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Hi folks, this is what I learned today about promotion.

Just look around you right now. How incessant advertising and promotion does the product owner. Hardly any empty space that was stuffed by the advertising or promotion.

Billboards or banners filled the streets. From school, bus stop, even to the bathroom there was an ad. All objects of city buses, T-shirts, until a toothpick or where there is also a tissue ad. Everything scramble your attention!

Likewise in the world of the Internet, now has an ad campaign or the more vivid. Neither form of banners, text ads, or ads that included veiled through the link. Everything is also trying to attract your attention.

But actually how promote effective? Promotional efforts in order that we do at least result in retribution.

There is a way of effective promotion. One principle is to focus the content of the message you want to convey.

Let us learn from the advertising and promotions around us. It could be said that a successful campaign is having a single message. A campaign contains one message. The goal that the message is not "compete" or obscured by other messages.

So, the key focus of the message you want to convey. If you sell a product, you promote the ONLY create just one message. You can feel the difference in effect told the campaign that a lot with only one message right?

Then, the second step, spread your campaign. The more scattered, and your promotional incentive, the greater the chances of success. Because, ad or promotion you do will get to more people and continue to "bombard" them.

The way other than promote the Internet, can also be done around you. You can create flyers that promote your products and posted in strategic places. It could also, by attaching a web site address or your blog on your vehicle.

In addition, use the most classic ways most powerful Promotion: from mouth to mouth. Tell the people you know about your products. Tell the people you meet about your products.

Nothing to be ashamed. Because you're not doing the embarrassing. You simply deliver your product. Gratitudes that they are interested. Or at least they know about your products.

If you have a lot of promotional messages you want delivered and how? Whatever you want to convey, I suggest a campaign should ONLY one message. If you have a lot of messages, make the various campaigns.

Yes, just one message! Many messages will only make you lose the campaign and even confusing your visitor's attention. Which then makes them confused what to do.

If you want visitors remember your message, make the message as simple as possible. A good promotion is short-solid-clear and close to their lives. No need to long-winded, convey your message is straightforward.
If you can not summarize your business in one sentence, if the visitor is difficult to catch the message your web site in 10 seconds, then you fail to communicate. Your message fails stuck in their minds. And that means you are not successful campaign.

To strengthen your brand, it is also important to have a slogan, motto or tagline that describes your business. When tested the results must be amazing. Still remember the "Stop Dreaming, Start ACTION"? The slogan is to motivate visitors to change his life by taking concrete steps.


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    All excellent points. In recent months, I have been looking at my spam more closely. They can give good ideas of what CPA offers to promote and some of them have some fairly decent approaches to catching people's attention.

    I think too often when people start working online, they forget that traditional offline businesses can be a great resource in terms of branding and the approach to use with "clients". That's where FB comes in.

    My husband is a copywriter and works with doctors. He always says that whether you're writing for doctors or for the internet, you need to write for people as if they have no more than a 4th grade education because that's all most people can handle.

    Thanks for the post. Good stuff!

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    Thank you for this great information. There is so much to learn. But am glad nice people like you are posting useful content such as this.
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    Now a days messages play great role in the world related to smoking.
    The effectiveness of advertising messages aimed at preventing smoking among adolescents.
    The main aim of these messages is to regulate, to explore the effectiveness of antismoking advertisements.
    Such as:
    (1) lower intentions to smoke,
    (2) lower perceived pharmacological benefits of smoking, and
    (3) lower perceived psychological benefits of smoking

    Therefore, antismoking messages for adolescents with a promotion focus should emphasize prevention-related merits of abstaining from smoking.
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    Thanks for sharing this post, I think this is the best forum on the topic and people like you are doing a lot to make it a great forum! THANK!!!
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      Originally Posted by Vernita View Post

      Thanks for sharing this post, I think this is the best forum on the topic and people like you are doing a lot to make it a great forum! THANK!!!
      You're welcom, Vernita...
      This forum is not the best IM forum in the world, but it's more than just the best.
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    Thanks Irvan for the great post. I also liked Ahew's suggestion of checking spam for CPA ideas, normally i just bin the lot. Cheers
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