Person who gets seen the Most... Wins?

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A friend once told me that the trick to internet marketing is being seen... and he quoted: "the person who gets seen the most... wins"

now that I have a few years under my belt... I'm NOT sure that statement is 100% accurate? I'm mean really, If you're selling ice and the only people who see you are from the North Pole... you probably won't sell much ice, no matter if you get millions of views a day.

Heck... there are places online you can buy loads of traffic, but that doesn't mean you will get any sales.

Now, if you could direct all your ice business traffic to people who buy bags of ice on a regular basis... then we might have some nice sales volume.

maybe a revision is needed: "the person who gets seen the most in the right crowd... wins"

What are your thought?
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    now comes the question....

    What does that "wins" stands for?


    If your selling ice at the North Pole.. sure as hell you'll be famous in the neighborhood
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    I agree with an above poster, you need an active working definition of "win"
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      I do agree with all the above posters too.I think there's need to define "win".
      Is it by traffic volume? Sales? or what??

      You surely do not need fear, but motivation to succeed

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    Lol, I don't think there needs to be an explanation for this.

    Scott seems to just be justifying the previous thought by implying his own thoughts.

    In my opinion, that's what I viewed "seen the most" as in the first place. I feel it's more common sense than anything and it's not really a question you need answered as you already have the solution

    But I do agree on the overall theory.

    If I were to open up an ice cream store in the North Pole and open up the ice cream shop in Florida, I'm pretty certain that my ice cream shop in Florida will do much better.

    It's not just dedicated to a single thing. It relates to everything.

    Just use common sense online and in business (unlike most business's) and you'll do well.

    My name is Justin Lewis, with Business Optimizer I've been in business for 6 years online with multiple six figure years, here are the tools that have helped me the most: Increase your reviews with this free Review Handout

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      Well lets see... Has anyone ever watched Donald Trump's show called "The Apprentice"? I kind of view winning as doing well on his show and NOT hearing: "You're Fired!"

      But the contestants on that show quite often get rewards for sales and marketing products or ideas. The person or group that gets seen the most... generally wins.

      My concern though is... getting seen the most by the right people... and my question would be: "How do you go about finding the right people who will most like your product or idea and where would you market to those people to get the most traffic?

      Let's just say we are selling BBQ Grills?

      What kind of research would you do first before you started marketing them... I don't think it would make sense to just send millions of traffic views and hope for the best... or is that what you normally do?

      I think this is important and I think many people miss this step and I hope your responses will help people re-think their marketing strategies.

      Make it a Great Day! : )

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    awesome.....i agree to this statement thanks for the share
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