The Five Steps of Self-Publishing

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I just wanted to share this article: "The Five Steps of Self-Publishing"

It's mostly common knowledge but some points might be helpful
to those of you who are new to self-publishing.

Anyway, wish you all the best!
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    Thanks for the post. Helped me head in the right direction. ;D
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  • Thanks for the post. It gives me additional knowledge because that's some of our work right now. Writing more articles.
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    Yes, most are very much common points that we practice time to time really, but some points are really to be noted. Thanks for sharing the post.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    I'd like to point out an error in the second part of this article.

    CreateSpace doesn't give out royalties of 20% and 60% for the CS eStore and the Expanded Distribution respectively. Those are the wholesalers' discounts. The formula to calculate how you'd earn is:

    (Recommended Retail Price - Wholesaler Discount) - Printing costs = Author Royalties

    CreateSpace does have a royalties calculator you can use to work out how much you'll earn per book depending on your sales channels. Can't remember the link exactly...

    I wouldn't know if this mistake of confusing wholesaler discounts and royalty rates with Lulu and B&N, since I've never used these.

    Otherwise, the first part is a good introduction to the advantages of self publishing - and its main disadvantage.
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      Its good but I couldn't find something beneficial if you have some such this type of post; please share them. I am eagerly waiting.
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    Thanks for the great post! It helped a lot..

    Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

    Good luck
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    What an amazing world we live in, that becoming a published author is literally at anyone's fingertips. Now, our challenge, and opportunity, is to create excellence, not junk...

    Thanks for the post. Michael Hyatt, longtime president of Thomas Nelson publishing, also has excellent publishing tips on his blog, Michael Hyatt | Intentional Leadership, for anyone interested in getting tips from a top-notch, experienced pro.
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    thanks for the share
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    What I really like about self-publishing is that you can write your ebooks/novels/WSOs on your computer and publish it without spending an extravagant amount of money. A lot of the tools can also be obtain online at the comfort of your home which is very convenient.
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    Thank you so much for the helpful information goldenye75! Very much appreciated!
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    Many thanks for sharing the article.Its very helpful for me.
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    nice tips....
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    Good Post
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