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Dear Fellow Warriors

I've always wanted to take action based on my downloaded course on internet marketing which I bought in Oct last year and have finished viewing it. I've understood the stuff taught there and what remains is the essential taking action part.

I find it hard to start and find myself surfing the net wasting valuable time on other interesting non internet marketing things instead of concentrating on taking action. The reason is that I've always have a fear of failure and I know if I start taking action I will encounter disappointments and failures because I fear that I might not able to stomach the initial disappointments and give up.

The sage advice of "Just do it despite your fears" or "We all have to undergo failures to succeed" I know are good but they are a bit hackneyed.

Could anyone here advise me on how to overcome this inital fear? Thank you all in advance.
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    I have this problem too, and it is underscored and highlighted at the moment because failure is not an option.

    I find two things help:

    -Giving myself little goals, like, writing down what I need to get done each day. Small actionable pieces. If I do one thing and have to take a break, it's better than doing nothing.

    -Getting into a good mental state. I do much better when I meditate beforehand. It allows me to focus on what I need to do and I can jump into what needs to be done.

    I never check my email or forums first thing in the morning cause I know I'll get lost there lol.
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    The action part is where you will get the most learning. You can learn a lot by reading the courses you've bought but they say that the real education comes from doing. Maybe that will help you get motivated to start.

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      I'm glad to have seen this question as this is essentially what I do!

      In all honesty, it will take a little more than a couple of forum answers to make a permanent shift in your mindset but I hope the following will point you in the right direction. It could be really long so I'm doing in note form, feel free to pm me for more info.

      Yes, you can go by all the (often v helpful) catchphrases of 'there is no failure only feedback' etc etc. but that still doesn't get your arse into gear....you smile and nod and then go and put the kettle on!

      If I sound harsh at times forgive me, but you bought the course in October, lets get you cracking on it!!

      I ask a lot of questions....think about them, it will help....write down the answers, it will help a million times more

      [written after the post – it is long. It is stuff I explore in much more detail with people I work with, but if you focus on answering the questions, I promise it will help]

      Firstly, I would ask why it would be so bad to encounter disappointments and failure? What will happen if you do? How would it adversely affect your life? What will happen to your stomach?!

      Many people will say look on the bright side. I say, look for the worst possible outcome.....you F up severely....so what? If that absolute worst happened, how would you deal with it? (you would, even it it was tough) Really think through thje worst possible outcomes and how you would handle them. Where would they lead you?

      Consider if you really are fearful of failure......or success?

      Many people are frightened of what would happen if they did actually make that $1m, bought that Ferrari, moved job, told their boss/wife/husband to stick it it or whatever.

      Separate fear of failure from fear of what the future may bring.

      Now take a step back. You bought an internet marketing course because you were in a certain state....most good sales letters put us in a state where we are ready to take action (buy)...... to get into that that state again what can you do? What was it about the course that made you think, 'I'm buying this?'

      Grab a pen and paper and write down your reasons for buying. Writing down is much more powerful than thinking. Be honest, no one has to see this. If you were sucked in by a great sales letter, say so, (and keep the letter for your swipe file!), if you wanted riches, fame, freedom, write it down. If you just wanted to learn new skills skills or pay off a loan, say so.

      Note to yourself what you wanted to get out of the course. Take this as deep as possible e.g. if you want to make X amount of money, why? How will this make you feel, what will it allow you to do? If you want to pay off a debt, how will you feel when that is done? If you want to provide more for your family, what and why?

      Become an irritating 3 year old and ask why for everything...get it down to the feelings you want to experience. And if this is tough, try harder or pm me, you always do something for the feeling not the benefit.

      In a nutshell, what we do is driven by pain vs pleasure – answering the following will help overcome procrastination: (tried to relate it to your specific problem with the IM course but adapt answers as you see fit)

      What are you gaining by NOT taking action? More time, no failure, looking at other cool internet stuff, staying in comfort zone, doing ok in current job, other people see me as reliable, steady, no risk, no disappointment, etc

      How are you suffering by NOT taking action? Feel like a failure (ironic hey?), feelings of regret, letting myself down, no financial advancement, loss of self confidence and self esteem, no financial gains, no opportunity to help others, etc.

