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I have been shocked this month.

I have spoken to many of my mentors, friends, and went through my roboform saved websites and I have discovered something that shocked me.

I am surviving.

I did not know that surviving was an option, I always thought that delivering to our customers is an integral part of our commitment to them.

I have done what I have could at any given moment since I started in Internet Marketing to always give my customers their products.

Not only that, all my customers (except the PLR ones because of the progress and changes of the product) can get access to their products at any time, as long as they paid for a membership they can always get their username and password to access what they paid for.

But here is the shocking part. So far out of 10's of websites that I have checked are no longer in existance, and some of the ones that are- are so outdated that it is crazy.

Not only that, many of my mentors and friends are not in the self-help niche any longer.

And some of them have had their lives turn to the worst.

While I have used what I teach to make my life improve in ways I could not even imagine before.

My website has been up since 2007, maybe earlier, I have gone through 3 servers, now I am hosting on my own, and I have been delivering my content without major interruptions since then. I thought that this is what was requiered from an Internet Marketer.

I assumed that when someone is in the self-help niche it is because they themselves are doing well, and found a way to help others.

This totally relates to one of my prior posts where I said that most of the people that promote self-help are in it only for the money.

This is so sad.

I hope that there are more people who really care for their customers and readers, and not so much about making a buck.

To me it is so important to help each one of my customers that I do what I can to help them get results.

Some people here (if they still participate in the forum) know this about me.

I really wonder what is happening with all the work that is being done, are people really just making websites to sell something, make a buck and then let the customers down?

This is doing a dis-service to all.

I ask you to please, if you are in the self--help niche, to not burn it. If you really care for your people do what you can to help them achieve their goals, and if you are only in it for the buck, then find some other niche, it is bad karma to cheat people.

I do hope that people are being taken care of.

If you are one of the good internet marketers, or if you know of good internet marketer in the self-help niche let me know so we might be able to help eachother.

I never thought it would be like this, Internet marketing is constantly changing, that is a given, but I never thought that it is also constantly diying.

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    Nathan I was noting today in a conversation with a beautiful person on this same topic that people don't understand how difficult the inner journey can be. Self-help when it is authentically taken up as a pursuit is what Hermes Trismegistus and many other masters have already accomplished. They mastered the inner journey and found that all forms of success come from it. But they also told us in colorful metaphor it is the hardest accomplishment of them all.

    This is why the PROMISE of tremendous success by doing things that are considered self-help are so POTENTIALLY successful because if you can actual succeed you get everything. Absolutely everything.

    I never wanted to be in self-help because I had access to many of these master energies and help from them in ways I knew how hard the journey can be AND how it is the ONLY journey to take because every step is immediately more productive and fun and successful than any other step on any other path.

    I got so much successes in so many ways but years later when I shared what I had and what I learned I ended up in the self-help industry which i never knew anything about it.

    I never liked it because the people in it are actually for the most part it seems to me amateurs at actually succeeding and at the process of troubleshooting problems along the way.

    People talk about that the teachers are into it for the money but that is not the point. YOu are talking about sharing about things that when done correctly you get every kind of success. When you have the goose that lays the golden egg you don't take a couple of eggs and let go of the goose.

    So what we do, you and me and all the people that joined us so far is beyond self help. We went through that because it was important to understand what others go through. So that we could find them and help them to realize we are TOGETHER not just SELF. That together in these times WE CAN achieve the miracles like never before.

    That what was so difficult to achieve before is now like so much else, it can happen we can do it. but we need to respect the wisdom of the ancient masters who said it was the most difficult even though the most rewarding journey.

    It is no wonder that so many people drop out after they get started on such a tough journey. Not everyone who joins the Marines graduates! Today I feel that anyone can do this but you really need to know a lot of things and have the right passion like you do. And you need A LOT of help, like i get, and grace and miracles.

    Somehow we are making it, meaning learning to have fun, consciously creating our own reality, touching forever, feeling the glimpse of our immortality and the fulfillment of all promises of true achievement.
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