Anybody using Squidoo?

by nnaij
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Is anybody using Squidoo?

I think one of the best way to earn money for beginners or amateur people on the internet is to use Squidoo. Just a small tips of my own tho.

You can visit Squidoo to find out though.
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    Agreed. I use Squidoo exclusively for my affiliate promotions. I would advise however not to limit yourself to just using the monetization options Squidoo provides, as the per sale payouts can be bleak in comparison to external affiliate networks.
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    I've used Squidoo and I was pretty happy with the results. Well executed Squidoo lenses can improve the position in Search Engine Results Pages.
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    Have used squidoo for several years now. It is great for getting traffic back to your own blog! I also agree with above that you can't make much money from it unless you use affiliates.
    "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." -Zig Ziglar
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    A squiddo page is usually much easier to rank in google and you can really drive alot of traffic to the lense if you know how
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    I have a squidoo lens, it is ranked pretty high in its catagory at about 8,000 and 140,000 overall. However, I have not got any traffic to it and so am not making any money from it. My competitors lenses lack the features that mine has. They only have an article on theirs while I have many features. Nevetheless, you have to build backlinks to the lens and not rely on Squidoo traffic alone or you'll be in the same boat as me! ...guess I'll get to it one of these days.

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      I have some lenses but I am not seeing much traffic to them though.
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    Squidoo is my favorite pastime that got me into the internet marketing world. I first found Squidoo when I really was looking to make money for the first time. Next month, I will be making $200+ on Squidoo.

    Squidoo is also amazing for backlinks and genertaing massive amounts of traffic to your blog/website.

    Join Squidoo! You won't make it big, but you will be able to maybe pay that phone bill and buy some groceries!
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    I sent my first lens to Squidoo last week and have already had traffic through from it - mind you I did also post the lens on Facebook at the same time, so it could have come via that i suppose.
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    Yes, I use it and I love it! Squidoo is so addictive! You can earn money, make good friends there, have fun and much more.
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    I tried using Squidoo, and it rejected pretty much everything that I wrote! It says that my content is low quality. That really sucks...
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    Talking about squidoo makes me want to acquire my next lens like before i log out
    Signature Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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    I have used Squidoo before. You need to be writing fresh content for you start earning some $$$
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