      Pain of implementation: I may mess up, look silly, let someone/myself down, may experience disappointment, may flop, may give up.

      What will you gain by implementing things? Financial gains, learning new things, meeting others for JVs, feeling of accomplishment, increased self esteem, helping others etc

      {please note – by pain I mean anything not pleasurable, not necessarily physical pain – loss of time can be pain, feeling out of your depth, doing something new and so on}

      What gets you really motivated to take action? (forget about the IM stuff, just generally in life) How can you recreate that state in day to day life?

      It is impossible to get everything into one email.

      If someone has this (extremely common fear) it can take up to 6 months to coach them through it. But if you genuinely want to make a change and can answer the above questions honestly, and you can do it.

      Make it your mission to make mistakes, make it your mission to teach others from your screw ups....then when you fail you have achieved. (come on, I had to get one hackneyed expression in there)

      Best wishes,


      Kate Irwin

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    Is it really making a mistake and "failing" or is it what you think that mistake means about you?

    Also, if you had a best friend or a child with this concern, what would you tell them to do?

    Kstark is right now the mark=]
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    I think everyone is going to be fearful about something. However, it is taking action that can eliminate that fear and once you do that everything works well for you.
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    I think the real flip occurs when you are no longer as scared of the failure / rejection / embarrassment, and instead you fear not having the positive outcome which could occur - the success you could achieve, the positive results which come along with "going for it" or jsut doing it. Once you start thinking about the positives, and starting to take action as you don't want to miss out on them is when the real difference occurs.

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    You know the classic saying, "there is no failure, there are lessons to learn".
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    I had the same problem. Let me tell you how I've overcomed it. Just select your most favorite online course to follow. Follow it blindly keeping in mind that the maximum failure will be earning nothing. Which means you are not really losing anything. Now, if you find yourself successful after a complete project, congrates in advance. If not, you'll know something is wrong. Find it, correct it, take another project. Believe me, if you have the mind to correct yourself, success in online business is just a matter of time. By the way, you should also spend sometime looking for other resources on the internet. This way you'll not get bored with the course you are taking.

    All the best buddy.
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    Hey NetWarrior11,

    I completely understand what you are saying.This fear of failure is what keeps many people from starting.Its stopped many of my students in the past. You can use a concept What I like to Call Re-Framing to get rid of this fear quickly. Re-framing allows you to change what failure means to you and to change the word from Failure to Learning. The reason why this is important is because you can now go head take the action and learn from everything you do. There is no longer this so called Failure.

    Here is something I just found in a PDF that i was reading called "Learning How to Learn"

    -Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor, because he did not have any good creative ideas

    -Einstein could not speak until he was four and read until he was seven.

    -Beethoven's music teacher said he was a "hopeless as a composer"

    Remember Your past is not your potential.
    It's never too late to succeed! High achievers are made not born.

    I hope this helped. Would love to hear from you and see what successes you are achieving after applying this method.


    Now sure how much to charge for your local marketing services?
    Add me on Facebook and I'll give you access to my Local Marketing Consultant Group....


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    Thanks for this post. I needed a little pick me up Someone recently called me a worthless failure and it really brought me down. This thread came at just the right time.
    You guys are the best!
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    • Originally Posted by sdbagley View Post

      Thanks for this post. I needed a little pick me up Someone recently called me a worthless failure and it really brought me down. This thread came at just the right time.
      You guys are the best!
      Sorry for spamming your thread here, but ignore whoever said this. I myself have been through some verbal abuse. What you have to realise is that the people who say this are ignorant, and the BEST thing you can do is work on yourself/for yourself, and show yourself that you're not. Let's be honest, you're on a website surrounded by people who are making thousands, if not millions doing the thing you want to do. Just being here shows your open-mindedness, and desire.

