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Hello guys,
I have a big problem... Maybe.

Most of you have more experience from the transition of having a job to work at home.
When i had a job i had the best work ethic. I worked really hard. I was there always in time. I worked for 9 hours and sometimes i would work for one more.
If i relaxed too much i would focus again and demand more from myself. It worked.
When i work at home i get too much comfortable and even if i demand a lot from myself, most of times i will not do the task.
Sometimes i get a lot frustrated because i know i am very hard working and i demand a lot from myself but the comfortable side wins.

Any tips to handle this transition?

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    Hi Richard,

    My two cents... Maybe it's because at your former job you had some clear tasks and goals in front of you, set by your boss/colleagues/company/everything having to do with your position there. You knew exactly what you had to do and you did it. Do you know exactly what you have to do now and, more importantly, why it is that you are doing it?
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    Rent a small office.

    That's probably the best way to go with this. I had the same problem, I rented an office for a while, a small and cheap one. But it satisfied its purpose.

    Now I want to build myself a new office in mt own home. I'm getting more focused now.


    P.S. Also, goal setting is a major part of this.
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    Great tips already! =-) I definitely feel you when it comes to becoming to laid back and comfortable. There has to be a balance of time for work and time for pleasure. Also you need to make it a MUST to do what you want to get done.

    Like Horst mentioned, Pain and Pleasure use them to your advantage and push yourself to a higher level!

    If all else fails watch this video, will get you going!

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      work as if you are in an office. maintain a schedule of work hours, say 8-5. so, you not be so relaxed and miss those deadlines.
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    Thanks for the tips guys
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    write a RULEBOOK for self. mention your working hours. Set your goals. Set your deadlines to achieve those goals. It will feel you something like your previous job. and help you to focus on your work without any frustration.
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    I agree with everyone about goals, they will compel you to work feverishly. Try planning out the next day the night before with only things that will help bring you closer to your goal. At the beginning of the day figure what one thing is more important than all the rest, and do that. At the end of the day evaluate your day. Was it successful? If you could do it over what would you do differently? When you know you are going to have that self-evaluation period at the end of the day you are not going to want to face your own wrath lol...Just some ideas...

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      Good point you've raised...

      1. Set yourself some challenging goals (life and financial).
      2. Design a plan of action that get your those goals passed the line.
      3. Work the plan and FOCUS. Use 80/20 rule in that just do the most important tasks only i.e. those that move you closer to your goals. Everything else is just chatter. So set yourself a deal and say, I will work between the hours of 9am and 2pm (or whatever) on work related tasks only. During that time, use Time Management Skills e.g doing tasks in blocks to get things done. After 2pm, agree to yourself, that is your time!
      4. Measure your progress on a timely basis (I do mine monthly) and reward yourself and spouse for achievement. You get something for getting a goal achieved and your spouse gets a reward to stay on your back for the next gift.
      5 Re-plan ad follow through again.

      Note to self...emails are you biggest interrupter. As its everyone else's agenda, answer twice daily 9.30am and 1.30pm.

      Hope that helps you?


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    Be disciplined, use to-do lists, set goals and take action!
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    It is the normal characteristic of all human being. We can do nothing but control it to our best. Make a solution yourself what works best for you. Thnx.
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    Whew...everyone has already given great advice. I read about this is a psychology book once. Where do you work? Is it in your bedroom? or living room? I think (and I could be wrong) that working in an area where you're brain generally has had a specific experience on (ie resting, eating, playing) will not work for your "working" mode. I agree with CalinDan when he said that you need a small office or better yet, if you have an unused room in your house why not make it into your work space.
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      It sounds like you may be more motivated by the stick.

      Set up an area to work where that is the only thing you do there. No tv, no snacking, etc. just work.

      set a schedule for yourself and stick to it.
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    A full size weekly planner helps me stay focused ! You find the more you integrate planning, the more you achieve and the more you want to achieve. Without a plan in front of me, directing me, I become lazy, decadent, and happy LOL that I've completed enough from my planner that I can lounge like a lizard if I want. LOL Clear yourself of all negative thoughts with the direction of a weekly planner. To borrow a line from the Wizard of Oz " There is no place like HOME "
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      Great tips from everyone and I would like to add this to summarize the topic with something I (try to) use everyday on how to achieve your goal:

      - Define it
      - Want it
      - Believe it
      - Write it down
      - Split it up
      - Review it
      - Schedule it
      - Do it
      (from Dave Sommers)

      That helped me a lot so I hope it will help you :-)
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