How Do You KNOW When You're Successful?

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In my Chambers Dictionary one definition of success is the "attainment of wealth, influence or acclaim" but I wonder ... isn't success in the mind of the beholder?

Anthony Robbins once asked a man he knew to be a healthy, happily married multi-millionaire if he considered himself successful, and the man astonished him by answering "No." In his mind, it turned out, he was not yet fit enough or rich enough. Robbins told him he had too many rules.

For me, as a man who is married to a lovely woman, who lives in gorgeous rural England, who has good health and is a published self development author, I would still answer Anthony Robbins' question with a "no".

Why? Because I can't yet call all my time my own. My internet income is still supplemented by that dreaded yet coveted animal - a job.

I've learned, however, not to beat myself up about that, but rather to notice that the job itself spurs me on to ensure my eventual and permanent success as a self help coach. The job actually focuses me on what my true purpose is - and the money it brings gives me the breathing space to do it.

I wonder, what are YOUR rules for success? And if you're not there yet, do you give yourself a hard time about that or are you grateful for your present circumstances?

Finally, - and this is a BIG one - do you think you will really KNOW when you're successful? Or are we all stuck in perpetual wanting mode?

I'd love to hear what others have to say...!

I look forward to reading.
All good things,
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    I suppose one thing thats makes successful people successful is the drive to always want to achieve more and more. To never 'settle' and be happy with where your at, but to always strive for more. Coming up this can be the key to success. But once you reach a key milestone, it can be more of a burden.
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    In my own definition, and it falls to be exactly Napoleon Hill's definition of succes, is "Attaining your goals without trespassing the rights of others".

    So there is for sure a correlation between reaching your goals and being successful. But people seem to forget everything they accomplished and concentrate a lot on what they have not done yet.

    I try to take a moment each day to remind me of what successes I had recently. It feels good and makes me keep on track.

    Have a wonderful day,

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    To me, success isn't something that can be measured. Rather, it's a feeling. To me, when I can rest at night and my mind's peace, without the nagging feelings of me, that's success.
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      Originally Posted by Tuffy22 View Post

      To me, success isn't something that can be measured. Rather, it's a feeling. To me, when I can rest at night and my mind's peace, without the nagging feelings of me, that's success.
      I agree with you. Having achieved your goals and still maintains peace of mind, for me is one of the greatest success one can have in this world.
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    When you have $100.000 in your bank account you have become successful
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      Originally Posted by howimakemony View Post

      When you have $100.000 in your bank account you have become successful
      Ha, I liked that one.

      Also, apparently -- not worrying about what things cost anymore, alongside not even knowing how much money you've got.
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        If you can jump out of your bed every morning and feel really excited about the new day ahead, then I would consider you to be successful.

        I always tell my son that if you absolutely love what you are doing, and you are able to support yourself financially, then you are successful.

        You could be a top lawyer earning millions per year but absolutely hate your job - not successful.

        You could be a road sweeper and adore your job - successful.

        Good Luck,

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    when you are doing what you love every day, whatever that is, then you are living successfully
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    To See My success I am always Look back sometime, What I have been Done !
    I look back my self from know nothing, and compare whow I am Now ! know something.
    Success is No limmite in my opinion ! but all of us did success that why we are here !

    Just my opinion !
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    I feel that unless we can "look within" and determine "success," we will never truly feel we are successful regardless of how much we have.

    Since society imposes so many perspectives on what success truly is, knowing you are successful comes with identifying what truly makes you happy and realizing that you have succeeded in what matters most to YOU!
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    Success to me is when I feel happy and fulfilled!
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    I can say my rules for success are that I am loving what I do. I feel good about it. I am proud of myself and I'm making enough money just how I'd like it, to do the things I want to do and buy the things I want to buy. That's having succeeded to me as an overall picture.

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    When you reach your goals no matter how insignificant or small others think they are. It's a snowball effect; one small thing just gets bigger and bigger
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    When I refresh my accounts on my iphone and see money coming in every hour, even though it's in cents.
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    The tought that run though my head as i read this main post was.
    You are succesfull and you dont need to think how you can be successfull.

    Because if think you are succesfull then you are already.
    Its the power of thought.


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      You are successful when you meet a goal you've set yourself.

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    I feel successful right now because I am doing what I love. Of course I want more money, but I truly love what I do so I consider myself successful. I have the luxury of waking up every morning and loving what I'm doing. I mean it's 9:21pm and I'm on a marketing forum talking to others about marketing.

