Building your confidence

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1. Be a front seater.
2. Practice making eye contact.
3. Walk 25% faster.
4. Practice speaking up.
5. Smile Big.
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      Notice how confident people act
      How they walk
      How they talk
      How they stand
      how they use body gestures
      Then visualize yourself acting exactly like
      them and do it in real life as well and
      before you now it you will be them.
      Fake it till you make it
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      focus on the work you are doing currently.neglect the waste thoughts and boost urself with +ve thought.
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    stop thinking about things that other could think about you
    be prepared everywhere you go
    stay fit with sport!
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    This is really nice. It really makes you feel happy that you're always building up confidence every single day. Practice makes perfect.
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      To build our confidence it is good to follow certain thinks in our life:

      Recognize your insecurities.
      Talk about it with friends and loved ones.
      Remember that no one is perfect.
      Identify your successes.
      Live in the Moment.
      Cherish any kind of lightheartedness in your life.
      Take a vacation.
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  • Building confidence is having the X factor that gives you the inner power to become a winner in life. I've got a free ebook called: XFactor Confidence - 3 Vital Keys to More Success and More Money, if anyone wants it.
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    I Will Have Courage

    Today I will have courage
    To do one thing that is new
    I will be kind to another
    And to myself be true
    Today I will remember
    The blessings that are mine
    I'll live the day with confidence
    And for me the sun will shine
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    That's an interesting list. I whole-heartedly agree with making eye contact. That's something I practice all the time and I definitely notice when someone else does not hold eye contact with me.
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    Copy someone who you admire and find to be confident. Learn from them, read what they are reading, get in habit of studying them and see what you can follow
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    Stop thinking and do every thing without think
    Be trust on own
    Work fast
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    Moving slowly is high status ... whereas a 25% increase in walking speed tends to lower your status. Since self esteem correlates somehow with social status, it might be worth it thinking about that point again.

    High status behavior is definitely not the answer to all low confidence problems, yet it gives you some proof and positive feedback from the people around you.

    I'd like to recommend David DeAngelo's (=Eben Pagan) program: "Body Language". Don't know for sure if it's still available, but maybe it's been sold on ebay!?

    As said above: fake it till you make it is won't get you to higher self esteem all by itself. I'd say it's a combination of fake-it-til-you-make-it and work on yourself (what the PUAs call "inner game").
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    Yeah! Just work on this one thing:

    When you're in a group, especially of new people, and you're all going to contribute or share something...

    Make sure you go first.

    Expectations are lower when you go first.

    People appreciate it when you start things off by going first.

    It's easier to get it over and done with, instead of worrying about what you're going to say, when you go first.

    You look like a leader when you go first.

    You are a leader when you go first.

    Easiest thing in the world to do. Very high return on your emotional investment.
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    Building your confidence is like taking a bath everyday. If you feel good or fresh it can increase your confidence. Loving yourself is the very basic solution to increase the confidence. Let yourself go to spa, buy clothes, watch movies, have a date, go to carnivals and etc. Make yourself happy and eventually it will lead it up to that.
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    According to Nathaniel Branden, PhD, confidence = self-esteem. And self-esteem is:

    1) Self-awareness
    2) Self-acceptance
    3) Responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions
    4) Living purposefully
    5) Acting with integrity and authenticity
    6) I forget
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    Be confident and smart in whatever work you do. Because the greatest loss in life is the loss of self confidence.
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      I like to live by the advice in the poem Desiderata ...

      Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

      Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.
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    You will build confidence by taking action every day , even if you are performing a small task that will lead you to your goals.
    Make it a habit to do it every day and confidence will come!
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    Originally Posted by Social Expert View Post

    1. Be a front seater.
    2. Practice making eye contact.
    3. Walk 25% faster.
    4. Practice speaking up.
    5. Smile Big.

    some good share, I think all the people sharing some vital points on building the confidence. I think the confidence increases as you do something...
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    Visualize the person you admire and want to be.
    See how that ideal person would act in different situations.
    Try to make the visualizations as real as possible.
    Especially do this for situations you encounter often.
    Then when that situation arises, do as you had visualized.
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    Be prepared, be confident, look into the eyes when you talk, shoulders back, don't fidget and pause to think before you speak.

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    Learn to listen. Making other people feel important is the key.
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    Here's confidence from the world of NLP
    Every day, do a five minute workout:

    1, Make big bold bright pictures of yourself succeeding.
    2, Talk to yourself in a confident way
    3, Use your body as if you were already confident
    4,Take one risk every day

    Thanks to Paul Mckenna for this brilliant work!

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