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Okay, so I don't usually make threads because I like to stay low-key but this stuff is totally killer and I've gotta' share it... and I've literally tested it to make sure. Hopefully this post doesn't get too long!

It seems like the average person thinks it's hokey wishful thinking, at least from the people I've talked to... but check this out.

I've did some of Anthony Robbins Personal Power II (admittedly, stuff got in the way that shouldn't have and I kind of stopped for a couple weeks) as well as reading Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. I've also done the law of attraction stuff (see 'The Secret'... I'm sure most people here have already but watch it again, it's awesome).

I adopted the belief (among many others) that there are no failures, only results. It may not be the result I want but I can change the action I'm taking to get a new result. Thank you Anthony Robbins for that.

While adopting new and empowering beliefs (ditching the fear of embarrassment was a big one for me!), I did the law of attraction stuff... ask for, visualize and FEEL what you want.

No bullshit here - literally everything I've tried online has made me money. I started back in May of 2008. I just want to tell you that I don't say this to brag, I say this to inspire you.

Every ClickBank affiliate campaign I've thrown up has made profit, both using PPC and organic traffic. I was like "whoa, this is cool" so I tried Amazon's affiliate program. It also made me money so I said "What the hell, let's try e-mail marketing!". Every e-mail sent made me profit.

I said to myself "Why is everyone complaining? Making money online is so easy..." and then I realized what was happening, so I wanted to put it to the test. I didn't know how I wanted to test it but I attracted Kate Anderson's site flipping course. There we go, something totally different from what I had been doing.

A couple days ago I posted my first ever flip (site wasn't established nor making money) and guess what? Today it just made money! A little over $600 CAD straight into my PayPal account! Coincidence? Not possible! Digital products to physical products to e-mail marketing to site flipping?! Everything has worked!

I'm seriously stoked - while I'm only 19 years old I've never been in this kind of state in my life. Ever. My enthusiasm and energy is through the roof and I'm enjoying "work"! Multiple people I've talked to today literally asked me "How many Red Bulls have you had?", LOL!

Now that I've proven to myself that this stuff is for real, I'm gonna' start focusing on one thing and start taking consistent daily action to reach my desired outcome.

If you're not into this mindset stuff, GET INTO IT. Keep an open mind and DO IT! What'cha got to lose? Money? Money can easily be made back if you apply what you learn!

Thank you Anthony Robbins, the cats behind 'The Secret', and of course the awesomeness that is the Warrior Forum for giving me the privilege to share my story. My life will forever be changed.

I hope you take action and experience the same or even better results!

EDIT: Oops, this post is gigantic.
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    Well, Tony Robbins is probably the best of the best at getting people motivated - I have read a few of his books! I think he quite good at allowing you to unlock yourself with goals, motivation, targets etc.

    As for your success, well done, I have done the affiliate marketing thing before, but am completely new to Clickbank digital products and I hear it aint easy to fully grasp and generate sales. So keep doin what your doin.
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    Keeghan, your post is wonderful and none of it is the least bit "hokey" as you put it.

    Attitude, perspective and faith all have a hand in guiding us and influencing our experiences. You have managed to discover for yourself that this "stuff" works. Just stay in the flow and keep applying the concepts to your life. The benefits are indescribable.

    Good for you!

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      Hey Keegahn,

      Thanks for posting this .... as Hermas says it's definately not "hokey".

      This is a process that so many people don't get, or if they do get it, it comes late in their lives. So for you to "discover" this early on is fantastic.

      I'm a BIG fan of Tony's stuff ~ in fact re-listening to "Get the Edge" at the moment in the car ~ that states the information is "out there" we just need to get it & USE IT .

      Well Done for USING IT !

      Please keep us updated with your progress ....

      Onward & Upward .
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    You are very blessed to discover a key to success at such a young age. You can expect to see many wonderful things happen for you. Anthony Robbins is very good at what he does. I like him, too.
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    Focus is one way to reach success. Thanks for the post.
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    the thread question inspired me! I have read and done the same things - tonight we got to experience a group manifest materialize. I have just finished 4 days at the australian world internet summit - i met about 6 of my online buddies for the first time- one of them won the 6k and business - we had decided to split the business 4 ways - we all felt that one of the group would succeed and she did - it's amazing what combined focus can achieve!
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    thank you for sharing your success story. Well we have same interest just like online internet marketing but the difference is that I am the worker for people. I started to earn money last October 2008 yes it is. I started the job for a simple cover letter and I even think that my cover letter would be eye catching to people. It was not planned will I just bid for the projects that is opening. a day comes when I checked my e-mail I was shocked that I am chosen as provider for him. It is very nice to look at because I was just sending a copied or edited cover letter but I am so thankful that I have that job. So, I always do internet marketing to start my own business.

    Hi! I am Reynald Laque Logan | Reynald Logan Dreams, 22 years old. Living in Dumaguete City “The City of Gentle People.” I am a pure Filipino Citizen. I am a Freelance Provider preferably working at oDesk.

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