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Hello to everyone. First i want to thank you for reading posts for, probably enjoying be for the good. Now want i want to say in a few words is about SvO project.

I started last week with a few posts, about what i like to do and i love to help others to develop themselves. This SvO concept that im about to publish it in time, in a book. You can view this project, more detaile here. The ideea is that, it takes a lot of time to do this alone, and i thought that i could use some help from the someone who has same vision as me.

In time i'll continue with a blog but after that i'll create a a discussion board, and an online store.
Now you probably ask yourself:

- why i create an online store?
- why should i help?

Let me give you the answer:
1. I want to create a shop, because this project in the future will lead into SvO Training - SelfValue Optimization Training and i want to write some books about what we are doing and then we may give them free, or payable...

2. Why should i help? could help beying a designer for creating, themes, or giving suggestions, feel free to say what you want. Another fact would develop yourself and offer value to your friends, or mates or whatever you wish.
Finally i thank you for your time in reading this post and i hope you will be a part of this. Have a nice day. For your Success...
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