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Have you ever looked at a successful CEO or even a successful small business owner and wondered how they became so lucky? Luck has nothing to do with it. The success of these individuals has come from hard work and persistence. There is no time for taking breaks, no putting off tasks for a later date, and certainly no long beach vacations. These men and women are models of the definition hard work and the crucial 'Do it now' attitude that is needed to succeed.

Those who work the same mundane job year after year content with their nine to five schedule may seem happy, but none of us dream of working for someone else at a capped salary. We all have goals to achieve and without persistence and an intensity to work hard now those goals can take twice as long to become a reality.

The best way to become successful in your personal and professional life is to develop the 'Do it now' attitude with everything. Even the smallest of projects on your desk should be taken seriously, and in this case impatience is a virtue.

Completion and delivery of all projects should be timely and started the minute they are obtained, because if you don't jump on it someone else will! Understanding that urgency in the business world leads to success and continual work is the basis of the 'Do it now' attitude that you need to have in order to make money and achieve your goals.

There is no room for procrastination in the world of success. Even though you may feel you work best under pressure and close to deadlines, you don't. Pressure can only lead to mistakes, and those mistakes can create massive setbacks in your success. The excitement and urgency to start a task the second you obtain it is part of what should set you apart from the average employee. Leave procrastination at the door, otherwise it is your success that gets left behind.

Efficiency and punctuality should become mainstays of your daily life. While you must develop urgency in completing your assignments it is important that they are completed correctly. The ability to multi-task and complete all assignments well is another crucial component of success in the world. If you don't want to multi-task, outsource your tasks.

It is through implementing your 'Do it Now' attitude, efficiency and punctuality that you can be successful, and soon others will be looking at you and wondering how you got to where you are.
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    Very true. Most truly successful business owners I see are pulling 16 hour days and 80 hour weeks, and CEO's have worked equally hard to get there.

    As someone who hopes to be that successful one way, it half motivates me to work hard and half depresses me and what my life must become. I think I would take a shred of mediocrity and settle somewhere in between, because the idea of 80 hour weeks terrifies me. Success has no meaning to me if I have no time to enjoy it.

    I'm getting sidetracked, of course. The message is a solid one. There are lot of guys out there trying to make a buck, but few that will roll up their sleeves and work hard for it every single day. If you're one of those, you're already about 95% of the crowd.
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    I really feel you Carrion,i at times go to bed at 2am,imagin,hope it will be rewarding soon,am still learning IM day by day.
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    Talking about Luck..... Have you ever listened to Brian Tracy's course "Luck Factor"
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    Don't wait for someone else to do it for you!
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    You just gotta do it yourself.
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