Law of Attraction = Responsibility, Compassion, Alignment with INTENT, and More

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This is sort of in response to a few things that irritated me, but also brought to light a few valid points that need to be made... perhaps there is way too much misunderstanding on this subject, but I don't even think that's the main problem. Success begins in the mind, but far too many are looking for a solution outside of themselves, instead of looking IN.

I know many people are struggling. I also know that many people, whether hopeful or cynical, are interested in the Law of Attraction. The Secret made it sound like it was some magical faucet that you could just turn on and everything would be there, and perhaps this led to a lot of people sitting on their couches with a beer, waiting for that big pile of money to fall in their lap, the perfect mate to walk in the door, etc etc etc

Then there's the "only hard work and action" argument. What decides to make the action work? YOU. When you choose to be in that mindset. However, you can take plenty of action all you want, and get nowhere, if you don't believe it's worthy of your time or if it doesn't fulfill you emotionally. After all, money isn't everything. You can make well over $100K and (!) still be miserable.

There are way too many hang-ups about there being some universal law about this, and honestly, I don't know why. But then, I've noticed a distinct similarity between those who say, "IM doesn't work" and "LOA doesn't work" - there are people making money every day, but those who choose to focus on that distance between themselves and those who are successful, that's all they're gonna see... more on that concept in a minute.

Modern physics teaches, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, as well as energy is neither created nor destroyed. I also certainly remember being there that day in high school when I was told that "Like Attracts Like."

Another law of physics? The universe abhors a vacuum.

Let me reiterate that. The universe abhors a vacuum. In other words? If you're not filling yourself with love and joy, or going out making a point of making other people's lives better (whether through charity or those already in your life), then guess what? In its place would be discontentment, dissatisfaction, recycling negative events and thought patterns.

Put in better terms, there are a couple threads from last year started by Dennis Gaskill, who explains it far better than I can. Go read these threads, don't cheat me out on this: - Integration of compassion into your life, affecting your physical body as well as the quality of your life. THIS is the Law of Attraction, people - you put the positive energy out there, you as a person flourish.

Instead of blaming the system, the LOA, your parents, God, the bully from sixth grade... take that responsibility on yourself to change your thinking, change your focus. No one can help you, until you first help yourself.

Blame, negativity, grudges, hate... all of these are the shadows of Law of Attraction. Feelings of isolation when those around you are succeeding but you are not, then arguing against them - negative Law of Attraction.

That's the shadowside of LOA that the Secret doesn't talk about - it's not some faucet turned off and on, it's there, all the time, like any other law of physics. Ever held a grudge? It ends up hurting you, far more than it does the person you hold a grudge against... that person may go on, not feeling anything from you, but inside you boil with hate.

Negative attraction that rears its ugly head. DON'T FALL INTO IT.

Focusing on bringing positivity into your life, that expands. I'm not going to pretend it's easy. I'm not going to pretend that it doesn't require going through the deep-seating, gutlevel ways of thinking, which is all the more difficult the more negativity you've been through. Trust me on this one. I finally realized though, that the more I focused on vengeance, that was what I saw more of in my life, and therefore attracted, until I realized it wasn't working for me.

I changed my focus to healing. And I saw more of it. How was this?

Your thoughts become your actions. Once you have a thought, you unconsciously seek to manifest it. Therefore, What you focus on, EXPANDS.

Another thread for you, by Dennis Gaskill:

If you're not focused, your mind will focus on the chaos. However, if you know your Intent, align your actions with it. Take responsibility for your own mind, and your own healing if need be. Be open to answers from your own mind, letting go of the ego's drive for it, or lust of result. I leave you on one final thing: Without forcing an answer, over time ask yourself...

"What is your Intent?"
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    Hey Emily. Thought provoking post and great links. I get times writing copy when I escape engagement and reaction to the immediate environment and connection with the audience feels very natural and easy. This seems to explain how this connection comes about.

    I'll follow this up and see if I can make this perceptive dimension a core part of my existence.

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    Sounds like you are on the right track all the best...
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    excellent thread
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    one further thought- being grateful for what you don't have yet, versus treating the universe like Santa Claus moves things much faster, BUT, the Universe has its own sense of time, so be patient, be grateful and let it happen.
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      Originally Posted by Hardcoremarketing View Post

      one further thought- being grateful for what you don't have yet, versus treating the universe like Santa Claus moves things much faster, BUT, the Universe has its own sense of time, so be patient, be grateful and let it happen.
      Yes this is very true. One problem with "The Secret" is that this did not come across too clearly. We were told to put in our order to the universe, which would then deliver the goods, in a simple and direct line from our desire to achievement. The reality is a bit more complex. And there are other laws in operation too, like the law of karma, to further complicate timing.
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    Thanks Emily and thanks for the links to Dennis Gaskill's posts - interesting thoughts.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    The law of attraction is something that is true but has been made to sound like BS by those who profit from it most.

    The law really runs like this. If you think of something and act upon it, your actions are guided by your subconscious (nothing magical, just the way it is).

    You'll end up being more successful the more action you take towards a goal as you suddenly and 'magically' find things falling into place.

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