The Power of Integrity

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It should come as no surprise that integrity is critical for any successful business relationship, but are you living in your own integrity?

Do you often say you will do one thing but you end up doing another?

What would happen if you chose to stubbornly stand by your word regardless of all the excuses, rationalizations and justifications that your mind tries to throw at you?

If you made a decision to generate a certain income per month, are you willing to uphold your own decision, or will you compromise your integrity by settling for less?

Now here's something to really consider:

How can you ever expect people to act from integrity if you yourself aren't doing that?

Let's be real: Some of your actions, thoughts, emotions may be completely out of alignment with your true desires. Think of it like being in a destructive relationship: A woman may stay with an abusive man merely because he provides security, yet she probably feels miserable but also feels afraid of the lack of security by parting ways.

So if there is anything in your life that is compromising your integrity (and therefore your happiness), it's time to let it go.

You must get to a point where you decide once and for all that you will no longer compromise your joy, regardless of what you mind may tell you to believe or what other people may think of you.

You have something absolutely phenomenal waiting to be expressed (and don't you dare deny this even for a moment!), yet you are entertaining thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and circumstances that restrict such expression.

This is ESPECIALLY true for those of you who procrastinate: You are entertaining thoughts and emotions that restrict you from generating income. Consider these questions:

What limiting thoughts must you let go?
What negative emotions must you let go?
What distractions must you let go?

If you are unwilling to let such things go, then what is more important to you: Living authentically with integrity to more easily realize your goals? Or compromising your life and remaining stuck?

In my experience, when you act in integrity, life literally flows. When I compromise my integrity, my life feels restricted.

Would anyone want to do business with a person who is not truly living with integrity? Does it make sense to do business with a person who doesn't act from integrity?

Would any woman want to date a man who is being inauthentic? In the same way, would anyone want to do business with you if you're not acting from integrity?

My Challenge To You!

I challenge you to act from integrity for a full week and see what happens. As Jesus once said, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no". In other words, if you set out to do something, then stick to it, regardless of what your mind may tempt you to believe.

This means you may have to STUBBORNLY refuse to entertain negative thoughts as if your life depended on it (to a degree, it kinda does!). So if your mind tries to get you to believe you can't do something, question it for the lie that it is and stay open to creative solutions! Be willing to think outside the box.

If a particular task feels overwhelming, then break it up in to small chunks. If that's still too much, then literally choose not to do it because it may be compromising your integrity (at least for now)

If you set out to complete a particular project, then do WHATEVER it takes to get it done! Don't be surprised if you feel much lighter and more empowered by the end of the week! So allow yourself to experience the power of integrity
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    I like your post. Yes if you think you can do it , accept the job. If you cannot do it then not accept.The same way if you say i will then you should finish it at any cost.once you start doing this way you will get a lot of work comparatively.
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    Unless you are fanatical,some things cannot be finshed on time.
    I have lost a bit of momentum recently,by being away from here,I have had to go to the hospital,a great deal,because of family.
    But I think I can get back to it,just got a bit delayed .
    Its dark but...I glow!
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    Certain problems like health issues, some other circumstances which cannot be avoided can delay our work. but as you told we have to get back and finish off what is pending.
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    Thanks for your nice post.
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    Monstro super blog post Jason! I see you have your head screwed down firmly!

    And yes indeedy, I do have something absolutely phenomenal waiting in the wings. It's my first ever (Probably only ever) WSO that's due to hit the stands next week or the next. I'm going to launch it on a Tuesday and I still have a few ducks to get lined up.

    Mostly, it's the darned garden. I have spent the last two days laying the thing in. This has kept me from adding the finishing touches.

    And yes, procrastination does play a role. I had no idea how darn complicated it is to launch a WSO. Lots of things to take into consideration from videos, to a middleman to deal with the payments, etc. And all of this, working in the dark without so much as a candle. It's kinda scary, actually.

    Then, the fear factor. Suppose it's a dud? It's not push button, after all.

    I don't mind the money and time nearly as much as the worry that my fellow Warriors won't buy into my WSO. Now, that would hurt. I KNOW it's a good product...a life changer for some. But spose nobody else recognizes that? The Warrior Forum is more than so many electrons you know. Many of us have looked on it like a real human friend.

    So, yes, lots to procrastinate about, while telling myself that I'm just trying to get everything right.

    So super thanks for your thoughts. Let's get to work!


    Originally Posted by JasonChoi View Post

    You have something absolutely phenomenal waiting to be expressed (and don't you dare deny this even for a moment!),
    This is ESPECIALLY true for those of you who procrastinate: You are entertaining thoughts and emotions that restrict you from generating income.
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    Jason, this is a great post~

    How many times have I sat down at the keyboard, intending to write, only to
    find myself wandering around on eBay or some other equally time wasting site?
    Entirely too often.

    Allowing everything else in life to creep in is counter-productive. Telling myself
    there is no way I will ever achieve my goals? Also counter-productive.

    This is a wonderful challenge you have issued - acting from my integrity is sure to bring swift change~

    Thanks again Jason!

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    nice share...
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    Great post! Thank you!
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    Great tip here. Integrity to me is being your word. Do what you say you will do.
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    i`ll accept your challange! i`ll do my work with full of integrity for a full weeks
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