      You've taken the first step to becoming something more than your old self.

      Bottom line is this: You'll always have haters, people who are angry with their own failures and are jealous of your success.

      Ignore them, and get on with your own life.

      Again, sorry attacking your thread :p

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    Dear Fellow Warriors

    I've always wanted to take action based on my downloaded course on internet marketing which I bought in Oct last year and have finished viewing it. I've understood the stuff taught there and what remains is the essential taking action part.

    I find it hard to start and find myself surfing the net wasting valuable time on other interesting non internet marketing things instead of concentrating on taking action. The reason is that I've always have a fear of failure and I know if I start taking action I will encounter disappointments and failures because I fear that I might not able to stomach the initial disappointments and give up.

    The sage advice of "Just do it despite your fears" or "We all have to undergo failures to succeed" I know are good but they are a bit hackneyed.

    Could anyone here advise me on how to overcome this inital fear? Thank you all in advance.

    Hey Net,

    to put it plain and simple, you just have to do it. We can sit here and blow smoke up your a** all day and night, but if you're truly wanting this, it should just come.
    Now, the thing I recommend you do is start off small. Start with the easiest tasks, build some momentum and go from there. For example, now that you've learnt some stuff, maybe build a free site, or do some research into potential niches. Begin slowly, and develop a solid foundation for your future work, and you should do just fine.

    Good luck!

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    If someone afraid of failure indeed he/she is afraid of success....
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    Failure is a lesson. Failure is the opprtunity to identify the loope holes you have and you get a chance to rectify them. Learn from failure and that will take you way ahead of others.
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    Most of them can say that without crossing the negative path we could not see the right way to commute. But what I suggest is we need to explore a lot before we start anything new. We got to work very keen, despite of doing all these things if you failures then you need to work on your personal attitude. Youd should be very determin on your work this really help you a lot grow in your life.

    Do not wait for the opportunity to come, just create the opportunity.
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    I have a friend who is such a negative guy, he keeps saying that I ALWAYS think negatively every time I start a project. He says that every time he starts a new project, he starts it by thinking it will fail!

    I asked him why he does that, to that he said that "so that if it fails, it does not feel that bad!"

    Yes, people are That negative, but I only said 1 thing to him:
    "If you think a project will succeed, it MIGHT succeed or it MIGHT fail, but if you start a project thinking it WILL fail, then it WILL fail!"

    So friend, just be more disciplined and STOP wasting time. Nothing more can be said.
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    I heard once that it's not the fear of failure that were scared of, but scared of the success and how it will change us. After hearing that, I stopped listening to all the BS that was running through my head and started just creating stuff. I had no idea what I was going to do, which direction I was going in, and if my friends would think I was an idiot for doing it. I just knew that I was going to do something.

    3 years later, I'm still doing something and have found that my friends don't hate me, I've learned more about what I enjoy doing and that addressing the fear by doing something has helped me have new fears. Success brings a lot of great things with it, but it's the action that we need to do that will lead to this success.

    My advice is to take what you learned in the course and just apply it. Blindly dive into a niche and just do it. You'll probably fail, but at the same time you will learn what to do/what not to do. I've failed many times and have found that all of my successes came from learning from these failures.

    You're in a great place here and the people here will be able to help you succeed. Just keep hustlin and creating, things will pay off and your life will be forever changed. Best of luck!
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    I believe that failure is a state of mind. I don't believe that you fail until you give up completely. And even then, what didn't seem to work out, still had a lesson for you to learn from. Grow from what you call failure and I call a learning curve.
    Push past your fears of failure and learn what you are capable of and what you can and will do. Be willing to learn, and you will see things in a different light.
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    Hi... I can relate to your situation. But be inspired on the famous quotes saying "No harm in trying" So be prepared and you should know your responsibilities in handling your business. And you're right! whenever I encounter failure in life or any situation It's like an adrenalin to me that no matter what happened I will do my best to stand up and make things in order
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      Here's something I read the other day which really summed it up perfectly for me:

      Michael Jordan: Most people wouldn't believe that a man often lauded as the best basketball player of all time was actually cut from his high school basketball team. Luckily, Jordan didn't let this setback stop him from playing the game and he has stated, "I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."

