Now I know Why This Is Called WARRIOR Forum

by Joe Ox
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You come home after 9hrs shift, with sore legs, sweaty and hungry. Have a shower, wash work clothes, have dinner and work on your business (where my mind has been all day) with your eyes that burn and knowing that the day after my alarm is gonna go off and every minute creating ads and working on my new websites is taken from my sleep. You have to be a Warrior to fight this way.
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    Quit the day job, get a sugar moma - makes life much easier!
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    Eating in the shower would free up some of your time especially if you do the dishes while you're in there.
    “We Dream And We Build. We Never Give Up, We Never Quit.” ~ Jeremy Renner as Carmine Polito in American Hustle
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    Thats definately one way to look at it, certainly very true from that angle!

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    You can always try breaking the record for longest time being awake. The record is a bit under 19 days, and I'm sure you can think of enough work to do to fill that time. All studies show that there is no permanent brain damage, though the time awake is full of paranoia and blurry vision.

    On a better note, British Intelligence created special glasses that can keep soldiers up for 36 hours without rest or feeling sleep deprived. The glasses use optical fibers that make a white ring around the edges. This fools the brain into thinking that it is constantly sunrise. Maybe getting those glasses (are they sold to the public, I wonder?) would help.
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    Life is not easy for anyone. Love your life though it's very tiring. If you can't love your life, you can't be happy.
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    Life always has its twists and turns, but as long as you take action and go hard, there is nowhere you can't go!

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    They're the sacrifices all us warriors have to make.

    It will pay off off for us in the long run

    - Trevor


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    I have learnt or taught recently not to sacrifice your Family/ Loved ones.


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    Just a little walk in the park with your family, with a friend or even with yourself will work wonder on what you have to do.

    Jing Quimpo
    Chinese proverb
    "Never try to catch two frogs with one hand."
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