Task Lists: Do You Use Them?

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I find that I accomplish more throughout my day if I have a clear set of goals and objectives written down on some sort of list. Whether it's a list for responsibilities at work, a list for house chores, a list for groceries, etc etc I always use lists.

My problem is that sometimes I tend to get carried away with these lists and I end up with a list of .. well, lists. So, I'm curious to know if anyone else uses them to help keep track of their day and what, if anything, they do to minimize the amount of lists they use. Do you have every single minute of every single day planned out or are you the type that just likes to go with the flow, regardless of whether or not your tasks are completed for that day.
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    I actually make a list of daily core activities and daily expected results with regards to business as well as personal goals. I take it a step further and develop a point/reward system based on how many of those activities get met and if I exceeded those results. So at the end of the week I convert the points so the more points, the better the rewards.

    Setting up a point/reward system really helped me take my personal prdouctivity to the next level.

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    Yes - I can't work without them, I find that even if I have a lot of work to do if I do not write a 'to do list' that hardly any of the tasks get completed. Once I have written the lists I pick and choose what order I want to work on them, depending on how I'm feeling. I like the feeling I get when I tick a task off and it inspires me to do another one - it feels like a great challenge with myself.

    I personally don't get bogged down with lists but if you are facing that problem, once you have written that the list - rewrite it with the things that you feel need to be done that day and carry over the other tasks to the next day.

    I definitely do not have every minute of every day planned - would be impossible, you never know what can arise from what you have done, so I just look at the basics. By not filling my list too much this allows for free time in the event of something happening that also needs to be done.
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    No, I have to admit I don't. Here's why. If I have a task list, it makes me nervous and I begin to worry about how to get it all done. But, I do have a list of the top 3 things I need to do that can be done completely today. I don't add anything on my list that cannot be done today. That way, I always get something finished each day.
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    I work off a weekly goal list. I then break down my weekly goals into small steps I can take daily to accomplish them all. That way all I have is one list.
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    Sometimes, I found it helpful to do my task easily and make me more productive.
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    I try to follow the GTD system. GTD stands for Getting Things Done. I use the app Remember the milk and its really helped me stay productive and focused.
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      I'm a recovering list addict. I found it was leading me to an early grave.

      I've switched to a life of pleasure and enrichment. Oh yes, I still do the tasks necessary to run several businesses, but I do them AS THEY ARE NEEDED. At times there is a lot that is needed, at other times not so much.

      It's the "not so much" time that I used to fill and fill and fill with tasks that could wait, driving myself and those around me crazy.

      What I found is the faster I worked at my lists, there were ALWAYS more and more tasks. One day I just stopped.

      Now I jot down a few things I need to consider each day, all the crucial things still get done, and most of my time is spent on my own pleasurable interests. Hmmm...and unexpected business seems to evolve out of those. I have a life I love.

      Because I am quite happy it seems reflected in everything I do and things and people that I need come into my life quite easily. Control-by-list seemed to close me off from the possibilities of serendipity.
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    The most effective thing about lists I have found out is, make them last thing at night and execute them first thing in the morning.
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    Yes. It is the best way to make your day more productive and make you more focused.
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    Making your to do list let you assess your accomplishments.
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    Very helpful for me, lets me manage my time well.
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    Yeah, always. I would be dead distracted without list paper
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      I'm probably the Queen of task lists!

      I keep my trusty notepad with me to jot down ideas during the day and remind myself of what needs to be done.

      I also have a piece of software that lets me create tasks. You can use it for any kind of task (personal and business), but I use it to keep time when I am doing any kind of writing like articles and press releases. Or building a website or doing some kind of update.

      The timer on the software lets me see just how long I am spending on a particular task and where I need to adjust.
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    To-do-list is my life-saver. With my list on hand, I can finish my daily tasks on time.
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    No. I follow my intuition and do things as they are needed. I do not put pressure on myself and I try to focus my businesses around things that I love, so it never feels like work.
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    no, but when I do, I'm much more efficient. This makes me wonder why I don't do them.Oh no, don't tell me I'm sabotaging my own success by not making lists.

    Linda P

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      I'm still perfecting my list method, but I do use them.

      My Mom is a list fiend . . . every little thing she needs to do goes on a list. On one hand, it's cool because she always knows what has been done and what's still waiting, but at the same time she's kind of . . . harried? I guess that's a good word for it. Always running and running and never seeming to catch up.

      Not to mention I think she spends 30 min. a day remaking the list. That wouldn't seem so bad if it helped her catch up!

      So I'm trying to pick 5-10 things a day that have to be done. Those things go in my dayplanner, and I never allow myself more than 10 - more than that and I never get them all done.

      I make sure to disperse those things through my day, making sure to get the essentials like housework done as well, and so far it's working pretty well. I'm well known for being a scatter brain sometimes, so a organization method working "pretty well" for me means that it should be honed further! *lol*

      So yes, I love lists - but I don't want the huge every-minute-planned ones that my Mom makes!
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    Sometimes I do, and when I do, I am generally more productive.
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    For me, having my to-do-list is very important to keep me stay focused.
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    Using list have made a significant improvement in my life.

    Here's what I do...

    1. The night before I write down everything I need to do.

    2. Then I number each thing 1,2, or 3 based on level of importance. 1 being most important 3 being least.

    3. Then I organize my level one tasks into a,b,c,d, etc based on what needs to get done first.. etc.

    Steven Covey has a great time management system in his book the 7 habits of highly effect people...

    Brian tracy book The 21 success secrets of time management is also great!
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    Absolutely. I use wunderlist to keep track of my tasks.
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    I usually make a task list during my busy days to keep me organized and focused. For regular times, activities flow freely.
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  • Yes. I usually use some time management softwares in order for me to utilize my working time efficiently but I don't rely much since it just makes me panic.
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    yeah, i also feel that way so every night I will list down all the crap thing I will do for IM biz but sometime I carry away to read comic Bleach( that is damm waste my time but i enjoy it. hehehe)
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