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Hi there! With so many information crowding on the internet, how do you manage to just focus on one information and take some action out of it?

I have been struggling on this situation and at the end nothing is done.
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    Focus requires practice. Adding other elements to help you focus can help tremendously such as:

    - Setting a goal
    - Setting a deadline for that goal
    - Removing your distractions (whether it be closing your email client/window, closing FB, turning off the TV, etc)

    With these in mind, you'll have a much better chance of avoiding information overload as you'll be able to focus on only what's needed to achieve your goal.

    Elizabeth Fee
    The Niche Mom - My personal blog to inspire and guide you towards earning an income online.

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    Originally Posted by jjmags1219 View Post

    Hi there! With so many information crowding on the internet, how do you manage to just focus on one information and take some action out of it?
    Lol I was just talking to 2 of my students about this last night. It seems like this is a common problem plaguing a lot of warriors.

    Both of them are dabbling in a bunch of different things and not really making anything. one is thinking about launching a mini site that sells a WP theme, and the other one is thinking about launching a blog/membership site on a specific brand of sports car.

    I took a look at what they were doing currently and they're all over the place: promoting everything from Diablo Gaming Secrets to Porn. I got the feeling that they would get interested in one thing, buy a domain and build a site, market it a lil bit and see what happens.

    This is a terrible thing to do as I illustrated to them. They have "shiny object syndrome" where they go from one thing to the other without any commitment and not even enough time to see if it's a viable avenue.

    I did my best to explain to them that they should ONLY promote products that they would buy and use themselves.

    I also told them that they need to look at what they're good at, how hard they're willing to work before seeing the money, and which ONE product to promote.

    The first student, I advised on getting that mini-site up and running. I also told him that he needs to work on it for a MINIMUM of 6 months before getting interested in anything else. 6 months of committed marketing and development.

    The second student, I advised on researching the market and seeing if the blog/membership site idea for the cars would be a good idea. If it turns out to be something possibly profitable, then I will give him the same setup and commitment as the first.

    So my advice to you: Research your skills, interests, and market potential. Based on those results, select ONE and only ONE project to work on. Devote 6 months to that project and give it your all. If you can't get it off the ground by then, evaluate yourself critically and begin the cycle again.

    Imagine that you are a scientist. Do preliminary research, form a hypothesis, construct your experiment, test it, measure it, tweak it, and evaluate. Then, if it works, scale it up...if not, repeat the process.

    I hope this helps. Lemme know if there's anything else you need.
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    Focus, patience, self-belief, self-esteem, all of this can be developed over-time.

    I would focus on one character trait over the others: patience. Be patient with everything in your life and you will succeed in your career, with your social relationships, JV relationships.

    On the other hand, want immediate results and you will never get anywhere.

    Whatever it is that you want in life, don't want it instantly. Contrarily, be consistent and persistent in every aspect in life and you will be amazed by how far you can actually go.
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    Stop clicking on every link in your mailbox (looking for the next shiny object) and boycut facebook for a period. This will get you time to work on new projects
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    The Olympic Games makes it so hard for me to be focused on anything else.
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    You really need to have an action plan. Plan your activities according to 'IMPORTANT' and 'URGENT' tasks. Have goals and work towards them.
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    Hi! For me "aha" moment here is to focus mainly on information you get from the people you trust.

    Maybe it sounds a bit vague but let me explain: i didn't come to internet marketing just because i was googling "how to make money online", i was a member (and i am still) of group which focuses on financial education of the people and teaches them money making secrets which use wealthy people.

    So one of the lessons was about an importance of creating a business which corresponds to your personality, so affiliate marketing was quite for me and there was also a link to the site where i can start learning about that. And that was a really good starting point.
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  • Firstly dont think you have to know or do everything

    Top internet marketers outsource their work to other people

    If you think of it like a business you will produce results like a business

    If you treat it like a hobby it will produce those type of results (o cashflow)

    know why you are doing this and be very clear on what you will focus on make it work before moving on to the next great thing

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    you need to get rid of distractions. concentrate on one project at a time and set time slots for the tasks you need to complete. it's hard at 1st but you do get used to it and then it becomes routine.



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    I run to focus on only two to three hours a day for money site, shut down all social media and execute what he had planned
    I rest a lot in social media to share with others
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  • I also struggle on how to focus sometimes but what i do is i rest for a while and pray asking for guidance on how to start my day right.And it helps a lot, try it it might also work for you..
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    I agree with them all, stay focus. You need to aim to target what you really want.
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    select a subject you want to get busy with, and just stick with it, training yourself as much as possible regarding the skills it requires..and it will pay off...there is a saying ''when you chase many rabbits, you catch none"" ..so good luck
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    But if you have come up with an organize problem then surely you can catch the organized solutions even though they are came from different opinion.
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    Internet is very broad.
    There's a lot of information inside the internet.
    You can use all the information in the net, don't just rely on one information.

    For you to be focus you should set up your mind with your goal.
    You must be determined and willing to achieve the goal with your desired deadline.
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    I find instrumental music helps me to focus, especially when I'm writing which, for me, is probably the most difficult thing to stay focused on. I listen to a lot of 'post-rock' bands (it's like rock with no singing), like Six Parts Seven, Saxon Shore, Signal Hill, Explosions In The Sky. It helps a lot.
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      Thanks, JRat, I wasn't aware of the genre 'post-rock' - and instrumentals help me too!

      Originally Posted by JRat View Post

      I find instrumental music helps me to focus, especially when I'm writing which, for me, is probably the most difficult thing to stay focused on. I listen to a lot of 'post-rock' bands (it's like rock with no singing), like Six Parts Seven, Saxon Shore, Signal Hill, Explosions In The Sky. It helps a lot.
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    I need almost lonely place to focus on my work. No music, no T.V, no children around me, I little bit of sound distract me..
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    What you need to do is create a business plan of sorts. Know exactly what you want to do, and have a rough timeline of when you want goals reached.
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    Make yourself a list of thing you need to do. Work on 5 things a day from that list. Keep focused on just those things and before you know it you will have completed things on your list and learned to focus on just a few tasks a day.

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    Part of the reason you may be having trouble focusing is that you're allowing other distractions into your life. This, of course, isn't intentional, but most people do it without thinking about it.

    For instance, having your email up, Facebook active, and having the television running in the background. Sometimes it's simply just from being in a place in your own home where other people make noise and pester you.

    Consider that you're also on the Warrior Forum. I've let forums eat away hours of my time without knowing it. It's addictive. The trick is to shut out all these outside distractions, and ONLY focus on the one step you're currently participating in, in your online business. This is how you start moving toward success and staying focused.
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    What I do to stay focus, I write down what I want or need to do to stay on the right track without further distractions. That way you can always remind yourself of your target priorities in your business.
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