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Dear all,

are you big thinker and dreamer? or are you someone that like to steal people dreams?

Personally, i feel that we must learn how to think big to achieve success in life, what do you think?
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    Think big and out of the box. But beyond that - if you can actually take that leap of faith and just go for it, your chances of success will increase even more.

    Elizabeth Fee
    The Niche Mom - My personal blog to inspire and guide you towards earning an income online.

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      Yeah,think big n make a success blueprint and then move on working harder n harder with a strong faith in heart makes success come so closure to you that you will be surprised..

      Originally Posted by Elizabeth Fee View Post

      Think big and out of the box. But beyond that - if you can actually take that leap of faith and just go for it, your chances of success will increase even more.
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    I don't believe in chasing dreams, I believe in grabbing them.
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    Thinking big is not only the key, you have to reach for it and work for it.
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    There is no upper limit to what individuals are capable of doing with their minds. There is no age limit that bars them from beginning. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome if they persist and believe. So think BIG.
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    Do not think big...Yup! I said it...Don't think big. Thinking big can actually make you give up altogether when starting out. Think small first and then move on to bigger things.

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    I don't think anyone can learn to think big. To think "big" in the first place is to be logical. One can't expect to be free financialy while being irrational.
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    You think big, like being a billionaire and work towards that goal. Even if you do not become a billionaire, you will become a millionaire. =)
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      There's nothing wrong with having big ideas but sometimes you need to have a reality check and ask yourself if what you're doing is actually going to get you where you want to be.

      Dreaming about success doesn't produce results, but the right knowledge and actually doing something with that knowledge will produce some result be it success OR failure.

      Failure isn't something to be feared but embraced as it always teaches us a lot. Great success is rarely achieved without trying and failing first. As Winston Churchill said...

      "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
      “We Dream And We Build. We Never Give Up, We Never Quit.” ~ Jeremy Renner as Carmine Polito in American Hustle
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    A desire to climb Mt. Everest is thinking big, but you will only get to the top one sure,
    steady step at a time.
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    Many people i believe does that, most of us think big. But successful people not only think big but DO big.
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    i agree with you...eugeneporter
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    “Where success is concerned, people are not measured in feet and inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking. How big we think, determines the size of our accomplishments.”
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  • My opinion is this: First, an idea and a big dream. Later, self-confidence on 100%! The next step is work, work and work! Success is guaranteed!
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    "What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you." - Oprah Winfrey
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    Think big, but also take enough action to meet your goals.
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    “As long as your going to be thinking anyway, think big.”- Donald Trump
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    Think big: will need personal development
    Think big will help get high success in life
    Set big goal that motivation
    Need focus to do things that need to achieve goal

    How about you? Ever you don't have anything, You think can't do it... Don't give up.
    God have a plan for your life, this process is for you.
    Say to yourself, you are awesome.
    And you are motivation for other to live in life better.
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  • Look into yourself and see what you want first. Once you've decided once and for all then make it big! You have nothing to lose...
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    Hello! Yes, I totally agree but, if you really wanna BE big, you must think of the things you can easily achieve first and make that your stepping stones. But thinking big is a really great guide for us to persuade more and work even harder. More power!
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    You also need to take action after visualizing what you want from life.
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    Hi Eleen, Chronic. These are great ideas, whatever wanna BE big, we must think of the things you can easily achieve first then do more things. However we need have a success blueprint and then move on working harder and with a strong faith in heart that we make success in future.
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    Thinking big will make you learn more and do something without worrying.
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    I am the person who usually think BIG. Sometimes I keep on visualizing that in the near future I will be like this and have this. But whenever I want to grab this dreams there are always obstacles coming out on my way. But still, I wont give up. I will do my best though still needs patience and hopefully I will achieve it.

    Thanks for this! Its a good tap buddy!
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    i think we must to be dreamer cause there is any hope,,
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      You have to think big, you will only accomplish and achieve as much as your thoughts allow. Whats that saying aim for the stars and land on the moon.

      Everything great and creative in this world dreamers and big thinkers work for. Think big and work hard. "Your RESULTS are a direct result of your ACTIONS"

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    great thoughts
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    Imagination that can be a powerful tool but sometimes like Einstein understood something noble can be used for the achievement of ignoble goals
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    i think big but have to be realistic sometimes

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    Here is what I believe to be the absolute truth when it comes to a discussion on thinking big. Thinking big is very important if you want have an above average level of success and we are ALL capable of achieving our biggest goals.
    There are lots of problems and failed attempts out there now do to a misunderstanding of what it takes to achieve great success, due to many people teaching success techniques that make the whole thing seem a bit mystical.

    I could go on forever about this subject but for now let me leave you with this one thought. I'm sure you have heard that we are limited only by our own limiting beliefs. This is absolutely true. You can change your limiting beliefs easily but only to an extent.
    You must shed your limiting beliefs incrementally. Each time by challenging yourself but only in small steps at first. Many successes of small challenges add up to big success.

    You need to try to reach through your comfort zone but just outside of it to win the fight, and then each time you can reach a bit further.

    I have a lot of information on this subject. On why we don't succeed and how we can change that. Let me know if you would be interested in hearing more.

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    This is so timely. Did a blog on this today. Love the quote by Tim Ferriss that says "there is MORE competition for realistic goals". Yes, think big! And be in the first in the group (Indira Gandhi)
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    Thinking big and dreaming big should always be associated with action. You won't succeed without taking an action about it.
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    Thinking of big things alone will not bring success to your life. You need to match that capacity to think big with the right attitude to take action.
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    "If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big."
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    Big is always relative to the person. Remember that before you judge 'small' thinkers.
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    How do you think big?
    Just do it! (:
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    I am not a big thinker and not a big dreamer as well. Always my dreams are small and I like to make them reality. I believe, it's better to make your dream true than have a big dream.

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    I find big dreams can be a bit overwhelming on the surface and I have to keep telling myself one step at a time because I want to do some aerobatic circus routine and just do some back flips and be at the finish line. I am sure many of use wish this was the case but I suspect most of us can agree real life rarely allows this to happen.

    My big dream right now is to perform 60 or so check ups on peoples websites a month. (see my footer for sample report)
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    but don't u dare to forget the realistic
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    I've been thinking big since i started and havn't looked back since
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    Thinking BIG is something that comes natural to me!

    Just let your imagination run lose. Don't rule out anything.

    Just think, ANYTHING is possible. Some how.. Some Way... Its possible... you may have no idea how something can be done. But know that there is a way for it to be done.

    Thats just how I feel.

    I get pissed of when I speak with coders and they tell me something is not possible to code. coz I know even tho im not a coder, I KNOW that my ideas can be done.

    I dunno im just rumbling.

    Rent this space.

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