Should we be seeking success or contentment

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Hey mind Warriors,

Here's a question for you.

Would your world be a better place if instead of seeking "SUCCESS" you were to seek some of the "old" values such as CONTENTMENT or JOY or HAPPINESS.

A large percentage of the population are brainwashed to accept society's definition of success as it is sold to us by the dream merchants and the advertising machines that spit out the endless pap of "you must have this or you must be seen here or you must do this" to be SEEN to be successful.

My question to you is "If you need all these trappings and toys to be seen to be successful by other people who are you really fooling ?"

Success is a feeling within your mind and I personally think that if a person is content with his or her circumstances and has happiness and joy in their life, then surely they have the right to be seen as "successful"

A person who spends time helping others, who is thankful for what they have and for what they are receiving and who constantly gives back to the community is more likely to be seen as a real success by real people than the millionaire who takes but doesn't give.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell me what you think

Take good care of those tha tyou love.

Robbie T
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    Ah, when I'm content I stop really/advancing/etc. and stop moving forward. When content, you get passed up.


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    Success brings contentment. I have been fairly successful over the last 10 years and am fairly content, and so I am always trying to be more successful.

    I live in a very very poor area, and the people here might look content and happy, but they all want what successful people have.
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      I see it this way:

      You should believe in your success by taking action in the right path and be content where you are right now.


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      Originally Posted by Andy_UK View Post

      Success brings contentment. I have been fairly successful over the last 10 years and am fairly content, and so I am always trying to be more successful.

      I live in a very very poor area, and the people here might look content and happy, but they all want what successful people have.
      Hi Andy, thanks for your contribution to the discussion.

      I'm just wondering if you get more success does that mean your level of contentment rises?

      This is a hard subject to define as everyone's concept of success, contentment, joy and happiness is different, and has been defined by many different factors, including race, religion, country of origin, customs, your parents values, your personal values, the values of your friends and family to name just a few.

      Regarding the sentence above which I have highlighted, when I used to see TV coverage of poverty stricken children playing happily amongst the rubbish with a big smile on their face I used to wonder to myself "how can they be happy" but I have learnt to understand that that is the sum total of their reality. They have nothing better to compare it to for them to want things to be different - right at that time. So they are happy in that situation.

      When the explorers found new tribes those people were living quite happily with what they had and the circumstances that they were in. They didn't know that they "needed" sugar and tobacco and firearms etc etc and once they were exposed to these modern "necessities" of life their way of life changed, usually for the worst and their society broke apart.

      I guess the underlying fact of all of my thoughts on the matter and everyone else's is the fact that we all are individuals and we all have the freedom of choice in our mind.

      You and I can choose if we want to be happy or sad, we can choose whether we see ourselves as successful or not just as we can choose whether we are content with our circumstances or not.

      Thank God we have the ability to make a choice; all we need to do is choose wisely!

      My thanks to all of you who contributed to this post by sharing your thoughts on the matter.

      Take good care of those that you love.

      Robbie T
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    I think that we ought be seeking both success AND contentment.
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    Society definitely tries to push their own version of success on to the unsuspecting population. I think it's important to get clear on what the idea of success means to you on an indidvidual level and then try to reach that goal without any worry on how society will judge you. Society's interpretation of how they think your life should be lived should not affect how you view yourself or how you actually live your life.

    For me, personal contentment is far more important than success on an individual basis, but oftentimes people are driven to become successful in order to reach that feeling of being content. One of my favorite quotes is "Your inner world reflects your outer world." Success will become a byproduct of who you are after working on yourself and your mental attitude.
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    Yes Robbie! Happiness comes from within. When you become successful on the inside, you can have anything you desire on the outside.

    Most people have it backwards and believe their happiness will come with money. But as I like to say - "happiness does not require success, as success does require happiness".
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    You need to be content in order to truly enjoy your success. If you can be gratefull for what you have than nobody can ever take anything from you and it bother you. If they take your jacket then you would be gratefull just to have a shirt. People need to focus on what they have instead of what they don't. So if you do become successful in terms of money you won't be afraid of losing it. There are a lot of neurotic millionaires who fear losing all they have therefore they are never at peace. How is that a life? Money won't satisfy the fear of poverty. That has to be dealt with first and then you can be truly happy with wealth.

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    I agree with you fully.People are sold to the pattern of what is called success by a majority of the population.Stopping and actually defining success,will get millions of versions of which a majority of those follow a particular sequence of believe.Thanks for a mind boggling post.
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    It is very much depend on individual perception of what successful means. True Success is simply being happy with everything that you do and what happens to you. We have to always be contented with what we have even a small blessing. I agree with you that a person who know how to give back to the community is the real successful people.
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    There are many ways to be successful without having all the material trappings that so many yearn for. In fact, sometimes those who obtained all the material things they thought they needed are not as happy as they expected.

    Whereas, there are a very large number of people who live simple, contented lives and are a success at what they do.

    I think if we seek contentment first while we work towards success, we will hopefully make better decisions and will be able to reach our goals.
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    In my opinion everyone should be seeking opportunity in it's many shapes and forms.Contentment comes when helping others.
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  • Contentment can actually be a good place to start as you make changes (changes and contentment might seem paradoxical to some, but hear me out).
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  • I'm in with the giving back to the community crowd, if there is a crowd. Even if there is only a few I would rather be on the giving side than the taking. It's an addiction to take all the time.

    Giving back in some way is the most sustainable way to live I suspect.

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    Contentment is in stages.

    Once you are content in life, maybe contentment just isn't enough anymore, so therefore you move on to the next goal to make you content, etc.

    Success is being happy and content in it's purest form.
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