What do you do to stop Procrastinating?

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I think we can all agree that one of the biggest blockages to success is procrastination. It is the mighty downfall of many internet marketers. Until recently it would dominate me. I would succumb to its power. I would call myself Gary the Serial Procrastinator!

Procrastination comes in many forms; distraction, avoidance, denial, trivialization, the list goes on, but one thing that I feel has helped recently is looking at my priorities and promising myself that I would get things done.

I feel the difference is that if I promise myself to get something done (always give a date), I give my word to myself that it will happen. If I don't do it, then there is a serious integrity issue inside of me. It sounds a bit light-hearted as if "who cares if you have a serious integrity issue", but when you, yourself cause the integrity issue once, you won't let it happen again. So I feel I have developed a resistance to procrastination.

If you have trouble, give the above a shot... hopefully it will work for you.

Also, what are your strategies that you use and have had success in combating procrastination?
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    Well in my opinion one of the biggest tragedies out there is having regrets when you die. I know that if I do not work hard on by business, I will not have as much freedom to do the things I love. If I cannot do the things I love I will definitely regret that when I die.

    I know that may sound a little intense but it works like a champ. When fear is harnessed in a productive way it can be one of the most powerful motivators out there. I just make sure to remind myself of this each day and I find I get a lot done.

    I like the potential this thread has. Bump the heck out of it if you need to because the more people that get involved the better!
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    For me just all the things that must be done, because I have a lot riding on the line, thinking about that stops any procrastination from happening.
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    Originally Posted by Gary Joseph View Post

    Also, what are your strategies that you use and have had success in combating procrastination?
    Gary, thanks for posting! Integrity also works for me but I also find it often necessary to use other strategies as well.

    BTW, I highly encourage you to not identify yourself as a procrastinator, otherwise that's what you will end up doing, believe it or not. So could you let go of identifying yourself with not getting things done?

    As far as strategies, I have a variety. You can read about them here:


    Basically, procrastination has a lot to do with 'faulty wiring' (i.e. bad mindset). By correcting the mindset, procrastination can literally vanish.

    One specific method I use with my clients is to clear the emotions that drive the procrastination behaviors. Once the emotions are gone, the need to procrastinate disappears.

    This thread may be helpful as well: http://www.warriorforum.com/mind-war...wont-work.html

    And this technique specifically addresses procrastination. See if it helps you

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    Procrastination is nothing but the fear that holds us back.
    It's the force that keeps you from taking risks and falling down.
    It's there to protect us, but at what cost?
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    Hi Gary,

    That's a cool strategy you've developed to keep yourself accountable. As someone who also values personal integrity, I think that would work for me too and I will try it the next time I'm having procrastination issues.

    I think that the broader strategy you've developed here, which is really identifying a strong "why" in your own mind, can work for anyone. For you, your "why" is that the thought of not sticking to your own word is far more uncomfortable as compared to just getting the job done. Anyone can apply your method to their own lives by creating a "why" that naturally compels them to take action. If people think of a version of themselves that they personally find unacceptable and then they think about how procrastinating gives them that unpleasant identity in their own minds, anyone can apply your concept in a way that is aligned with their own set of values. Great share - thanks!!

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    I used to procrastinate a lot... i mean A LOT!!! There are many things it has definitely cost me as I could have been doing a lot better in life if I hadn't procrastinated.

    The best resolution for my problem has been setting deadlines for myself. This forum has helped me to get myself in order by writing down to-do lists. I go further with these lists by giving them firm deadlines: by mid-day, before 5pm, before I sleep, etc.

    Whenever I do not meet a deadline the feeling of disappointment in myself is enough to ensure that I do not miss another one. Try it, it worked for me!
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      Setting deadlines, somehow I feel obligated to fulfill them. And remembering that procrastinating makes you feel good now but bad later whereas doing stuff may now feel too much but in the end you feel great
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    Here is my formula for stopping procrastination:

    1. I look at my clock
    2 I ask myself have I done anything productive that will help me with the growth of my business
    3. If the answer is no, I find something ONE thing I could do to grow and do it as fast as possible
    4. If the answer is yes, I would repeat step 3, because at that moment of asking myself that question I haven't done anything so I do something
    5. Repeat steps 1 - 5

    another thing I would do is write out what I could do and give it a start time and end time. This sounds elementary but it is powerful and it works. Once the start time hits I do the task until the end time or the task is completed which ever comes first, then move on to the next task.

    - Isaiah Jackson
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    Writing your daily targets in a diary generally can avoid this common problem we all face. Divide your tasks in 1 hour slots with breaks, e.g 9am create site 10-10.15 tea break
    10.15 - 11.15 seo

    When you have it written down and in front of you, I think the focus is greater
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    Unfortunately, I am procrastinating right now. *logs off*
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    I believe having goals and writing it done helps a lot..also mindset is the key..what is your motivation for completing the task what are the consequences etc.
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    The only thing to stop procrastination is to stop thinking and start taking massive action. One MAJOR thing that helped me was subliminal messages.
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    Do something you truly love doing and procrastination won't be an issue. It's called finding your passion.
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    Procrastination is a bull best taken by the horns. Sometimes it is helpful to inform someone of your plans this way you can have someone to monitor your progress
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    Whenever I recognize that I'm procrastinating, I immediately go search for a quick quote to jolt me back to work. Too funny, because that's how I found this thread, tee hee. Now back to work for me...
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    Whenever you start to procrastinate, get yourself involved in a productive activity as quickly as possible and tell yourself that you'll get back to procrastinating as soon as you have a chance to get around to it.
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    I'll tell you tomorrow.

