The Simple Mindset- For Millions

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Most of you, who are reading this article are looking for a certain something. Something that will make them earn Millions. Something that will take them to the path of success.

A handsome majority of the readers read posts like these daily. Ask questions, like posts and even share them. They are always looking for something new, which in their mind is hidden from rest of the world. And all they have at the end of the night is a Nob look and 0$ in their bank account.

Many would have achieved some sort of success in their lives. They may have earned quite a few dollars. But still they felt that their previous venture is completely exploited and they start looking for a new idea.
And a scarce amount of you would have achieved everything that Internet Marketing can give you. And after reading this thread they will say, "Yes that is all you need to do."

So for the first two categories, What is the idea? What is the next big thing in Internet Marketing? Well, if you dig deep into your heart, you would realize you already have the answer. The only thing that you are not doing is taking action! Now I am not the first person who is making this statement. In almost every thread of this kind, you would find these two words "Take Action". Yet you will find thousands and thousands of individuals complaining that Internet Marketing is an illusion, you get no returns out of it, and all the methods have been saturated. All they have is a disappointed look and yes a big ZERO in their bank accounts. The reason you are a f**king pu**y!

You are intimidated by failure. You want to earn money but the thought of doing so frightens you. You keep convincing yourself that this method won't work. Even if you start with a project you give up at the first fall. And then you start looking for something new. Your mind is not full of ideas but limiting beliefs. You are too scared to work. You are too scared to overcome failures. You are too scared to taste success. And that is the reason I gave you the adjective of a "f**king pu**y".

Now how do you overcome this? How do transform yourself from a complete looser to a Internet Marketing legend.
Firstly about the Mental Change,

• If you want to achieve success in any field of life, you need to first believe in yourself. You should understand that you can do anything. You personify greatness. Each day look in the mirror and say these words aloud "I am a LEGEND and it's my time to make History"!
• Then have a deep talk with yourself. Find what is the thing that makes you a legend? It can be anything. But you need to find yourself. Many say that alright if you haven't discovered your lifelong goal, you can still take action and small steps, and during this process you may discover that goal. And you would have a perfect platform to achieve it. Yes this might give you some success. But you don't what that some. You want big. You want to be a legend. For that you need to find that spark in you. And they day find that all the things will just happen.
• After you know what you want ultimately in your life, everything you do should take you a step closer to that goal. It may not be materialistic. But learn to gain from everything you do. It would help you at some point of your journey to millions.
• Then program your mind in such a way that no one can stop you. Nothing will make you change your mind. No person/place/thing stands in your way. Create a Image of yourself in your mind. In that Image the person you see has done everything you wanted to do. He/she is a legend. That person is now in your mind, you just have to bring it into reality.

What can you do in Internet Marketing?

Now there are thousands who are still asking about this, even after reading about every method that has resulted in hundreds of success stories. They think that alright this has been done, so I need to start working on something new. Well you will never find that something new, if you don't begin with the old.

So let's say you want to create a niche site. You read about it in some awesome thread. You have the idea. The question you ask how to start? Well create a f**king website. How do you create a website. Youtube it. Google it. What should the niche be about. Do the research. Adwords. Google does everything for you. You would have most certainly read about various niches on this very forum.

Get the content, build the links, develop readership, solve questions, reply to comments, generate traffic, and earn millions. It's a simple thing. You complicate it. Start with the first step. Convince your mind that this site will make me millions. Take Action. You will have to deal with certain changes. You will experience failures. But hey that's the name of the game. You cannot be the next Muhammad Ali without taking a single punch.

Never believe in something if you haven't tried it. You discovered something great but then somewhere you read that it doesn't work or that method gives you nothing. You would waste hours trying to confirm that. In the process you waste the most precious thing, TIME. Do the smart work Waste some money. No one earns millions without losing a penny.

There are hundreds of brilliant posts on this forum that have the potential to make you a LEGEND. All you need to have is a belief, because you have the potential and that will encourage you to take action and that would generate results, which would then strengthen you belief. It's a cycle, a simple summary of success.
Stop buying e-books and software everyday to discover something new. Make use of the present knowledge, you have read enough; it's time to use it. You know how to build a machine; it's time to build it!

The Simple Mindset-
Take any section of Internet Marketing, decide what you ultimately want to achieve from it, acquire basic knowledge. Follow a method. Tweak it according to your own brilliant ideas, be consistent, never give up, it's working for someone else, it will work for you. Even if Apple has created iPhone you can still dominate the Smartphone industry by creating Samsung S3. Why, Because you are a legend.

They would be many who will switch to another and read this same shit presented in a different bottle and then again, but this is not for them. This is for you. Who is fed up of reading and reading. That certain you who know realizes that you need to start, you need to take action. That certain you who wants to be a LEGEND.
All the Best!
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    Get best advice then believe in yourself.
    Make your own decision to follow one system.
    You need try it and never give up until get result.
    You don't know what happen in process, let try it.
    Also get your experience in this process too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jot Angad Singh
    Thanks mate. It will help those who need it, you just need to follow one process, create the right mindset and never give up. Success will be yours.
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