Ho do you keep yourself motivated at all times

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Im wondering what strengthens you guys in everyday we live. Despite all the challenges and hardships of our career, what keeps you alive?

-Share your thoughts,
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      You can't be motivated all the time. However, the things that increased my motivation tremendously are as follows:

      1. Self esteem. Once I got a healthy level of self-esteem, everything in my life changed. From my confidence in social situations, to productivity, to finances. I finally got the law of attraction working for me consistently. I think a lot of people complain that law of attraction doesn't work for them because their self esteem is not good enough.

      2. Highest purpose. Increasing my self-esteem enabled me to discover my highest purpose in my life. Almost everything I'm doing now is in some way related to my highest purpose.

      3. Exercise and healthy diet. Because of my healthy self-esteem, I'm loving myself more. I love my body and mind and I take care of them every day. Exercise gives me a lot of energy throughout the day. Same as eating a healthy diet.

      I don't really need to do goal-setting, planning or scheduling because the above takes care of that. I just know what to do in the moment.

      Hope this helps you out.
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    I have a purpose, I want achieve life in future that I desire. So I still work hard and learn more things that helpful with my goal.

    I want become rich
    I want happy with my family
    I want more free time to doing my favor

    And more...

    Hope motivation for you.
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    My goal, my desire to accomplish that shiny goal makes me wake up in the morning with faith and energy.

    I like to do a lot of visualization of how it will be when I accomplish my goal. Then when I wake up from that state I look at my life and there is some force inside of me that pushes me to the state that I visualized, like my whole body wants to get there again.

    "There is no development without demand"

    ~ JoeDRL
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    For life: My family and knowing that I do everything I can to give them everything they need.

    For Inspiration in my career: I give myself "Step Goals." Each time I reach a goal, I set another one a little higher. I then usually print out a picture or change my background to reflect my new goal to constantly remind me what I'm striving for...

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    My biggest fear is to have to go back to work for a company that doesn't give a hoot about me and drudge through something I hate to do just because I get that guaranteed paycheck every two week. I did something fun too. I was in the VFX industry and met with, worked and consulted with the likes of James Cameron, Michael Bay, Ron Howard, Robert Rodriguez, the Jack Ass guys and many others but it was still a job with many egos and someone always trying to take your place. My motivation is that I know I can start slow and create more. This is what I intend to do and each day I get up early and set out to do it. The rest is not up to me but the universe. I have faith that it all pays off to those who persists and trust. It has happened to many times in my life not to believe in that.

    Hope this helps or inspires
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    Remembering what my past life was like having to get up at certain hours just because my 'boss' says I have to. My life now embodies 'freedom.' I don't want to go back.
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    Motivation is only temporary. The DRIVE and burning desire to succeed no matter what... last forever. THis is speech state it perfectly.
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      Originally Posted by tubes00 View Post

      Motivation is only temporary. The DRIVE and burning desire to succeed no matter what... last forever. THis is speech video state it perfectly.

      Who is Sean Walker? That's not his name:confused:
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    thinking your family and your future really motivate me to do thing in better always.

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    I put my paycheck on one side and the bills on the other. As I watch the money left over consistently shrink and shrink as the bills continue to rise.

    Taking a step back and based on the paycheck to bills ratio, I can estimate approx when I will be broke if I continue to live the same way. I don't live lavishly but I am very comfortable.

    Knowing I will have to give up the little luxuries motivates me

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    I also enjoy watching motivational videos on youtube
    This one was a very good watch, thank you!

    ~ JoeDRL
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    Think of the people who believes in me and in what I can do.
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    You need to keep yourself Energized
    So let’s say that you have a goal in mind but lack enthusiasm and inspiration.

    • Think of how you might be successful as you accomplish your goal. Visualize the outcome.
    • Talk to others about your goal you’ll get some great Ideas from them or this will trigger ideas of your own to come to the surface.
    • Post you goal written down somewhere so that you will run into it throughout the day to bring your busy thoughts back to your goal thoughts.
    • Research how others have accomplished this goal and see if you can generate some additional ideas.
    • Make notes
    • Start your project
    • Don’t try to jump levels start at the beginning and work your way up.
    • Keep your mind on the benefits of the outcome
    • Apply positive thinking skills – if negative thoughts come into your mind immediately dispel them and return to the positive thoughts.
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    Keep your mind on the benefits of the outcome...
    i like this thought..
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    I agree with what other posts before me have said. Focus on your family, bills, your job, etc.

    I also like to have my goals right where I can see them. My goal of writing blogs is there. The titles of my next 5 blogs are on a paper in my room.

    Keep praying, believing, etc.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    What keeps me going mostly lies within me. First there is the self esteem. I make sure that I assess my past successes and how I hustled with obstacles to achieve. This normally builds more confidence in me because I normally feel worthy because of my achievements. I therefore, become eager to move on. Another one is staying focused. Your past achievement will definitely encourage you to venture into another undertaking. I therefore, sit down and identify my next project and just target on it. Appreciating your effort is very important and it is on this that your esteem is built.
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    Take time to acknowledge and celebrate how your life has changed because of your daily commitment and your investment in yourself.
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    I think you can't be motivated at all the times. In my point of view, its only money or some great happiness that comes with motivation and go with motivation. If something brings you money, you are already motivated to do that.
    Another choice: You can always visit youtube and search for motivational speech.
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    Taking time to appreciate everything
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    Originally Posted by stellaex View Post

    what keeps you alive?

    -Share your thoughts,
    The possibility to be a legend!!!!! Oooh just thinking about me gets me aroused
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    Believing that there is always something special prepared for me everyday.
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    First of, being thankful for the things/life situation I do have, after many years of working toward it.

    Different phases of life, breeds different motivating factors for me. Sometimes it's about money, sometimes it's about gaining certain skills, sometimes it's about downsizing, sometimes it's about having more free time.

    As the phases of life shift, different motivations come into play and motivate me. Reading about other people's success stories motivates me, if they are doing something similar to my goals.

    Also reminding yourself that you have a LIMITED amount of time left to live! Always remembering at any time your life can be over, and you don't want to regret the things you haven't done, due to excuses.
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    I think having a healthy self esteem is critical to get you through the hardships. Belief in who you are and what you do is really very important because when you wake up in the morning you really only have two choices; either to be sad and complain about how tough it is or take everything as a challenge and be determined to come out a winner. And the latter makes life worth living...
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    The hope of becoming financially free 1 day is what kept me going !! I never like the idea of physically working hard for money.. it doesn't make much sense to me! Why should I trade my time for a few bucks that doesn't last at all? No difference from being a slave - towards job and money.

    We all know that the era have changed. Working in a full-time today is not as effective as compared to 50 years ago. This is a fact we all must accept, in any part of the world!

    If money is smarter than us, I'm afraid we have to work hard for it our entire life. But if we are smarter than money, money is gonna work for us instead - especially today, where there are so many opportunities laying around!

    It's not easy but it's simple.. All we need to do, is have a changed of mindset.. Do our best and let God do the rest - For with God, all things are possible!

    May God be with you always,

    P.S. Glory to God forever and ever
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    I always pray and then write down my goals and look at them everyday and I have place my first one hundred dollar bill in a picture frame and place it in my bedroom and look at it and say I made this money and can do it again.

    Best Regards,
    Michael Lee
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  • The motivation is the regular mode of life. Please get up and begin a day well, change beliefs to positive. Learn a failure to immunize. Helps me personally to watch Eckhart Tolle, Anthony Robbins and other motivators, mentors. Often the music helps ... such as instrumental movie
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    "What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you." - Oprah Winfrey
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