Stop Depending On a Partner

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I just realized something that has been holding me back.

Most of my ventures have been with partners.

While I have made a decent amount of money, I can't seem to get to the next level.

Ultimately though, I realized that the reason I couldn't reach the next level is because I was dependent on other people to give me permission to make moves.

I needed one of my partners to be on board....

I realized having a partner was an excuse for procrastination and not achieving my real goals. I wasn't relying on myself. This is a pattern I've noticed in all aspects of my life. Its an underlying personality trait that I need to combat.

Take a look at yourself and think about whether you're doing the the same thing.

If you are, try just doing a project completely by yourself and do ask Permission from anybody else to do it. Don't ask for their opinions on it either.
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    i agree to this thread
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    OP : I agree to you totally.
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    The best partnerships are the ones that you don't NEED.
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    My principle in life is not to depend to other people. Because it is only who can do and achieve what i want.
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    Definitely agree. I was the same way at one point. I had to move on.

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    Great topic, partnerships are good if they help you take your game to the next level, but probably dangerous if you need them just to survive (online of course)


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    Some would also tell you to not tell others, or only a few key people about your dream until it's well on its way, because often times the people around you , will talk your ideas down. So sometimes it's good to do these things on your own.
    Good luck to you...
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    You can trust everybody but in the end its only yourself you can trust.
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