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Alot of people have been dying around me lately and getting cancer. Some have survived the cancer, and some it seems have a departure date right around the corner.

I do feel the pain of those who are close to the ones who die.

However I have learned to turn an uncaring mind towards death, the truth is that life doesn't care about any of us. Life is indifferent, it is up to us to make our own happiness or to die with our dreams still in us. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and the world keeps moving.

We are a small piece of something much bigger. At least I can say this-

Life is harder than death.

Death is part of life
Happiness isn't part of life, or love, or riches in any capacity. But it is up to us to make it so.

Everybody dies but not everybody lives.

Has anyone had an experience with death lately that moved you?
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    My aunt died from cancer recently but it felt so unreal hearing the news that I don't feel any pain yet :x
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      So sorry to hear this, may she rest in peace. You are most likely experiencing shock because of this. Try to hang in there and talk to someone about it.
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    Just last month my mom died. She's old enough (84). My mom's death wasn't that painful because i knew one those days she will left us. What i am experiencing until now is that... i missed her so much. I wish she's around so i can hug her again.
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    yes I did, last year I have a very serious accident that almost cost mine live. Now i survived and I want to thank god for give me second chance to change mind,attitude and work harder and more importantly be realistic. Internet earn money is just a something totally impossible for me to achieve it
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      Hi there, Speaking of death prediction, I find it really odd that one of the on-line death prediction services showed me the same death date that I was foretold in my dream about a year ago. http : // yourdeathdate. info/1/index . html - I can't explain this coincidence in any other way except that there must be some kind of magic involved here.
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    death is hard to accept in one`s life
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