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    Set a deadline, tell people about it and then split it up into small parts.
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    Setting up a reward based system for yourself is a great way to get your ass in gear if you can't do it all on your own. For me, it is something like a pizza night or other kind of takeout if I hit a certain income milestone.
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    As someone who used to be a serial procrastinator I would like to dispense some of the lessons that I've learnt.

    First of all, you need to understand: procrastination is not the problem!

    You may say, what does this mean, it IS the problem. No, procrastination is nothing more than the 'fruit' or 'result' of other problems that you may or may not be aware of. Where most people fail is that they try to solve the 'procrastination' problem, but its impossible to succeed that way, because you're not getting to the root. Its like trying to uproot the tree by cutting off a few of its leaves!

    You must solve the problem from its root to REALLY fix procrastination. The real issue is fear, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of critisism or fear of success. There are many great books that deal with this topic. I would highly recommend 'The Now Habit' as it really describes the problem as it is, not as it appears to be.
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    Wow guys!!! Some really amazing tips and tricks!!

    This is why I love this forum!! Thanks again!!!
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    Allay all your fears. Be passionate and inspired to make things done on time.
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    thanks for the share
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    To be honest, I think everyone has a bit of procrastination in them. Some more severe than others.

    Think about it, how many people you know fall into any of the below catagories:

    Keep putting off job-related stuff
    Keep putting off losing weight
    Keep putting off exercise (not for weight loss specifically, more for overall health)
    Keep putting off visiting various relatives (for the "family people" out there)
    Keep putting off a vacation
    Keep putting off quitting smoking
    And on and on.

    If people kept up with all of the above and the countless other examples that I have left out, we would be looking at a perfect human being. Doesn't exist.
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      This thread brings to mind Anthony Robbins' definition of discipline -- "Discipline is scheduling pleasure and pain." I think one of the reasons why we procrastinate is that we want to avoid the unpleasantness associated with the tasks we need to perform for as long as possible.

      In my case, the unpleasantness that I sometimes try to avoid is the fear that I might be doing something badly. I try to avoid this fear until the last minute, when I have no choice but to face it. My solution to procrastination? Be willing to take the unpleasantness and to delay gratification.
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    Sometimes it isn't even about procrastination. We are creatures of habbit, and if we get into a habbit of not doing something, then it becomes easier for us to keep "not" doing it. But once you start doing something, it's easy to just keep doing it.

    The easiest way to beat procrastination for me is to simply focus on starting the task.
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    I look at my bank account, I think about where it should be right now and where I want it to be..... Then there is where it ACTUALLY is right now.....

    Yeah... We gotta eat so thats my motivation.
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      Great tips in here. As for me I try to fool myself by making a game out of it.

      For example: I'm gonna earn 2 chocolate cookies if I do <taskname> by 8pm today (well it might get me fat but things are gonna get done, so then I'll have time to do so biking!) You see the point.

      In fact I'm currently prototyping an iPhone/iPad app that will provide this 'gaming' environnement to us procrastinators. I'll be the first to use it!
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    I want good things happen in my life so

    I think about:

    If I don't action or do it, I can't get any result from it, because nobody else will done it for me. I need do it if I want get it, because I can don't have tomorrow.

    Now, I choose to do it, but first of things that I want to do is think about how I do less that get more effective (principle 20/80 or 5/95 now) because I don't have many time and efforts to do for a long time. Then, if I can require other people help me, I will do it first and then.

    I know when I do it now, I can learn from it, and when I do it with positive think I will attract more support for me, I can done it.

    So, I choose action and do it.
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    I fantasize about what life could be like if I all my dreams were achieved.
    However, when I snap back into reality and realize that my dreams are not yet realized, it motivates me to realize them.
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    I've fashioned my life around my own strengths and interests, so there is no reason TO procrastinate. If you find yourself procrastinating badly - perhaps you are trying to get yourself to notice that you aren't walking down the right path for you.

    Rethink - and think until you find something that really motivates you. Something that cranks you too hard to not want to do............and you will find no problems in getting it done.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    And I procrastinated while reading this post.

    On a serious note, for procrastinators the start is important and a strict deadline is important. That's all. Plan hangouts with friends on weekends, if you have able to accomplish tasks. Call them well in advance for the meeting and also decide that if you are not done with the task and procrastinate, then you are not going to hangout with friends. This way you would have a pressure from both ends. Procrastination comes from lack of responsibility and accountability in most of the cases, so this would be a good idea. Personally speaking, even as I write this, I am procrastinating because I have an important work to do. It's tough being a procrastinator but all it takes is determination to complete tasks on time.
    The gratification of wealth is not found
    in mere possession or in lavish expenditure
    but in its wise application
    Miguel de Cervantes
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    Be accountable to someone - track your activity and "hand it in" at the end of the day.

    For only $49 per month you get full access to over 90 Sales, Business and Career Development courses, plus full support

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    Originally Posted by Gary Joseph View Post

    What are your strategies that you use and have had success in combating procrastination?
    Hello Gary,

    Procrastination's most potent poison is our common belief that we are in control of it. Everybody struggles with procrastination and I think there are many ways to overcome it, but it differs from person to person depending on everyone's mindset and discipline.

    In my experience, having an accountability partner in what you do greatly increases your chance to resist procrastination.Having your partner know your plan of actions for a certain project helps you focus on each task and keep you up-to-date with your schedule and deadlines.

    Keeping your plans to yourself is one sure way of falling back easily to procrastination because you are not held accountable to anybody, there's no one to force you to work your butt off and finish what you are doing.

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