Powerful Video For All The Mind Warriors

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Listen to this audio lecture in its entirety. Neville gives you the master key to using your hidden god power.
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    I am a god. I have god powers. BAM!
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    Hi. Just passing...

    There are ancient inner technologies, which might better express a number of available discipline sciences, that demonstrate an 'actuality behind reality'.

    I mention this as the mechanics of how and why the dynamics of the physics of this Mother Nature work and operate, and are less than foreign to the survey of perception.

    Theocratic dogma, scriptural principle, and, conceptual philosophies, can be perceived far beyond the welcome media presentations, belief systems, and or religion moralities.

    Might it be suggested to look into the contiguous and non-contiguous behaviors involved in 'temporal physics', as its research will naturally direct one to investigate the sciences of astronomy, sacred geometry, differential mathematics, and sympathetic harmonics.

    The confluent comprehension of the 'relative correspondence' attributes involved in the disciplines of each, will explain evident features that are born into the humankind population, who have intrinsic accessible command, of the ancient psychological technologies of 'belief', emotion generation, and most importantly, 'creation'.

    To little room here to detail the value of these mentions, but simply reading the same underlying information as coded within the written text of multiple religions, will give evidence to them all expressing prescriptions of the same body of knowledge concerning a given immediate attraction of experience in environment.

    • Sacred Hebrew Torah - Physical constants like 'e', 'a', or 'Pi'.
    • Holy Quran - Periodic table chemical elements, double and single isotopes, prime numbers.
    • Bhagavad Gita - sonic psychological formulas.
    • Christian Bible - Temporal cycles.

    Just decipher and read the codes in the related text. Something to consider.........

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      im a lkaer fan and i dont even mind the warriors except for when they play the lakers. i consider them my second favorite team to watch.
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    I do believe in the law of attraction. Thanks for sharing.

    Visit my official blog: James Winsoar and learn how to generate 30+ new FREE leads a day on auto-pilot!

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    I also believe in the concept of law of attraction and I have observed that if you treat people with all positivity and openness, they are also much more open to you and both sides can benefit much more from mutual conversation.
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