Will You Be Happy 7pm Aug 6th?

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A study in Britian concludes that 7pm on Sat 6th August is an optimum time to be happy.

I think that's baloney, and I've long written that to try and put dates on happiness in fact leads to *unhappiness*.

Out of interest, what will you be doing 7pm on Aug 6th, and how would you relate it to pursuit of happiness...
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    I'll most likely be eating dinner. Is stopping hunger the same as being happy? =)
    At least you ain't hungry and for some thats quite enough.
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      At that time, I hope to be spending time with my family. I will also be working on something toward what I would like to do instead of being at a 9 - 5 job - so right there alone should equal some type of happiness. Did they ever mention what is more special at 7pm today versus any other time on any other day?
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        Originally Posted by Newview View Post

        they ever mention what is more special at 7pm today versus any other time on any other day?
        They did, and in fact it's a key point...
        The reason for 7pm being a favourite time is because it's normally the most convenient time for leisure activitity during the working week.

        Ok, fair enough, but to then combine that with Saturday to come up with 7pm on Saturday is patently a mismatch.

        One of the points I make is that we shouldn't be too quick to believe what other people tell us, because thay may have made the same wrong conclusion as the survey did.

        Just because someone tells us, in this case, when a good time to be happy is, we are best to find out for ourselves!
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    On August 6 at 7PM EST. I will be volunteering my time and helping someone out. In return I get to interact and learn from others. What an experience! It's going to be an awesome event. The reality is how you want to live in the moment. Make it your best life ever!
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    I think the best time to be happy is right now

    Pagaidām reklamēju: žogi | vārti | metāla žogi

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    yesterday at that particular time I was not doing the usual I happened to be okay nothing to laugh about, you can peg happiness on calenders
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