your dream if you keep dreaming it!
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      Your writing is so poetic. Is this your dream or is it a poem written from a book? It is very beautiful to read but I would like to understand it better if you don't mind expounding on this dream.

      Thanks for sharing...
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    This is such a beautiful dream of kindness...
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      I think this is a dream many share with you.
      If you can dream it you can...well you know the rest.


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    Years ago I got into studing dreams by writing down any dream I could remember as soon as I woke up. Then, following several dream books, I was able to pretty much understand what the dream meant. Interesting stuff and really help me a lot during that time to understand what was going on both internally and externally.

    Dreaming is good and can lead to many possibilities in life.

    However, at some point in time the dreams may need to turn into positive action or all we will do is live in a dream world.
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    it will be great if your dreams come true. very beautiful words.
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    Have you tried drinking more water?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    But seriously, persistence is the key and you are on the road - good luck!

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      Make a plan of your dream...anyway just take care about comparing a dream with vision. Because its a little difference between.
      I would recomend to transform it in a vision, a new perspective about something and the, keep up the good work.
      Interested in self development, how to optimize your values?...We can help you...

      Best Regards
      Daniel Curpas
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    Thanks guys.

    The writing is wish I wish to dream. When I wrote it, I was in a frustrating place because I've been going through a hard time for a while now. Years.

    I suppose it can mean different things to different people. To me it's about growing, continuing to learn & give and focusing on success, while feeling like things around you are holding you back. It's also about never giving up. Even when you feel like nothing you're doing is making a difference.

    "Ever feel like the world was a Tuxedo, and you were a pair of brown shoes?" - George Gobel

    Will. You're a smartass, and that's what I like about you most.

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    The soul wanting to express itself and the mind covered in frustration...the human experience of suffering beautifully explained by you

    Don't we all wish to be masters of this dimension instead of the slaves of it?

    One tip I can give you: When you're on a roll keep rolling, when you're not rolling get rolling. When you're on a roll keep rolling, when you're not rolling get rolling. When you're on a roll keep rolling, when you're not rolling get rolling.
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