Magic Show - Is this you?

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perhaps you migh ask, where's the magic?
The magic is, this is a "mirror" to what happen to most of people right now !

If you see the meaning behind this picture, please push the Thanks button
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    Wow! This is going to be motivational for me and the rest of the IMers here. If we keep digging and never stop finding the treasure, for sure you will find it. But if you're almost there and retreated, someone else is gonna discover the treasure than you are.

    Just keep digging and never give up!
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    nice motivational picture .this really teach us that never give up .cause you never know what will happen next in ur life .
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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    Lolololol. I sure hope not. I referenced that possibility in an article I wrote yesterday... giving up when really close to success..
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  • I see the sense in this picture. Thanks! Usually when a man wants to surrender - it turns out that goal is very near.
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    "What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you." - Oprah Winfrey
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    Love the image, Raja! It speaks volumes to me. I think that like that when I'm wondering if I should continue with a project. Some of my biggest successes have come when I decided to push on that little bit further until it was all worthwhile. It's so easy to miss out on those fantastic opportunities by giving up too easily.

    Thanks for sharing this!
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    I gladly would have hit thanks, as I saw the analogy between this business & the pic right away.

    But when I saw that you were asking for people to thank you for the post.. lol sorry but that ruined it for me.

    To be honest, you would probably gain a lot more thanks if you removed that part from your post. Although "thanks" on a forum doesnt mean anything, just so ya know.. lol

    But anyway, to add to the discussion that photo should hit home for a lot of IM'ers.

    Most people get that feeling to give up right before reaching a huge breakthrough.

    I admit, I was one of them. My girl insisted that I kept going, that I had worked too hard & too long on this to just quit. And she was right.
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    lol, thanks for not thanks me,as the thanks above was design like that, so no one will thanks me, because I'm not the one deserve to get thanks, it's the Creator who deserved it.

    Anyway, I'm happy that this post had give positive wave that will resonance the positive energy to this world

    Thanks all, again I deserve no thanks at all, it was me made that post and was foolish that time, that I hope a hit of thanks, with for sure doesn't add anything to this Karmatic world

    ps : I won't edit anything to the first post I made, so it will remain there, reminding me that I'm away far away from perfection.

    Raja Kamil
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    Its cool, just giving ya something to think about.

    If I see a post that is inspiring, helps the community, or even just a post that I find funny.. I have no problem pressing the thanks button.

    But we dont need people telling us when to press it haha
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    Nice motivational picture... M going to stick it on my work table. Sometimes i do like this. This picture will motivate me to reach for my goal and not to give up. Thanks
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