Here's Why I Failed So Many Goals

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Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I'm borderline obsessive with goal setting.

The problem.... I have failed to achieve SO many of the goals I have set for myself.

Sometimes it was because my goals were too aggressive. Other times I lost interest in the goal. And then another portion of the time, I was pretty much sabotaging my achievement of the goal.

The following video explains why:

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    Great video as usual!

    I am loving the new Friday Ignite.

    I won't give away the realization you make in this video, but I totally agree, and know that I have suffered from the "Goal Striving Paradox" in the past.

    Really unique look at goal setting.
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    Hey Justin, I loved the video, and I can definitely relate to the idea of neediness sabotaging goals in dating, I never thought about this in relation to business goals before though! I wonder how many more cross over's there are between these two fields!

    Kind Regards

    Help for sole traders & entrepreneurs who want to spend less time bogged down in technology.

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      Originally Posted by HelenAbell View Post

      Hey Justin, I loved the video, and I can definitely relate to the idea of neediness sabotaging goals in dating, I never thought about this in relation to business goals before though! I wonder how many more cross over's there are between these two fields!

      Kind Regards
      Hey Helen

      I've recorded a few audio products and this discussion has come. There are actually TONS of parallels between business and dating. In fact, even though I'm married, I have considered some of those pick-up artists courses to learn the psychology aspects of this.... obviously with my wife's consent LOL!
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    Oh yes, been needy is a total turn off for everyone around that needy person.

    In the same time I believe that when you focus on how you can make other people lives better, and people can feel the true powerful, positive attitude than they will be attractive to you. Honor people and be of value to others.

    Gudrun Marquardt
    Personal and Business Development

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    That was a great video Justin with a very strong message, I am very grateful that you have taking the time to share your thoughts with us all.

    Reinforcing my state of lack was something I struggled a lot with before I discovered the law of attraction.

    Now I just strive to become a better person everyday. I am grateful for the abundance around me and I do what I can to help the others around me with this abundance of resources.

    So far it is working out very well. I feel as happy and successful as ever and my goals are now being accomplished with ease.

    Keep up the great series Justin.
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    Thanks for your feedback Ryan. Great site you have there... and a fellow Ontarion (Ontarian??) lol

    Good work on your part applying this concept. It has been game changing for me too which is why I wanted to post this vid !
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      My favorite quote was "Reach for the stars. You might not get the stars, but you'll end up with something good." That's my philosophy. I may set unachievable or unrealistic goals, but I'll still end up all right in the end. I guess I don't care if I fail to meet my goals.

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    Yea Im like that with some of my goals. If it happens great, if it doesn't, fine, I still have other options and the goal is no longer whats holding my life together. I'm still happy .

    The main thing for me is that I make something of myself and I find that loving relationship, have a comfy couch, a nice bed and pillow, and nourishing food and good health.

    All you need is love really. the rest is a bit of gravy. You wanna be secure before you buy a Porche, and does the Porche and big house really matter ? no.
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      Great Video!

      Couple Points:

      Over-thinking and Over-doing: I sometimes get caught up in doing something so perfect or trying to look perfect that I forget how simple some things really are. You're right... the less I try to be perfect, the more perfect I become.

      Positive Thinking
      : It's really easy to get caught up in negative thoughts... they are all around us, but if you practice on the positive thoughts like you mentioned... positive things will start to happen more frequently. The opposite happens too though if you're not careful... ever say to yourself: "this is to worst day of my life... can it get any worse?" and then all of a sudden another bad thing happens. You think negative things, you get negative things.

      Thinks Positive and Positive things will happen.

      Make it a Great Day! : )

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    Yep, i heard something like that in some tony robinson course, goals and other thing must not influence on your happiness at all
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    Newbie to the site. Thanks for reminding me about the "Law of Attraction". If you put out to the universe (and to your contacts) that energy of "lack", that is exactly what you get back...more "lack". lol I think what I got from this short video was to have fun with it. That is my goal here on WF. Not to make money from the site, but to learn (and hopefully share) ideas. And enjoy the journey!

    Freelance Writer For Hire.

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    That's very interesting and very true. If you try too hard you end up sabotaging yourself!

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    -Visit my blog: - Tips for blogging, social media marketing, and online business.

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    Another newbie to WF! Isn't this site terrific!

    I've also found that if you feel undeserving of success, you sabotage yourself..or at least, I have on many occasion.

    Freelance Writer For Hire.

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    Hey! Awesome to see some newbies out.

    You picked a great forum to start. The mindset is the foundation of success in any business... not just IM.

    You will find some really inspiring and helpful people right here. Best of luck
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    • Profile picture of the author OscarTheDog
      Thanks for the nice words...and positive feedback. I know that us "newbies" can get kind of frustrating to some of you more experienced members, but, to me, that is the fun part. Once I get to be a Veteran, I hope to be a helpful mentor to others.

      I added you to my contacts LOL in case I get in a jamb later on.....don't worry! It'll be much later on. I am only now learning HTML, so I have a far stretch ahead of me.


      Freelance Writer For Hire.

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    Thanks for this video.
    Being too attached to an outcome actually seems to push that desired outcome away. Practicing the "I don't care" detachment attitude is, for me, an uphill battle. One can also make that attitude another unobtainable outcome with the too much desiring of it. Obtaining detachment can be quite a bear.'s one of my goals.
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