Why do Most Affiliates Fail?

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I think most people experience great difficulty becoming successful at achieving goals they set for themselves. The kicker is these people don't necessarily lack the talent or skill sets to accomplish their objectives. What they do lack in most Cases is a Rock Solid Product and these Three Motivational Elements that play a significant role in their ability to actually become a successful Affiliate.

More about the Rock Solid Product a bit later, HERE are those THREE Motivational Elements you will need to Succeed as an Affiliate


Having a lack of success is a major and common obstacle many encounter but make no mistake achieving goals requires Motivation. To become a successful Affiliate at you really need to 'want' it and if you don't have that feeling it's likely the Product is not right for you. The long and short of it is simply this, without the proper Motivation you have little chance of achieving what you set out to do.


Never underestimate the positive impact 'supporters' in your inner circles can have on your ability to become a successful Affiliate . Even Entrepreneurs need and flourish with a little encouragement and this is the case no matter what level of skill sets you have. Having the support of others helps keep you become HYPER-encouraged and motivated to continue moving forward towards achieving goals you have established for yourself. It is therefore always wise to surround yourself with like minded and positive people that can supply you with the encouragement you need to Succeed in a TOUGH Internet Market Place!


Approaching anything new can always make people question their abilities to learn what they need, become more proficient and Succeed. There is one word that describes this process and that is experience which always breeds confidence. And It is Confidence that binds us together and ALWAYS makes us SUPER Successful Affiliates!


It is not at all uncommon for people to find it difficult in becoming successful Affiliates if they don't possess the proper skill sets. Our environment and mind set play a huge role in what we are able to accomplish. The result is our efforts to become a success tend to dwindle over time. As it turns out even superior skill sets will find frustration and even failure when trying to achieve goals if the proper mind set or support is not involved to propel them forward.

These are just the basic ingredients to achieve Success as an Affiliate. You still need a Recipe that tells you HOW and WHEN to add your Ingredients. If you Don't have a Recipe, THAT'S the Product, you will never Succeed ! Believe it or not most people actually have OUR three Ingredients what they don't have is a very GOOD Recipe- Product!

Remember there is more to baking a really great Success Cake than just having the Ingredients, You must have an awesome recipe as WELL!


Lee Ford:
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    Nice thread Lee this will help a lot of people they just have to heed your advice.
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    Most affiliate fails because they do not have substance...confidence and motivated re overrated concepts...they actually are byproducts of substance and not other way round
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    Nice share. Thanks.
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    Many Thanks...Everyone needs a Morale Booster! Have a Wonderful Weekend...Warrior's!
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    Many affiliates fail because they don't stick to 1 strategy and work with it until they are successful, and 2.. they don't believe in themselves. lol.
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    Many affiliates don't even begin applying their knowledge. It's hard to experience success if you don't give it a try. If you're going to learn a skill, you have to use it to gain experience, and there will be little disappointment if you go in knowing that there will be the possibility of mistakes. Just make sure you get back up and at it.

    Another problem is people can't seem to identify their weaknesses, or refuse to improve upon them. If you know your English isn't strong, don't try to force your bad grammar into your website or blog. Either outsource it to a good writer, or simply work to improve it. You are hurting your chances of success by using broken tools. Go grab some new gear or refine the rusted arsenal you have now.
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  • very true indeed. Thanks for sharing!

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    Very true and quite motivating! Thanks for sharing
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    Nice post. Thank you for spending the time to write it Lee. I'm sure what you have written help encourage those that are new or are not successful at IM what kind of mindset they need to achieve that success that they are looking for

    You only have one life to live.Don't withhold your chance to become successful by procrastinating! Take action... Now!

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    Thank you all very much..Kind words are the fuel that propels our future forward...Have a profitable afternoon...Lee
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  • Nice share , i agree you have to harness as well find other people to fill in the gaps.


    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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    A Lot of Affiliates fail in my opinion because they want to get everything just perfect before they ever get started. The best way to get confidence and the right mindset is to have a few successes. A few sales. If you're too busy analizing every little detail, you get bogged down and have a case of overwhelm.

    Just learn a few things from somebody that's done it. Remember the power of...


    One niche, One website, One product.

    Get some profit and then move on to the next one.

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      bhoduarts..I think that in a nut shell...IS exactly what happens to most new Affiliates.. They loose the traction and they slip off the trail entirely..We have to overcome the tendency to accept failure..I think was have to be so determined and of one mind because IM is TOUGH row to Hoe!! Lee
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    Focus focus focus. It is so easy to get drown by all the shining courses. Choose one - believe in it and charge!
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    Wow this really motivated me and gave me the confidence to continue in the journey of Inter Marketing. I always enjoy motivation from other warriors! Thanks for this awesome thread!

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    Kyle Nelson

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      Thank you all very much ! Sometimes we can't see the tree's because the forest keeps getting in the way! Have a profitable afternoon...Lee
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  • Thanks! Great Advice
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    You could also add mental and emotional blocks plus lack of funding.

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    Thanks for sharing that.
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    Very inspirational to us Lee...and to all of you with awesome additions as well. I really what CBlite said, "if your tool is broke, get it fixed" We need to capitalize on our strengths and reinforce our weaknesses. Many are just limping along with their weakness and wondering why things aren't working. If your right leg is broken, then use your left. Don't just keep walking on the right since it doesn't work. fix it. Have an awesome day full of opportunity everyone.
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    ? Distraction - chasing the next new bright shiny object that promises instant riches.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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      Exactly RobbieT, it can be so easy to get distracted when we are progressing towards our goal because there are so many things that can pull our attention away: family, friends, commitments, all kinds of things. What I have had to do is to keep acknowledge the distraction, deal with it if I have to and otherwise put it off, and then redirect myself if I need to. We can make it there if we sent our minds to it and recommit to it every day.
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    I think its the lack of persistence. Of the result aint showing soon enough people tend to give up. I think that's what the main problem is.

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    Well said Lee. It is so easy in this business to get distracted. You have to pick a horse and ride it, and not stop, until it's broken.
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      I think most affiliates fail because they get discouraged and give up. It may take awhile before a new affilliate makes any money. So as mentioned it takes persistence and a willingness to fail until you gain the knowledge and experience needed to become successful.

      "Together we can do anything"
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    great words of wisdom. many affiliates skip steps and eventually fail due to their lack of knowledge in the field.
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    Bull****. They fail because of competition. Market share goes to the strongest, the weakest die.

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    I've found threw the years that people quit, Because of no-results, lack of leadership,and they do not take it serious.
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    Nice post lee, thanks for sharing.
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