Does Executive Coaching Work?

by sirgeo
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I was wondering if anyone here on the forum has ever tried executive coaching? I know there are many internet marketing coaches. But my business is growing so well and I am having to hire more people and see myself moving more in a direction of pure vision and leadership. This is great, but I am now realizing how unprepared I am. I have no experience leading a large organization. I have always been the guy in the trenches so to speak. I have never had to lead large groups or managers. I just hired my first manager and I can see that in about 6 months I will need another one. Within a year I will probably be removed from all my day to day stuff and focus on managing and directing. I am really excited about this but could really use some support. Are there any books on this? Anyone ever hire an executive coach? They are really expensive (I even see Tony Robbins out there as a coach) I think it was around $15 - $25k to get one of these guys on retainers and while we are doing well, that would definitely be a bit more then what I would like to spend. I was hoping more around $5k. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am currently doing business and executive coaching with one of the top 5 coaches (of ActionCOACH) in the United States. She's amazing at what she does.

    Give me a call or shoot me a private message if you want to discuss further. She's kinda pricey, but really, really worth it for the results you get.

    It won't let me link yet because I'm too new to the forum, but if you search for Executive Coach Heather Christie, you should find her Facebook Page or website (probably not her website yet, I'm working on that with her).
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      I think any type of coaching is like any other service you hire: it just depends on who the company is. I have done some business coaching before with one team where I did not get much from it. Then I worked with another company and things went really well. What I realized from the experience was that I needed to be more aware of what I wanted to get from the coaching so I knew who to hire. And I also suppose it depends on your budget. A lot of these firms are pricey so you need to be ready to spend some serious cash. Here is an interesting read on the benefits of executive coaching. One thing it points out which I think a lot of people struggle with is their decision making process. Here is some other info on coaching you might want to check out as well.

      What I can say from the positive experience I had was that it was worth every penny because I took the time to work on myself while I worked which made me more effective and I felt things started working more smoothly.

      Good luck!
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    I actually know this great site that deals with coaching if you want to check it out instituteforcoaching...I used it learning how to get prepared for an interview, but it has other stuff too.
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    Skills and tools are always the best things found in an organization doing any type of businesses. Modern Business needs the perfect resources for best communications and management inside and outside of the organization. So if any one who just want to start their own business they must hire the skilled qualified persons or either impose executive coaching in their specified fields for better results in competitive world.
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    Coaching can work. Find someone who understands people,
    business, and preferably your industry.

    Beware of anyone offering one-size fits all. They're not true coaches,
    but rather people with specific skill sets that they aim to teach.

    Your coach should place your health, satisfaction and happiness
    above you making pure profit.

    Of course they must help you to make money too, but it's not the primary aim.

    The acclaimed researcher Professor Hans Strupp discovered in
    a series of research projects that people who are masters of
    a craft, such as college professors, make as good counsellors
    as those with professional credentials as therapists.

    The exception to this is when people are severely disturbed,
    suffering with such conditions as eating disorders, which
    doesn't apply in your case unless I missed something?

    There are plenty of mentors here. Just ensure you do
    your due diligence.

    Send me a DM, or visit my support desk to contact me:
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