Influence vs Manipulation

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Hello everyone, its a good day, a new opportunity to learn something new. Before i'll write about those subjects, i recomend you another brilliant book; in my case, this book has changed my life. You can fiind it in my blog - How to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnagie.

First i want to say that, apparently there is no difference between, influence and manipulation, because of their same start-up. It's all about control. They have an identical content until a point.
That point makes the difference.

Let's start with manipulation; in a few words i want to give you a definition, about what i understand from manipulation. and after that, write about influence, and finally presenting the benefits of each other.
Manipulation means to keep a person under control, i.e. a remote control apparently showed by a high-ranked person that say lot of things theoretical, but no practice of those things.

If your a person who love to give orders, then i guarantee you won't lead this on a long-term because people will realize what you are trying to do and where do you want to get. So take care.

Influencing someone, means a little bit of control, but when you tell him to do something, he will do that because you showed him how to do it, theoretical and practical, offering a high-level of trust, assurance, he/she will come automatically at you and will help, willingly ( like in marriage - she follows you because you respect, love and adding valued trust in her life ).

Influence can be seened most from the leaders, when they need to lead a group of people, and those people don't follow the leader by force or by pressure. They follow him because they love him.
Finally i will present the benefits of those subjects:
  1. Manipulation - on a short time, you're the boss, but on a long-term you lose your confidence, others respect and reputiation. You may lose your wife, and many other things that you are surrounded by.
  2. Influence - its an honor for me to say that it has benfits on both terms, you can win lots of fans, people that love you, love to follow you and your actions.
Don't be afraid, do not sell nuts, people will know who you are.
...I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you...

Finally thank for your time in reading this, I hope you enjoyed
Have a nice day...
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    Although influence and manipulation are similar, in my view, the word "manipulation" has a more sinister ring to it.

    It's like selling. The best sales people don't sell... they try to get the prospect to want to buy. It's this difference in viewpoint that many find hard to grasp.

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