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Last night, Ireland's Jason Smyth broke the 100m World Record at the London Paralympic Games, destroying the field in 10.46secs. Bear in mind, Usain Bolt won Gold at the Olympics with a time only 7/10 of a second quicker.

Why is this inspirational? Jason Smyth is blind, with only 10% vision. He can only see one meter in front of his face. What's your excuse?

The Video of the Race:
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    I have not excuse to sat I cannot do it.

    Thanks for the share.
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    Thank you for the share. However with only 10% vision as you pointed out, it seems his vision is fine.

    But all in all your point is made. He could of easily justified not competing because of his "handicap." And you could say the same for all the other athletes who compete in such events as the "Paralympics."

    What I personally got from watching that video:
    Just Do It! Those athletes didn't let any excuses hold them back - so why should "I."

    Thanks again for the share.
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      ...thats just absolutely amazing.. :O
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    My excuse?

    I haven't been training for the last four years to break a world record like that.

    But, I bet Jason doesn't understand how to push something to go viral on the net, now does he?

    It's all perspective.

    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    No excuse not to voraciously pursue a worth-while/life-changing goal regardless of what "handicaps" you are faced with. He switched it up, and used his condition to drive him and trained harder. I wonder if he will break 10s....

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    Thanks No Quarter, I'll take a look at that one!

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