      Very, very inspiring but for me, it gets the point across absolutely perfectly.



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    My fear is not of failing, but of wasting my time when I could have been doing something else that would have worked.
    I think the challenge is to decide on what has the best chance of success, and then going for it. You've got to be willing to risk that at first you might not succeed...
    and you know what they say after that.
    If you want the reward, you usually have to take the risk... which in this field is usually your time and energy.
    It is a challenge, but sometimes you got to just go for it.
    Good luck!
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      Someone said it so well here, "fear of failure is fear of success."

      For over ten years I kept myself away from doing what I really enjoyed and that is IM because of fear.

      My hang up boiled down to the fear of success. You already see yourself in a dim light but look closer, you are a success waiting to happen

      That is what you that need to nurture. My advise is to find someone you can really learn from the basics, sort of speak. From there find what is really you.

      Admitting your fear is half the battle to success. Soon you will discover your driving passion that will get you past any fear that may come your way. Then you will be dynamic to others who will be seeking your advise.

      I am not posting this because I have some how arrived but, as a newbie, I have made the decision to succeed despite the many failures I have already faced.

      To your success!
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    I cherish my failures just as much as my victories, while winning may be more fun, you learn more from your failures... So the more you fail, the more you'll eventually win!

    I'd rather look back on a life filled with failure then a life filled with regret for missed opportunities.
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    Failure will always be part of success. It is just how much your are willing to fail

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    Since I was young people have always told me that I had fear of failure. Starting from when I was young up until about two years ago. It took me fourteen years to realize that... My fear of failure isn't the real problem. As Les Brown beautifully said it: "Someone's opinion of you doesn't have to become your reality".

    I obviously don't know whether you actually have fear of failure or that it is talked into you. I'll try to help anyway.

    4 years ago I had to go to the school psychologist for my fear of failure. On the first visit out of the five she asked me to draw my fear in the form of an animal. I choose a snake to resemble it. After that she asked me what my fear of failure was at now on a scale of 10. I answered it was around 9. She then proceeded to ask what I wanted it to be. I answered "2". In the following sessions of each 50 minutes long she started giving me tips about how to cope with my fear of failure on school. Be it by answering the easy questions first or just taking a five minute break to get relaxed. I told here that what she was doing wasn't helping me at all. It might help me get slightly better grades but the overall problem would still be there. She agreed and couldn't help me any further although she tried.

    When the psychology sessions stopped I still had the problem, but one day I realized fear of failure wasn't the only problem. The thing was that I had fear of failure in combination with a burning desire to be the best at everything I did.

    When I started thinking about what I actually wanted and what I was actually doing I quickly understood that it contradicted itself. I wanted to be the best, and for that you need practice. But I was just not doing anything so noone could see that I wasn't in fact the best.

    When I talked to one of my friends at the time who also had this fear of failure and telling him about my findings he quickly realized he actually had the same thing and I don't think we are the only ones.

    Try to think for yourself, is it really the fear of plain failure (Losing a few bucks). Or is it the fear of not being the best / doing the best job a newbie possibly could do?

    Okay, when you think it's just plain fear of failure. I can't help, this is something you have to talk about with someone that has a lot of expertise in this field.

    If you have the same thing as I have try getting into the Internet Marketing world under an alias and don't tell anybody about your endeavors. You could even create an account on another forum or a seperate account on this one to ask newbish questions that arise.

