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Hey guys. I want to ask you something ... based your opinions. Well this year I am 14 years old. I myself have already earned a small sum of 2,000 in this unique business. The Internet marketing business. But I am always afraid to tell my clients my age. Be it in emails, my sales page, when I introduce myself (online). I am scared that they will look down on me because I am young and think that I am not capable of producing good stuffs.

What do you think I should do? Keep quiet and lie about my age, or tell them the truth and risk some losses?
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    I don't think there is any reason to mention your age - as long as you can do the work, which you obviously can it shouldn't be an issue.

    Good on you for making a go of it at such a young age!
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      Congrats on the early jump, you are VERY young to be in the game. I also would not mention your age at all as it will turn off most of your prospects I would imagine. Best of luck!
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    I agree with the previous two. Don't mention your age. They have no real need to know it and they'll be more open minded without knowing that they're learning from someone as young as you.
    I salute you by the way. You certainly have started at a young age. Good for you.
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    Wow, ok, thanks a lot guys
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    Telling them about your age will make them judge your work aganist your age. People do not ask of the age unless you give them a reason to.Let your work speak for you and not the age.

    Congrats champ!!!

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    I´m 15 years old, nice to meet you I´m very interested how long are you doing this and what are you doing (SEO, PPC, social media marketing ...) would be great to hear from you
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    Why should you mention your age, it might just attract the wrong crowd.
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      You shouldn't tell your age until 18 years. Reason for this is page visitors will think it's a) scam or b) better soulution would be to find some more mature.
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        Use your age to your advantage! Example sales copy:

        "How a 14yr kid banked $x,xxx in a day"
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