No need to be perfect, take action first!

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Hey guys,

Just felt inspired to share something that crossed my mind a few minutes ago:

Forget about trying to get things done perfectly! It's not uncommon for people to think, "I need this marketing platform, or this specific method, or this software" before I can start marketing.

Could it be that this need to be perfect is actually the problem, not the marketing itself?

It's true that you can use certain software or whatever to speed things up, but if such resources aren't available for any reason, is it really necessary to have the perfect looking website/blog or marketing platform before you take any action?

I personally think the need to be perfect is often driven by some kind of insecurity.

Question: If you don't have a perfect website/blog, how would you feel if it you posted it up?

Would you feel embarrassed/ashamed?

If that's the case, take a look at it. Face it for what it is, and then deal with it. That is just an emotion that is driving you behavior. It's got nothing to do with who you are. Find a way to clear it.

There are videos on Youtube that can assist you. I posted mine in this thread:

Once the embarrassment/shame is gone, you'll find it MUCH easier to take action without trying to be perfect.

Also, did you know that there are some people here on the Warrior Forum who only put in half the effort and they still generate income? In other words, it isn't necessary to be perfect before you take action. It would be better to take action and then readjust to make things better instead of taking no action while trying to make everything perfect.
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    You're right , Jason. People just need to take action, me included.
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    Great points. I also think it's more fun when things aren't perfect because you get better feedback and you get to adjust your product/website/whatever in ways that you might not have thought of. Learning through experiences is the best thing to do and the best experiences come from not being perfect.
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    May I share my nickel's worth? I would say to be careful of the word, "need". It creates a feeling of lack. Do you need anything other than what you already have? You have air; you probably have clothes and food. You may need to feel loved or accepted; those are legitimate, but the need to get a haircut, a new lawnmower or a new spouse may be indicative of a deeper need. Just a thought.
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    Take action and don't follow the crowd. Stand out and always offer value.
    I Sell What People Want. The Money Is A Bonus..
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    The truth is no-one is or can ever be perfect, no matter how they may appear from the outside looking in. When you can come to terms with that fundamental truth about the nature of being a human being, it is much easier to understand that all you can ever strive for is to be the best that you can be.

    If you're striving to be the best that you can be, every so-called "failure" is merely just another step towards learning a different and better way to become the best that you can be. With that in your mindset, even failure is a normal, sometimes unavoidable but absolutely always a constructive experience - even if it doesn't appear so at the time.
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    Jason, you are absolutely right and I too have felt the difference almost immediately after getting out of that "perfectionism" mindset. That really will keep us broke. Only those Action takers are those that win.
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    Quality sells!

    No point in promoting a cheap azz ****ty $5 dollar product when you could save up, do it right and do it once!

    But in some instances you just need to jump in!

    Rent this space.

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    So true! Eventhough you dont have any stuff that will make your work faster, all you need to do is to take an action to make it work.
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    this is true....
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      This is something I really need to learn
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    Great post and video Jason!

    Being a Virgo, I've definitely always wanted things to be "perfect" but have forced myself to take action, follow-through and even when things weren't 100%..they didn't fall apart.

    It's funny how self-talk can really stop us from making great strides. Also, watched the video and it was great! I meditate every morning and I really feel like we don't spend enough time breathing properly..this alone is such an amazing technique--thanks for sharing with others!
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    Perfectionism has held me back for sure.

    Frightened of not getting it 100 % right has cost me 1000 over the years

    So over perfectionism now thank god
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    That reminds me of a certain colleague that wanted to have the post on her website perfect before posting them. Last time I heard of her, she had two posts.
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    I have struggled with "perfectionism" not only because I want it to be "perfect" but also because deep down I feel that if it is not "perfect" then that leaves the door open for some fierce criticism and if I"m honest, I fear the rejection...
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    Well said! The quest for perfection is the enemy of action!
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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      I am usually afraid UNTIL I take action. I have learned to do it anyway. Almost 100% of the time I wonder what I was so afraid of.

      If I wait until I am perfect or I have something will never happen!
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