    I hope this helped and if it didn't I hope it helps at least somebody,
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    I spent the last year reading everything relating to IM I can find -- there were so many marketing jargons I am not familiar of. After browing the WF for the past week I have learned many thing and consider taking a step...but slow.
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    If you really fail, in epic proportions, where does it leave you?
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    I've been learning about the fear of failure extensively, especially as of late, so I decided to write an ebook about it. I just finished it, and it's a somewhat short read, just twenty-four pages long, but I've found that so many people have very powerful things to contribute to overcoming the fear of failure, and what works for one person won't always work for another.

    I took all the ideas and teachings I've learned and compiled that with my hundreds of hours of self-help study and success coaching to write a step-by-step guide that I believe will help people, because I too want to be a success coach and help others, just like those that have helped me.

    I'm told I'm an excellent writer and I help feed the ideas that I present to people in a way that's understandable and memorable. I don't know how many people on the Warrior Forum would be interested in such an ebook, but I figured it would be a great tool in my own personal arsenal to progress the structuring of my brand for the future.

    Netwarrior11, though I'd truly like to sell my book at a very small rate for all the heartfelt effort I put into it, I'd be happy to give you a copy so that you may overcome your fear of failure, since I'd rather make nothing and actually help somebody reach success, than make nothing and NOT help anybody reach success.

    Send me a private message if you're interested... Though I don't want to sound too self-promoting, if there are any other Warriors who are having difficulty overcoming the fear of failure, I'd like to give out a few copies of my ebook as well, and would do so under the promise of feedback so that I know if I'm providing something that others can truly find valuable and use on their drive to reaching their dreams.
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      Learn to embrace failure, it's a neccessary step on the way to success. Pretty much no one succeeds without failing.
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    Fear is what always makes me procrastinate so much... an procrastination will get you know where fast..! In order for me to overcome fear was to keep productive at all times... even if I didnt want too.. Always meet your daily goals and your fear will start disappearing... it did for me.
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    Any chance you still have those class downloads? haha
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    I was pretty afraid of starting IM to start. I started with some free methods... I tried article writing myself. Making money without spending money was a real boost to my confidence. Now I'm happy to jump in and try things. It helps to see money coming in firsthand.

    Other than that... it is all about making yourself do. Realize by not doing anything, you are becoming one of those many many people who fail at IM because they don't try. You have to tell yourself it is better to try and fail than fail by not trying.
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    Set your specific tasks for the day then stop if you finished them. Just do those tasks and feel productive! Just be persistent and consistent.

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    My first boss taught me a lesson I will never forget. "You don't know s**t until you get your a** kicked." Man, was he right.
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    Think about this...

    Put yourself in this state of mind...Rent is several months due...car payments are late...you barely have enough money to cover hosting fees for your sites...


    How badly are you willing to put in serious work to get yourself back to a solid spot again?

    I think it's not a fear issue. But more of a, "You're comfortable where you're at" state of mind.
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    I definitely can relate. I am not sure if this applies to everyone with this fear. But this is what I had discovered after years of trying to find myself. I have always had low self esteem, and was always the odd one out, the outcast, picked on... you name it. I found that I feared failure.. because if I did fail, it basically confirmed I was "worthless" and would never succeed at anything.. and those who shunned me were right about me. But at the same time, the idea of success also terrified me. Success meant me actually getting out of my comfort zone which is scary for most of us.. but I know in my case, I feared success because if others saw that I was finally coming out of my shell and doing well..they would expect more out of me, in fact I was afraid that they expected the WORLD of me. That is what I thought. But I finally got to a point where I got tired of being miserable... and finally examined why I was stagnating... and why I was afraid to come out of the hole.. and once I figured it out, I became educated (and you can never stop learning), started taking action and I think what had helped was reading about very successful people having a rough past and failing a few times before they saw a glimpse of success. I am also an impatient person and the idea of not becoming successful right away was a turn off LOL. But... no one gets it right the first time and it takes time to build a business. And I think what also kicked me in the butt was the fact that I have strong desire and vision that I need to turn into a reality.. which is moving out west! And I find the more I SEE myself out west, living there.. the more opportunities come to me that will help expand my business

