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Hi Guys,

Have you all read The Secret series?

I think the concept is almost the same, basically talk about law of attractive, positive mindset, feeling great, appreciate, love, visualize..

Sometimes I know alot but not really put it into action, how about you? Are you really did what they guide us to do? And get a significant results?

Thank you!
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    Mindset is the best thing that is overlooked by almost all of us. But that is the only difference between the successful & unsuccessful people.
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    I only saw the secret and i truly believe in the Law of Attraction, so we should always stay positive to attract good things to us.

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    hello! The Law of Attraction works in many great ways and I do believe it. More power!
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      Yes, mindset is most important!

      The Secret, The Power, The Magic, The...

      What next? I predict is The Mindset, The World, The Love, The Breakthrough, The Heart, The Best, The Energy, The Attraction, The Law, The Feeling, The Incredible..
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    honestly.. you get a better sense of the law off attraction if you listen to abraham hicks on you tube and buy the books..

    most of the material in the secret came from people who had studied hicks stuff.. and they took the most important spiritual and vibrational elements out of it..and blabbed on about thoughts ..

    the stroy is right in the secret .. the main authors in the motivation industry where having a meeting on how to grow the buisness( becausecorperations where starting not to hire motivational speakers and that was a huge part of their income ) along came the secret and they are doing very expensive workshops on using the law of attraction ..

    the universe does not treat you like a spoiled kid just because you think really hard and want something really bad ..does not mean you will get it ..

    mindset and after going through the realitivly slow process of a complete mental unraveling and putting it back together ..I find that stuff isn't all that important and most people do not want to hear the truth ..instead of the manipulated uber consumer versions of ancient spiritual principles

    the truth is there is no void and you don't need the stuff ..most people are chasing the stuff in order to fill a void they believe is there ..thus the constant need to chase success ..

    but i come from a perspect of have previous lifetimes as a monk in verious religions and a shamen in others so there is a natural repugnance for the stripped down mass marketed versions of spiritual concepts .. the same way it make me sick when people use mind altering substances without the spiritual training and guidance and pirification rituals.. to have spiritual experiences ..

    the lie of modern society is that more stuff will make you happy ..or that you need things to enjoy life .. when so many people with so much stuf are drinking themselve into a stupper ..numbing themselve with prescription drugs .. or just flat out hating the lives they have ..

    a poor peson today in the Us and many first world country has a better lifstyle and more stuff than most nobles did a few hundred years ago ..

    widescreen tv's cars .. enough food to have a weight problem .. places to live.. that are heated in the winter cooled in the summer.. computers ..internet connections ..with endless amount of music and entertainment they can get for free ..

    i say that as a broke person with this stuff .. i despise being called poor as i have way more than about 6 billion people on this planet ..

    there is a simple formula .. be happy getyour head right.. then only allow stuff in your life that brings greater joy.. then when it stops providing joy .. get it out of your life fast as possible ..
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      The secret is just a rehash of whats been around for centuries,go directly to the source and get the info without the dilution needed for the masses, another great and generally unknown author / mystic is Neville Goddard he is definitely worth the read..

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        Originally Posted by Global365 View Post

        The secret is just a rehash of whats been around for centuries..."
        I agree. Every holy book of every major religion teaches the same thing. In his original Science of Getting Rich progrom, Bob Proctor, who was featured in the Secret made the point saying the basic principle is the only thing humanity's races have ever completely agreed on. It's really nothing more than cause and effect but since results are usually not immediate people can't or won't recognize it for what it is.

        I like a lot of the modern stuff starting with the New Thought movement. I also believe the Secret has its moments but doesn't go into enough detail on many points. Someone mentioned Abraham-Hicks. I've gotten hold of a few of their books and listened to some their audio and feel it's one of the best presentations of the information out there. It's helped me to get a lot of clarity. I absolutely love Esther. And yes, it's made a huge difference in my life.
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    my issue with the presentation of the secret is that it abuses a core spiritual premise.. removes the spiritual aspect and turn it into a tool for the ultimate consumer .. be happy thing positivley ..and the universe will give you what you want

    leaving out the spiritual and the long term work on emotional state ..but it did tap in and introduce many people to the concept and i am sure they dug deeper..

    as Abraham said.. though ambraham hick was taken out of the secret material.. many many people founf their way to that work and other similar work ..

    but it has all changed with the new energy we have gone into once you get clear on what you want the universe will give you intuitive guidance on how to get it won't just pop it out of the clouds for you
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    While I haven't read all of the Secret (the book), I did watch the movie. In my experience the law of attraction is absolutely real. Unfortunately, as others have stated, it's a watered down version as taught in the Secret.

    What I can say however is that it is a great way to be introduced to the ideas that we really don't have to be at the effect, rather we can be at cause.

    In other words, our thoughts literally cause an effect. But there is much more than that, like integrity, responsibility, ethics, etc.

    Plus, if you go too far into the spiritual without being practical and respecting the physical, you end up facing some undesirable consequences like breaking laws (since 'everything is an illusion', which I believe is true).
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    Essentially all beings are energetic. Science already knows that at the core of every human being is energy. This energy is controlled by thought. In other words you can direct energy through your thoughts, to either attract or repel what you want. When you have mastered the ability to focus your thoughts, then you will begin to see results.
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