    I just wish that others could feel the same as I do which is my goal. I've got a few things I'm working on to truly help others achieving their goals and dreams whatever that is for them.

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    When there's nothing left to achieve.


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    Thanks to the OP for asking such a great question and also for giving me the subject of my blog post for today ...

    How Do You Know When You’re Successful?

    In my view, success is not the achievement of a goal or a mission; it is living life successfully. For those who are living their life purpose, success is ultimately not a destination; it is a journey.

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    I like Bob Dylan's definition. “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning, goes to bed at night, and in between does what he wants to do.”

    For me I think success is looking back on my life at everything in the past and thinking: “Yeah, I did a good job.” I'm not 100% there though yet. : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Hi Trevor,

    Gee that's a hard question to answer because we are all individuals and by definition all different and we all have different ideas of what is "success" based on our perception of success and our own internal mental "filters" that we apply when we think of what success means to us.

    There is no "one size fits all" answer and the best I can give is the answer must come from within us (each and every individual) and try to work to your own values, and your picture of success not the one painted by the advertising media.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    The definition of your success is solely your own definition, no body else's. This is not a matter of comparison because there are always going to be people that have achieved more or less than you. You're successful when you know you're completely satisfied with what you have.
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    Dude, do you know what is the key to your problem? - Peace!

    The first time when you feel the peace inside you, then be sure that everything will start to go like it should be. The first thing that I start to practice on my journey to Peace was watching my actions. Everything start with your actions, because every human being is responsible for their own destiny.

    I will suggest you 2 things to read: Yoga and New Testament. Believe me, you will see a new world.
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    Personally, I believe; "ones defining measure of success" is that which drives you, challenges you, enables you to sleep well at night, and the financial correllation is merely the monetary reward for (as Napoleon Hill states) the service(s) you render.

    Sure, money is a big factor in my opinion; as my defining purpose (success) includes the financial freedom to explore and entertain the next entrepreneurial challenge.

    Lastly, speaking exclusively for myself; " I am not content, as it breeds contempt, and contempt creates a 'false sense' of security, and implies... laziness."

    At age 17, I (reluctantly) attentended regular meetings at a small diner called; "The Peter Pan Diner" in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida.

    At the time, I was (reluctantly) involved with Amway (by way of a co-worker who insisted; I needed to seek financial freedom)...

    Anyway, every week 'we' were joined by a 'Black Diamond' Amway pioneer, who was one of 3-4 of the top-tiers foundational pillars of Amway from it's earliest beginnings...

    Long story short...

    This Black Diamond rep would arrive in a $600 beat up station wagon, lived happily married in a $60k humble home, and literally showed up casual... wearing blue jean overalls, a white t-shirt, and flip-flops upon his feet!

    I (being young) courageously asked him point blank; "You are woth 10's of millions of dollars... Why don't you drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari?"

    He responded; "I have, and prefer the low-profile - this is who I am everyday, the money is only a bi-product of my success.

    However, in business; I am the exact opposite as my success derives from helping others succeed, and my focus is simple... Never become content. Contentment breeds contempt. Contempt breeds laziness, and if you're lazy... You are of no good service to others seeking their defining measure of success."

    Ultimately, if you saw this man at an actual event... He was wearing Armani suits, and more importantly; spoke of wisdoms only a person who mastered sales could convey.

    Within 2 months, I had left Amway, built an ice cream truck, and working only part-time at age 18... was able to churn out $1200 - $1500 per week profit through retailing goods for 500% - 800% ROI's.

    All while being myself; a long-haired teenage surfer, stoner, and lover of life!

    Sadly, I became complacent, changes came (my 1st born) and of fear and insecurity; I allowed my freedom (and piece of mind) to be intruded upon, and changed occupations... I conformed to the typical stereo-typical (outside influences) that detoured my happiness, and subjectively 'robbed me' of my short-lived days of wreckless pleasure.

    My advice, never allow another person's 'version' of success, rob you of your own defining measure of what success 'means' to YOU!


    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    You know you're successful because of the thoughts that streamline your awareness. As a byproduct you act like a success without even being apprehensive of that fact...then... out of the blue your reality changes for the optimal and the missing pieces of the puzzle come together to constitute a magnanimous reality.
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