The Controlling Force that Directs Your Life

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Do you now what is controlling your action, the action you know you should do, but somehow you are sabotaging your action and let life direct you how to live.

You may studied and read a lot of books, and know that success is kind of simple. You are very good to coach others and you have a very good eye which mistakes they do and how they can turn it around to be successful and everything you makes commend sense, but as soon you turn your attention to yourself, you may spot it what is wrong, but you just can't fix it. It is like a eating or drinking disorder, when the addiction suddenly kicks in and you are losing control over your action.

So what is the controlling force that directs your life and how can you turn it around that you are controlling the direction of your life and not letting life you control.

Through my personal life experience, been mental and physical abused from my ex-husband, and I got every time mad when he was able to push me back down into my box.

That was the reason that I start learning about the human mind and to find out why we take special action we know will not help us to move forward, and why we allow life to control us. Behind every action is pain or pleasure and in most time we want the pleasure but we sabotaging our action just to prevent to be hurt again, we do more to avoid pain than to allow pleasure been in our life. When you program yourself to go after pleasure you are controlling the direction your life is going. You let pain direct your life, your life is directing were you go and not you!

Who here in the Warrior Forum had must learn to control the direction of your life and how had it change your life?

Please tell me your story!
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    Boy what a good post when you explain"The Controlling Force the Directs YOUR Life". I have been searching for a lot of answers for a long time. My young life was very rough and I look back and see a lot of things different now that I'm a parent of 2 and can not do the things I would like to do. When life troughs you a curve ball you wonder and ask the question "Why". I have no control of what my body does when I get tremors. I have read a lot of books on how you are to look at the bright side but that never comes. I have been told that do minster to people who see out in my wheelchair. I have been in for over 30 yrs. My son has never seen me walk but my daughter, who is the oldest child has seen me go off to work when she was young. I ask the Lord many times "Why ME".
    That is why I like to teach people and work with them to get their business on the net. Life is rough if you let everything bother you. But if look for the sunshine and smile you would be surprise on how your day will go. I have learned a Bible verse that I think of that helps me get through my rough days. That Bible verse is Phil. 4:13. Your post was very good and enjoyed working with you.

    James Eckburg

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    I think the highest controlling force over each of our lives is the force that controls the whole universe since the beginning of time. This force is The Hand of God.
    But this force always gives you a choice of what to allow in your life - which is the Gift of Free will. If you would only allow this force to give your life a new meaning, and allow Him to drive you to Success and Happiness, you would be able to fulfill that Greater purpose you've always known you were meant for.

    Good thing is HE - that 'Greater Force' is always there @ the door, You only have too open the door and let him in. Confess Jesus as your Lord now! and you''ll resolve every thing you've thought hopeless in your life, and for once have real Direction in Life.

    Only JESUS can make your mistake(s) of the past become an advantage for you.
    Suddenly everything online is "Weird." Fat loss tricks. Muscle building tricks. And more. But what's REALLY weird is getting 100's of leads and $394 DAILY
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    Originally Posted by gudrunsmith View Post

    Do you now what is controlling your action, the action you know you should do, but somehow you are sabotaging your action and let life direct you how to live.
    Great Topic... I don't even know where to begin on this one without writing a novel. My life has shifted in so many different directions over the years that it just blows my mind to look back.

    I'm often reminded by one of my favorite quotes from Forest Gump... "Life is like a box of Chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get" Just when you think everything is great and you're on the highway cruising along being happy... the highway ends and you find yourself again on the bumpy old dirt road in search of another stretch of super highway.

    There is definitely a contolling force within me... and for every tough situation I have run into over the years... I've kept my head held high, and kept my mind positive. That doesn't ever mean I didn't have days where I was down and out and ready to give up... I've had plenty, but something always picked me up and pushed me to a new beginning.

    The Controlling Force has always directed my life to a better place even when I didn't understand it at first. But what really bothers me... is the people that end up with a negative Controlling Force. I'm mean, why would anyone take another persons life or even their own life? The Controling Force that Directs Your Life seems way more complicated and sophisticated than my mind can comprehend.

    Make it a Great Day! : )

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    To make changes in our life we have to replace the old habit of thinking and acting. As an example when you want to lose weight, but be hooked on sweat, you must change the meaning of sweats. You know sweats makes you be overweight and gives you diabetic and still you are addicted to it, and that means your action is still to eat sweats because it gives you a pleasure. Now you need replace your pleasure and pain to get the result you want, that means see the pain in sweat in poor health, overweight, feeling the lack of energy and depression let feel the pain and also the pain in your emotion, now replace the pleasure to the new pleasure, feel how great you feel to lose this extra pounds, see yourself been active and happy, because now you are in great health. Feel it how great it feel and than see how sweats looks like rattan food that eats you up alive inside your body see it like putting alien inside your body to destroy you! See it and you will be disgusted, and than switch back how great the healthy food looks like and how healthy you are and that is what you will keep. Feed this feeling and you will become the master and controlling what gets into your mouth.

    When you don't replace your current feeling what gives you the pleasure feeling your willpower only will keep for a short time, than you will be back on your old behavior and getting the old results. You can control the force and direction you want to go, but you must do your part!

    Gudrun Marquardt
    Personal and Business Development

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    GOOD post !!!thanks
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    This happens to be one of the most inspiring threads i have come across so far. thank your time
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