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I have got to get more organized. I am guilty of concentrating on a hundred different things and not accomplishing anything except information overload.

I need to discipline myself to work on one task at a time but I get side-tracked so easily.

I notice that I do this when I'm trying to research something..I run across something interesting and wind up going around in circles.

I guess this would be a great resolution for me. Get Organized!
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    I think the internet is famous for complicating things for all of us. My daily to do list saves me from this. I try to write it out at the end of the day and then when I get up I focus on completing the things on it.

    As I complete them I cross them off. This is very motivating and really makes a difference in staying focused on accomplishing worthwhile things.
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      I'm with you Jeff. I have to sit down and write it out, then try not to lose the" to do" list. But it sure feels good when you can cross things off.

      Right now, I've got to get 4th quarter taxes done, CLean all the 2008 stuff out of my files, and finish putting the Christmas Decorations away.
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        I home school my three daughters and that has forced me to be somewhat organized. I do have a "TO ACCOMPLISH" list (the name change from "To Do" made a difference) which helps and puts a smile on my face when items are checked off.

        The key for us was to just start and stick to it.
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    I totally agree with the above, this must be the way to go.
    I was all over the place until I disciplined myself to make the following days plan the night before.

    I also make sure that when I start a task, I finish it before taking a quick five to ten minute break before moving on.

    Discipline, that's the key word.
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    I know I have ADD hindering my. I bet lots of you disorganized folks do as well> i can't organize a trip out of a paper bag
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    I used to be that way too. I had to make a conscious effort to breath deeply and slow down as I worked on one project at a time. It definitely took a long time to change a crazy personality that has been instilled in me since early childhood.

    Now, I've actually become pretty good at staying focused on one project. I've also noticed I'm a lot neater and more organized instead of running around like a bitzy bug. It feels good to feel serene.

    Just keep practicing patience and doing one thing at a time. With consistency, you'll start to notice the difference in yourself very soon.
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    I agree with a lot of answers here. the internet can be a great distraction

    so just use the old fashion way, "write them down in an organizer" this will

    keep you grounded to the real world.( it helps me stay on track.)

    Everyone forgets the internet is a great tool, But still just a "tool".

    Having many tools to help yourself, keeps you more well rounded I think.

    Good luck and thanks for asking........Ricky

    " As we think......so we are"


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    I have had this problem in the past, but then I worked into a new habit. That's becoming a "slave" to a list of 6 tasks each day. I don't do anything else until all the items on my list are complete. I kind of "submit" to the list like it's my boss.

    I can't measure how much this has helped me. Sometimes I stop making my list of 6 Tasks for the Day, and then within a short period I become less productive. So I go back to what I know works.

    I hope this helps! Give it a go!
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    I have the same problem, i find i end up running around like a busy fool sometimes, i try to get round it by organising my day, and allocating certain times to do things and then stick to it.not always succesful !
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    Don't info snack. Focus on info that will actually enhance and improve your life every step of the way. I know people that info snack when they're driving!!.. Just try to surround yourself with less distractions to focused thought.
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    Silly thing. Go Old School. That's what I did.
    I was guilty of thinking about 1 millions things at a tie and getting very little done. Too much Mind-Distortion. Focus is the key to success. FOCUS.

    I got myself a daily organizer. You know, the kind you have to write in. It saved my life. When I actually have to write down the tasks I need to accomplish in a day and cross them off as I do them. Guess what? It actually gets done. I'm serious. Old School was the key for me.
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        A great help to me is the 10" by 30" printout of "DISCIPLINE" I taped to the wall above my desk last week......And I already have the self discipline to sit and stare at that thing for up to 15 minutes at a time!

        For some reason my wife thinks I should take it down.

        There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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    To-do lists are great!!! Distractions are not!!
    Read 'Time Management' and 'The Four Hour Work Week' both by Dan Kennedy. They changed my life.
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    any good excel sheets or templates that you guys use to calcute total monthly income, expenses, etc.?
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    I've been using the primosoft program trials for organizing. They are OK.
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    I also have a to-do list that I use to help me stay focused. The trick is to seperate that big to-do list into smaller task plans (for example, I have one list for writing gigs and one list for promoting my own site) so that they stay organized.
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    To-do lists and the like are great--if you make a habit out of using them.

    I think that breaking out of disorganization and "unfocus" is just like getting rid of any other habit. It requires A LOT of repetition to escape old behavior patterns.
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    I can say without a doubt that getting organized has helped me more than any other thing (besides taking action of course). Some people think that keeping organized takes too much time, but the truth is that if you aren't organized, you end up losing more time trying to keep up with everything on your plate. It's just a smart idea to keep everything managed properly so that you can focus on other goals.

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    getting organizzed change my life it helped me do better in school and made life easier
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    I tried getting organized but after some time I realized that the idea of being "Organized" really depends on you. Because my version is being organized is unorganized to most people.

    When you're used to being unorganized you still know where to get things right??

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      Same here, but now I' am learning to more organize.
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    well, are you sure you spoke about YOU and not of ME instead?! ;-)
    I know all too well what you are talking about.
    It all happen to me the same way.
    I get much too excited too fast about new things, ideas, plans,...
    And easy loose the former goals out of sight.
    I found out that just getting organized isnĀ“t the whole clue to the problem.
    The only way for me to overcome the "problem" was and is, that I make a strict plan about my goals, dreams, wishes,... and then keep on track until I finish the first one.
    Then I allow myself to get in contact with new ideas,...
    BUT I rank them behind the remaining "old" targets. This way I get the motivation to work faster on the goals and achieving them AND because it takes time to get to the "new" things and ideas, quite a lot of them run dead ere I have to invest time, money and nerves on them. ,-)
    God bless,

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    here's a great list of organizers with reviews:
    Organizer Software Reviews and Downloads,Office Software
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    here's a great list of organizers with reviews:
    Organizer Software Reviews and Downloads,Office Software
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    better than a to do list is a NOT to DO list!

    Brendan J. Smith
    Chief Executive Officer / Founder
    Motive Interactive | Motive CPA Network

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    I must agree with motivebrendan, Not to do list is usually more effective.

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