    So this is what I suggest to you if this at all resonates. Find out what you are really afraid of. It may be a combination of failure and success. Once you find out (it will take some serious soul searching), find ways on how you can deal with the fear and be logical about it. For instance, when I believed that "others" would expect the world of me if I became successful translated to my belief as having to be "perfect". And it may be that family members and friends may expect more from you if they see you are doing well. But at the same time, you will have to ignore them, and focus on what YOU want to focus on. Focus on your business, or anything important to you and forget about the other stuff that can be put on the back burner. Do you have a vision? A strong desire? Focus on that, envision it, see it being a reality. When you really do that, and develop a plan of action, opportunities will come. I also want to say since coming out of your comfort zone is scary to most of us.. do not leap out of it because that will just make you go back (and it could take you even longer to really come out).. develop a plan, take steps, set small goals as others had mentioned... it can be done! I hope some of this helped, wishing you the best.
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    Approach your fears as opportunities for growth. Think of the potential benefits that you may get by overcoming your fear.
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    Fear of failure is always something that 100% of marketing people touch on at one point or another. It is the big elephant in the room that is tied to the risk aspect of business. Everyone says great risk/great rewards blah blah blah. This is true, but what people don't think about is that every risk must have a little reward, or else what is the point - and this is where a lot of the fear comes natural to people. Every single nuance is going to cause some sort of fear, whether budgeting, etc. So these all add up and you deflect progress.
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    Often, the more you think about it, the more your feeling overwhelm you. Just don't think about it. Plan, but avoid overplanning and feeling like you have to have all your bases covered.
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    Perhaps if fear is a dominant emotion then think about this:

    Your course will eventually be outdated or your competitors are already jumping on whatever opportunity it is offering!

    Think about what you are losing by not taking action. Your dream house, car, cash, etc. is just slipping away by the seconds!
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    "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931)
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      All you need is a mentor to lead you week by week through an internet course, I know you downloaded a course last year, but you were then on your own, you need some one to support you after you do the weekly tasks, and also answer your questions, so that you can progress one step at a time. you may know the material back to front but you still need leading through these steps, most mentor courses have their own forums where you will find people just like you, maybe you can help them to progress. Im sure that will make you feel more able to succeed.
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    Thanx for the post - people really started sharing some helpful advise!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author stopper
    I tend to think your fear is reasonable. If I compared it to mine then I would not have reached the point of owning the the package. congrats for your effort
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    Successful have fear drive them. because they want to conquer all there fears.

    as they the only thing to fear is fear itself!!
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    If fear of failure paralyzes, then what happens when you when fail to fear?
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  • Profile picture of the author KAYEKINNEY
    One of the more interesting takes on this is are you sure you fear failure or do you actually fear not the success but what comes along with the success?
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  • Profile picture of the author JosephCale
    Hi, Stop talking and focusing on failure. Focus on the end result of success. What is success for you? What would you have that represents your success? A luxury home? A fast car? Get pictures of such trophies and stick them to a board - your vision board. Place the board where you can see it every day. This shall get you motivated to get started and do things daily to achieve such objectives. You might fall a couple of times but always stand up and move forward. Shift you focus on success, make a daily action plan and get cracking. You can make it happen !!! Go for it

    Joseph Cale
    Cale Mindset

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    for me, i should do not fear the failure. because i learned a lessons in every failure that i made. and that failure will make me successful someday
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    Nothing will happen, if someone has a fear of failure. It is through failure that we learn to correct our mistakes and stand up again.
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    Along this journey, you ARE going to fail! So get in line rest the rest of us and stop whining! Now face your fear and embrace it for the gift that it is. A sign post in the direction of progress! Start stepping.....
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    I have the words "There is no failure only feedback" written across the top of my computor to help me remember about re-directing course for action..

    Great discussion people thank you for the read..

    Charlie G Hunter
    The Healthy Life Coach ;)

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