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    Awesome video!

    Yeah, as the vid points out, when we were kids, most of us certainly believed we could do and be anything we wanted when we became adults. And then we became adults - and found ourselves lost in the quicksands of self-doubt. The contrast is stunning.

    Its true that if we can believe and take action, we can definitely achieve!

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    That's an absolutely awesome video! I can't remember how many times I thought I had a great idea and then see somebody do something similar much later and become very successful at it. I felt this video definitely spoke to me because I didn't do any action out of a fear of failing and perhaps losing money.

    I wish I could send more thank you's than just one.Best video I've seen in a long time!

    You only have one life to live.Don't withhold your chance to become successful by procrastinating! Take action... Now!

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  • This is great video..i like it. Thank so much

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    That is an awesome video, it really makes you wonder why it is that believing and then acting on that belief which then led to creation is someone taken away from us. For some it is really devastating.
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      Great video...

      I can remember that I used to jump of 6 foot high sheds when I was six years old. Why did I do it? Because I could and it was great fun. The thought never entered my head that I could get hurt... and so I never did. Those feelings made you feel great. And the trick is to remember those feelings from back then and bring them into your life right now, especially when you have an idea or a fear you're facing.

      Nice stuff:-)
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