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I have been starting my days off with energy drinks lately, i feel it has really helped getting over the morning hump, when i don't want to call people, what does the rest of the warriors use
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    I pick an upbeat song to play right when I get up. That coupled with a good breakfast has always been enough for me. I'm just naturally energetic.
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    I did that for a short period and it really screwed me up. I started to feel weird when I didn't take them and then started to really get stressed out.

    They can help, but only during the time you really need them, if you start pushing yourself to take them to gain motivation, you're going to be lying to yourself and won't trust your own judgement when you are off of them That's just my opinion though from personal experience.

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    I suggest morning exercise instead of energy drinks which will burn you out eventually. Crash and burn is NOT pretty

    When I go to bed at night I put my shoes and socks(clean ones) by the bed so that I see them first thing when I get up. I have to walk past my treadmill to leave the bedroom, sooooo......it is so much easier to get up, put on my shoes, get on the treadmill for a walk this way.

    By the time I am done, my head isn't a sleep fogged mess and my blood is pumping.

    In my humble opinion~
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    My morning energy drink is OJ.
    And also my morning coffee is indispensable.
    Plus cereal or oatmeal.
    Then it's off to the races - figuratively, that is. LOL
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    I do feel ok if i am getting up without alarm, but during the day time i can feel bored or exhausted, so i do drink a cup of coffee or can of coke to cheer myself up and to get in working mood.
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