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About a year ago, I started creating what I guess you could call a motivational scrapbook. I save magazine articles of all kinds including success stories and anything that gives me an idea for a niche I might want to pursue. I also save pictures of places I'd like to live. Once you visualize something, it makes a difference.
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    that's a very good practice. Putting something down visually, whether it's images or by writing down your goals, helps tremendously in actually achieving them. Plus you get to smile every time you look at those great images.
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    Excellent example of focus and research! Visualization can be an effective tool, and collecting related items helps to reinforce it.

    I haven't been as diligent or as thorough as you, but I am into motivational themes, so one thing I do collect is motivational and inspirational quotes. Many other marketers seem to have the same interest, so they help me add to my collection.

    Keep up the good work with your research. Let us know what niche you decide to pursue.


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    How big did the scrapbook get?
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    Originally Posted by aderra View Post

    I also save pictures of places I'd like to live. Once you visualize something, it makes a difference.
    I do that with places I've been on vacation that I want to go back to, to motivate me to keep working toward greater financial freedom.

    “Motivation is not some overwhelming force that causes you to act… Motivation is the desire to act on a plan that is well formed, and sufficiently rewarding. Therefore, if you fail to act, you either don’t have faith in your plan, or do not feel that the reward is worth the effort.”
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    I've been putting everything in a 3-ring binder using sheet protectors so everything stays in good condition. (You can get them both really cheap at dollar stores.) I'm almost at capacity with my first "scrapbook" and ready to start another. I thought about reorganizing it and putting articles and other text in one notebook and photos in another. I decided to keep it like it is because it gives me a timeline of what I've been interested in through the course of this collection.
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