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I think the reason for most of our failures and constant inaction are the limits we set for ourselves in our minds. Well, like, seriously. Perhaps you've heard about mental limits quite a lot from sources such as T. Harv Eker's programs where he introduce things like 'money blueprints' and how your financial ability lies in the control of your financial limits set by your mind. Its cliche. But in this post I aim to divulge its true meaning and what you can learn from it.

Limits. (aka. fears, sometimes)

They're the mental blocks, the fear and negative self-talk which whispers to you 'you know, you can't do this. you can't, because this person and this thing is in your way, you can't go this way. Because of this law/rule, you can't possibly do this. To make money, you need money first to invest in order to reap returns.' They come in such tiny forms, so agile, nimble, quick, you probably won't even notice them. They only appear in the results you get. When you see something as a result of your actions, and its something you're not satisfied with - you know your mental limits were blocking you.

Why the power of such limits? Simply because they disturb your true potential. Sometimes not even YOUR potential, but the potential in the opportunities all around you. Limits prevent you from noticing such significant details.

One example, (since this is an IM forum), is the traditional belief that you need traffic to make money. While this is essentially true, traffic may not come just from the common, typical methods we know of. There are much more effective, powerful traffic generation methods out there waiting to be discovered and made use of. Some are purely in the form of ideas - meaning that if you expose your mind to limits, you can never attain such results. A hard worker may work hard to write articles for article marketing, and mental limits does not play that much of a part here. Yet, he still gets results if he works hard.

What you can take home from this learning experience :

1. The knowledge of the damage limits may cause you.
2. What are your mental limits at this point of time? Do you think you can't achieve a certain target/goal/dream because of a little something? Know you can achieve more, no matter the state of reality.

Reality is really just what we think it is. If we make 'reality' to be all negative and stuff, it will be no matter how much we may avoid it. Instead, we should see reality as something we create, something we dominate and control. A little story to demonstrate the truth of reality :

Once, there was a street criminal who was arrested countless times for various crimes. Finally, he was sentenced to death for murder. He had 2 sons. One was a hardcore drug addict and occasional thief. The other was a successful owner of a chain of F&B outlets. Intriguing and interesting enough, their answers were the same when interviewed : "Well, my father was like that. What else could I have become?"

Their paradigms of their own perceived worlds of reality impacted their results.

I'll share a really motivational and cool video to end it off :

Have a great day,

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    The story about the guy with his two sons is very interesting. What would be even more interesting is to see why each of his two sons reacted in such different ways. What was the motivation behind the son that took the higher road? Were the circumstances different between the two sons? These would help people understand why one son went one way and the other went the opposite way. Then perhaps, people can learn to apply these to their own lives for the better.

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    Right, limitations are only created by our mind. Some limit themselves because of failure. They don't want to experience the excruciating pain which is in my opinion a crucial part of success. The two sons however have different insights about their life and their mentality of what they have become. They have different perceptions and I am curious what factors caused them to be like that. We can never know how a human heart truly feels and how the brain thinks unless it's yours.
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