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You can become who you act you are...

So who is your role models? Do you know some younger people out there that already have made it?

Here is three of mine:

Andrew Carnegie
Richard Branson
Warren Buffet
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    Okay they are three of the most successful people. Richard Branson made the impossible with Virgin, where he also has started space tours for 1 milllion bucks

    Being in the IM niche it could be awesome to get the success of Mike Filsaime. I have read a lot about him, and it's just amazing what he achieved the last ten years.
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      Thx for the tip about Mike Filsaime.

      Anyone have some other role models within IM or younger people with in other kinds of businesses?
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    My Role Models

    1. Steve Jobs - After reading his boigraphy I realised that he had a negative side too, but his success, contribution and passion made him a great role model.

    2. Richard Branson - He has revolutionised the business world by bringing a sense of fun and adventure to everything that he does as opposed to the conventional corporate white shirt and tie.
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      What I have found useful is a role model who's made the change I want to make.

      Going from chubby to fit just seems easier when the role model made that very transition.

      So, for example, if you're attempting to make IM work, and mowing lawns to make the rent money while working on your full-time 'net income, then a role model like Jason Fladlien is a good one, since he went from painting houses to 7-figure business in just a couple of years and is a warrior forum member. (Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are not WF members, as far as I know, which is their loss. )

      More examples...

      A filmmaker who is folding sweaters at the Gap might be inspired by Quentin Tarantino who was a retail clerk.

      A fledgling blogger/curator might use Matt Drudge as a role model, who went from retail clerk to mega-successful site owner.

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